Race Results
October 5, 2013


"Kane is Able, Scores Career-First Saturday at Winchester"
"Corbin Rolls to 10th Pure Stock Victory"
By Doug Watson
                Winchester, VA-  Glen Burnie  Md.'s Bruce Kane drove a masterful race to take top-honors in last Saturday nights "Thunder in October" small car nationals Limited Late Model event at Winchester speedway. The win for Kane, worth $2000, was his first-career victory at Winchester and made him the divisions seventh-different winner of the season.
              Andy Anderson and Bruce Kane shared the front-row for the start of the event with Kane surging into the race lead as the pack raced into turn-one. Kane would go on to lead the distance, but it was no easy trip to victory lane. Eventual runner-up Andy Anderson hounded Kane over the entire 30-lap grind, pulling along side Kane more than once, but was unable to make the pass as Kane sped-off to score the break-through win. "I wasn't even sure if we were going to make it to the track this weekend." Kane stated in his post-race interview. "Six-o'clock Thursday afternoon the engine in this car was in pieces back at the shop and I cant thank Bobby Tipton and all the people who helped get this thing back together." Slick, but racy, track conditions aided in Kane's winning run. "Our car was good all weekend." Said Kane. "The track really came to us tonight and to hold off a guy like Andy Anderson, who's so good here at Winchester, I couldn't be more proud to finally get a win for the crew and all the sponsors." Eighth-starting Scott Palmer was third, tenth-starter James Lichliter took fourth with Travis Stickley rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 30-cars on hand went to Anderson, Kane and Stickley with Rick Hulson winning the consolation.
              Mike Corbin continued his domination of the Pure Stock ranks as he collected his 10th feature win of the season in the divisions 35-lap feature. Corbin, who lined up 2nd for the start, blasted into the race lead on lap-one and would then survive the repeated advances from eventual runner-up Bill Henney to score the win. The win for Corbin, worth $2000, was his second "nationals" win of the season as he was the winner of Hagesrtown Md.'s event back on September 14th. "To win one of these national races is special, and to have now won two in one season, it's amazing." Corbin stated. "I knew Henney was back there." Corbin quipped. "He's pretty good when he comes down here and I knew if I made a mistake, he'd get me, but once again this car was perfect and I owe it all to Ernie Davis, Roy Anderson and all the people who help with this thing." Mike Franklin was third, Jamey Swank took fourth with Stephen Quade completing the top-five. Heats for the 37-car field went to Franklin, Henney, Keith Koontz and Corbin with Doug Bennett and Charles Wyant winning twin consolations.
              Cody Kershner also became a first-time Winchester winner with his win in the 35-lap Four-Cylinder main. Kershner started on the pole and would go on to lead all 35-laps to score the $2000 win. 2013 Winchester track champion Ed Gageby came home second, Kevin Thomas was third, 19th-starting Roger Whitlock collected fourth with Gary Newell rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 28-car field went to Rich Gwizdale, Frankie Gordon and Kershner with Roger Whitlock winning the consolation.
              Dustin Proctor scored his second Winchester win of the season in the 30-lap Enduro Stock feature. Brian Neff was the early leader before Proctor swept by to take the lead for good on lap-4. Proctor would then fend off the challenges of "Krazy" Kenny Thomas, before Thomas succumbed to mechanical issues, to score the win, his first since opening day. Neff would take second, Danny Holmes was third, Paul Jones fourth with David Green filling the front-five. Heats went to Holmes and Neff.
            Kevin Oates (Friday) and Alan Dice (Saturday) scored U-Car wins. Oates win on Friday came over Mark Pollard, Gene Wilson, Alan Dice and Jason Wilkins. Saturday's main saw Dice taking the win over Billy Hill, Gene Wilson, Steve Fadeley and Michael Pfaff.
Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Bruce Kane  2. Andy Anderson  3. Scott Palmer  4. James Lichliter  5. Travis Stickley  6. Kris Holliday  7. Kyle Lee  8. Justin Weaver  9. Paul Cursey  10. Michael Walls  11. Jonathon DeHaven  12. Billy Farmer  13. Keith Walls  14. Leon Lloyd  15. Tyler Emory  16. Chad Myers  17. Rick Hulson  18. Kyle Lear  19. Rodney Walls  20. Mitch Miller  21. Jason Smith  22. Jimmy Jessmer Jr.  23. Dave Friederich  24. Bubby Tharp Jr. DNQ- Ernie Shirley, Zach Vance, Jimmy Richards, Kevin Deremer, Tommy Armel DNS- Will Rowe
Pure Stock feature finish
1. Mike Corbin  2. Bill Henney  3. Mike Franklin  4. Jamey Swank  5. Stephen Quade  6. Pat Hanley  7. Charles Wyant  8. Keith Koontz  9. Kyle Nelson  10. David Kaiser  11. Ricky Edmonds  12. Mike Desch  13. Eric Johnson  14. Terry Staton  15. Josh Wilkins  16. Craig Parrill  17. Greg Diehl  18. Scotty Nelson  19. Bryan Kerns  20. Doug Bennet  21. Johnny Oliver  22. Barry Williams  23. Michael Carter  24. Jimmy Combs DNQ- Bob Gladden, Troy Kassiris, Darrin Younker, Bill Pifer, Josh Mullenax, Wayne Hawbaker, Kevin Koontz, Bob Egley, Carl Biddle, Brian Luttrell, Josh Williams, Mike Raleigh, Brandon Churchey
Four Cylinder feature finish
1. Cody Kershner  2. Ed Gageby  3. Kevin Thomas  4. Roger Whitlock  5. Gary Newell  6. Billy Sonner  7. Kurt Knepper  8. Justin Hottle  9. Bill Kessler  10. Ethan Ours  11. Ronnie Buck  12. Michael Warrenfeltz  13. Rich Newcomer  14. Mike Hawbaker  15. Austin Stover  16. Jesse Boyce  17. Lester Riley  18. Allen Whitt Jr.  19. Frank Gordon  20. Frankie Gordon  21. William Riley  22. Matt Williamson  23. Randy Linaburg  24. Rich Gwizdale DNQ- Randy Murphy, Duece Wright, Randy Jones. DNS- Ryan Laye
Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Dustin Proctor  2. Brian Neff  3. Danny Holmes  4. Paul Jones  5. David Green  6. Daniel Bowden  7. Brian Wallace  8. RT Troutman  9. Robert Plaugher Sr.  10. "Krazy" Kenny Thomas  11. Gary Proctor  12. Ray Priest  13. Rodney Minor  14. Jim DeArmitt
U-Car feature finish (Friday)
1. Kevin Oates  2. Mark Pollard  3. Gene Wilson  4. Alan Dice  5. Jason Wilkins  6. Steve Fadeley  7. Billy Hill  8. Erica Bailey  9. Jeff Wilkins  10. Michael Pfaff  11. Austin Nichols  12. Kevin Pollard  13. Tracy Ryder  14. Robert Perry  15. Allen Grimmet  16. Robert Wilson
U-Car feature finish (Saturday)
1. Alan Dice  2. Billy Hill  3. Gene Wilson  4. Steve Fadeley  5. Michael Pfaff  6. Jeff Wilkins  7. Robert Perry  8. Austin Nichols  9. Jason Wilkins  10. Nolan Clark  11. Kevin Pollard  12. Robert Wilson  13. Ricky Runion  14. Mark Pollard DQ  15. Kevin Oates DQ 




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4-20 4-26 5-4
5-10 5-18 5-25
6-8 6-15 6-22
6-28 7-6 7-19
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8-24 8-31 9-22