Race Results
April 17, 2021


Final Night Of The Battle OF The Bay Speedweek”
“Kyle Hardy Stays Undefeated”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester, (VA)-So far this season we have seen several different winners in our various classes, with the exception of Logan Roberson repeating his LLM win last week and what looks to be an unstoppable Kyle Hardy, who has won the first three crate races of the season. After winning the first two Battle of the Bay Speedweek races, the odds were in Hardy’s favor to win it all. Track prep is one job at a dirt track that is often over looked. So far this year our dirt specialist Bobby Dove has given our drivers a great track to race on each week, and this week would be no different.
The night would start out with a scary moment, as Kyle Murray would flip several times during warmups in turns 3 and 4. Thankfully Kyle climbed out of his car under his own power.
So far this season we have seen Wesley Bonebrake find himself in second position each week. He’s even laughed about it once, stating “Maybe he just needs longer races,” but that wouldn’t be the case on this night. Wesley would find his way to victory lane for the first time this season, picking up the $1,500 pay day, as he charged to the front from his third place starting position. Making him our third different winner in four weeks.
The pure stock division would put on a show for the fans. With great track prep, comes great racing. Tony Catlett would become our fourth different winner of the year. Tony would line up to start the feature in the fourth position, but after fierce battles going on with several cars. Tony would cross under the checkered flag first!
As the Enduro division took the stage, we would see Dylan Rutherford become the first repeat winner of the season. After two second place finishes during the first two weeks, Dylan has seemed to turn up his momentum with his wins the last two weeks. His consistency has shown he has a strong car weekly and will be hard to beat.
The main event of the night was the “Battle of the Bay” finale in the crate division. 41 cars would sign in to do battle. Max Blair would gain the pole for the main event after winning the Dash with Kyle Hardy and Logan Roberson rounding out the top three. As the green flag waved, all eyes would be on Kyle Hardy as he charged to his fourth straight win in the crate division. Kyle also took his third straight win during the Speedweek as he swept the weekend and continues to show he is the car/driver to beat in the division.
With 41 cars signing in and only 25 available starting positions in the “Battle of the Bay” finale several cars left to run a Non Qualifers Race. And Ben Scott would find his way to victory lane during this event.
We want to thank all our fans and competitors who attended the event. So far the 2021 Winchester Speedway season has been a great one with several different weekly winners and a great weekly track surface. This year looks to be a great one!
We look forward to seeing everyone next week for the Curt Hershey Memorial. This is the first Super
Late Model race of the year!!
Limited Late Model Feature Results
Wesley Bonebrake, Jacob Piper, Justin Fulton, Gerald Davis, Scott Palmer, Tyler Hoy, Travis Campbell,
Brad Omps, Bubby Tharp Jr, Chaz Buchinsky, Scott Sweeny, Austin Stover, Transton Stoner, Jonathan
DeHaven, Justin Dillman, Lewis Hudson, Cody Lear, Isaiah Gochenour, Josh Williams, Kris Holliday, Craig
Parrill, Dale Murphy
Pure Stock Feature Results
Tony Catlett, Walter Crouch, Buddy Wilson, Chuckie Johnson, Rob Nichols, Michael Carter, Delmar
Grady, Bailey Tolson, Russell Fox, Andy Adkins, Mike Grady Jr, Andrew Fertig, Dylan Rutherford, Greg
Enduro Feature Results
Dylan Rutherford, Jason Wilkins, Samuel Caravello, Randy Linaburg, Skylar Barnhardt, Austin Nichols,
Jack Gose, David Barb, Charles Smith, Matt Moore, Cody Sumption, Tom Caravello, Seth Jones, Aaron
Drummond, Sam Hoffman, Paul Jones
Crate Late Model Feature Results
Kyle Hardy, Max Blair, Logan Roberson, Jeremy Pilkerton, Joe Martin, Kyle Lukon, Joey Love, Jeremy
Wonderling, Austin Hubbard, Levi Crowl, Sparky White, Trevor Collins, Logan Zarin, Amanda Robinson,
Joe Martin, Michael Duritsky Jr, Bud Watson, Scott Sweeny Jr, Derek Magee, Nick Davis, Jason Genco,
Darrell Bossard, Justin Kann
Crate Late Model Non Qualifier Feature Results
Ben Scot, Josh Ferry, Megan Mann, JJ Mazur, Tanner Kerr, Daniel Brown, Timmy Booth, Tommy Armel,
Robert Smith, Dustin Arnold, Ryan Frazee, Billy Henry, Donald Lingo Jr, Andy Michael, Kyle Murray, Cory




3-26 4-3 4-10