Race Results
April 19, 2014


Kenny Moreland scores first win of season at Winchester Speedway

Waldorf MD'S Kenny Moreland scored his first win of the 2014 season at Winchester Speedway on Saturday April 19, 2014. Others winners were Rick Singleton in The Crate Late Models, Craig Parrill in the Pure Stocks, Cody Kersher 4 Cylinder,Micheal Pfaff the U-Cars and Steve Cantwell in he Classic Racing Series.

In the 30 lap Super LateModel main event it was Keny Moreland scoring his first win of the season. Front row starters Brad Omps and Dale Hollidge lead the field to the drop of the green with Hollidge taking the top spot only to be slowed by caution. Field reset seen Hollidge back in the top spot with fourth place starter Allan Brannon making his way to second followed by Kenny Moreland. Hollidge would continue with the lead as Moreland worked his way past Brannon on lap nine and set his sights on Hollidge. Hollidge and Moreland battled with Moreland taking the top spot away from Hollidge on lap fifteen. The duo worked lapped traffic for several laps but it was Moreland picking up the win.Hollidge would cross second, Allan Brannon third, J.T. Spence fourth and rounding out the top five was Andy Fries. Heat race wins went to Hollidge and Brad Omps.

In the 20 lap Crate Late Model main event it was Rick Singelton picking up the win.Scott Merryman and Ben Bowie would bring the field to the green with Bowie taking the top spot over Merryman. Bowie would lead the way but sixth place starter Singleton had made his way thru the field and moved into second on lap eight and set his sights on Bowie.Singleton took the top spot from Bowie on lap ten and Tyler Bare made his presence know as he had set his sights on Bowie to take the second spot on lap twelve.Bare trying to track down Singleton could make the move. Singleton would pick up the win, Bare second, Ralph Morgan Jr third, Ben Bowie fourth and fifth went to Darin Henderson.

In the 15 lap Pure Stock main event it was Craig Parrill leading all fifteen circuits to claim the win.Mike Franklin moved from his twelth place starting position to take second, Mike Bennett third, Sean Dawson fourth and ffith went to Keith Koontz. Cody Kersher picked up the win in the 4 cylinders, Micheal Pfaff in U-Cars and Steve Cantwell in The Classic Racing Series main.

Super Late Models: 1. Kenny Moreland, 2. Dale Hollidge, 3. Allan Brannon, 4. J.T. Spence, 5. Andy Fries, 6. Brad Omps, 7. Tony Crim, 8. Jason Miller, 9. Steve Gibney, 10. Tanner Kerr, 11. Jonathan Dehaven, 12. Bryan Wright, 13. Tommy Armel, 14. Cody Lipscomb, 15. Mitch Miller, 16. Brad Ritter, 17. Bubby Tharp Jr, (DNS: Tyler Castle)

Crates: 1. Rick Singleton, 2. Tyler Bare, 3. Ralph Morgan Jr, 4. Ben Bowie, 5. Darin Henderson, 6. John Imler, 7. Scott Merryman, 8. Jennea Piper, 9. Reese Masiello, 10. Timmy Booth, 11. Dave Friedich, 12. Scott Sweeney, 13. Sam Archer, 14. Austin Stover, 15. Brian Lederhouse, 16. Travis Carroll, 17. Jacob Burdette, (DNS: Rob Nichols, Transton Stoner)

Pure Stocks: 1. Craig Parrill, 2. Mike Franklin, 3. Mike Bennett, 4. Sean Dawson, 5. Keith Koontz, 6. Eric Johnson, 7. Jeffrey Budwash, 8. Josh Wilkims, 9. Wes Branner, 10. Reese Alley, 11. Jerry Jenkins Jr, 12. Andy Adkins (DNS: Terry Staton)

4 Cylinder: 1. Cody Kershner, 2. Justin Hottle, 3. Lester Riley, 4. William Riley, 5. Ed Gageby, 6. Roger Whitlock, 7. Jesse Boyce, 8. Rich Newcomer, 9. Allen Whitt Jr, 10. Eathan Ours, 11. Randy Linaburg, 12. Kenny Black

U-Cars: 1. Micjeal Pfaff, 2. Terry Leach, 3. Alan Dice, 4. Robet Wilson, 5. Syteve Fadeley, 6. Erica Bailey, 7. Jacob Lewis, 8. Jason Wilkins, 9. Randy Wi;kins, 10. Jeff Wilkins, 11. Megan Mann, 12. Billy Smith, 13. Cory Swain, 14. Charlie Good, 15. Austin Nichols, 16. Sam Riley, 17. David Ullery, 18. DJ Powell, 19. Cori French, 20. Travis Clark, 21. Gene Wilson, (DNS: Kalil Hockensmith, Jacob Whitt)

Classic Cars: 1. Steve Cantwell, 2. Matt Wallace, 3. Brandon Little, 4.Jim Crocker, 5. Roland Brown, 6. Steve Clemo, 7. Pete Neal, 8. Dorsey Weaver, 9. Ron Grove, 10. Wes Brown, 11. Neal Reamer, 12. Steve Cantwell Jr




3-22 4-5 4-13