Race Results
April 21, 2018


Roberson "RUSH's" to Winchester Tour Series Victory

"Claims Battle of the Bay Series Title"

By Doug Watson

            Winchester, VA-  Logan Roberson capped off the "Battle of the Bay" RUSH Dirt Late Model series four day stint with a flag to flag victory in the series 30-lap main last Saturday night at Winchester Speedway.
The win for Roberson, worth $2000, came in his trusty Rocket XR-1 no.17R and it would be the 51st career feature win for the Waynesboro Virginia native. 
            After scoring the dash win Roberson was the pole sitter for the start of the event and made the most of his good fortune as he shot into the race lead as the field boomed into turn one. Roberson would eventually lead all 30-circuits in a race that featured only one yellow flag period to take a near 3 second win over runner-up Jeremy Wonderling. With his win, Robesron would claim the four-race series title by just one point over Ross Robinson who was the series point leader entering the event, but faded late in the main with a 7th place finish. "We struggled the first two nights in Delaware but when we got back to our home tracks we were able to step it up and come home with some big wins." Roberson stated post race. "Vicki and Mike put on a great series and bring a ton of good drivers with them and to beat the competition that was here is an awesome feeling." Superb track conditions aided Roberson in his winning drive. "Greg had this place in great shape tonight." Roberson quipped. "It was wide and smooth and you could race all over it and again thanks to our team for a great race car here tonight." Tanner Kerr, John Waters and 10th starting Max Blair rounded out the top-five. Setting fast time in time trials over the 44 car field was Logan Roberson with a new track record of 15.49 seconds. Heats went to Tanner Kerr, Logan Roberson, John Waters, Jeremy Wonderling and Amanda Whaley with twin B-mains going to Joe Warren and Jason Knowels.
          Scott Gunn lead from green to checker in the 10-lap non-qualifiers race with Mike Franklin, JJ Mazur, Ronnie Martin Jr. and Christian Schneider trailing at the finish. In support class action Ray Kable drove to his first career Winchester feature win in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified main, Dylan Rutherford took his first of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature, defending class champion Tommy Whitt took the Four-Cylinder victory with Jason Wilkins claiming the 15-lap U-Car nightcap. 

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Jeremy Wonderling 3. Tanner Kerr 4. John Waters 5. Max Blair 6. Charlie Sandercock 7. Ross Robinson 8. Amanda Whaley 9. Brady Wonderling 10. Levi Crowl 11. Billy Beachler 12. Darrell Bossard 13. Joe Warren 14. Garrett Paugh 15. Jonathan DeHaven 16. Bruce Hordusky 17. Jason Knowells 18. Jason Genco 19. Adam Ferri 20. Devin Brannon 21. Damian Bidwell 22. Chuck Bowie 23. Braeden Dillinger 24.Steve Lowery 25. Billy Thompson DNQ- Bob Schwartzmiller, JJ Mazur, Cody Dawson, Matt Glanden, Jimmy Johnson, Ronnie Martin Jr., Richard Hawkins, Scott Sweeney, Corey McPherson, Mike Franklin, Cory Lawler, Jimmy Jesmer Jr., Bill Kessler, Scott Gunn, Jakob Piper, Matt Hill, Trevor Collins, Beamer Guzzardi, Christian Schneider

RUSH non-qualifiers feature finish
1. Scott Gunn 2. Mike Franklin 3. JJ Mazur 4. Ronnie Martin Jr. 5. Christian Schneider 6. Bob Schwartzmiller 7. Richard Hawkins 8. Scott Sweeney 9. Cory Lawler 10. Corey McPherson 11. Jakob Piper 12. Bill Kessler

E-Mod feature finish
1. Ray Kable 2. Rick Hulson 3. Brad Kling 4. Alyssa Rowe 5. Mike Corbin 6. Mark Jones 7. Justin Cullum 8. Keith Reed 9. Rusty Pennington 10. Jeff McCauley 11. Haley Kaiser 12. James Sparks 13. Gary Moreland 14. Josh Hughes 15. Frank DiBella 16. Kyle Lloyd

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Dylan Rutherford 2. Chet Morris 3. Austin Nichols 4. Allen Jones 5. Dave Barb 6. Ricky Feltner 7. Tony Catlett 8. Stacy Newlin 9. Chase Leach 10. Sam Caravello 11. Ron Galvin 12. Chuckie Johnson 13. Dalton Dillman

Four-Cylinder feature finish
1. Tommy Whitt 2. Allen Whitt Jr. 3. Cody Williams 4. Vance Williams 5. Terry Whitt 6. Jacob Whitt

U-Car feature finish
1. Jason Wilkins 2. Alan Dice 3. Chad Brill 4. Gene Wilson 5. Dustin Arnold 6. Jeff Wilkins 7. Brent Howell 8. Billy Smith 9. TJ Collins 10. Ryan Clatterbuck 11. Branson Woodward 12. Ricky Shanholtz 13. Tiff Wilson 14. Randy Wilkins 15. Kevin Woodward  





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