Race Results
May 1, 2021


“Cody Oliver Gets His First Modified Win”
“Sam Caravello Jr Wins His First Enduro Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester, (VA)-The 2021 season here at the Winchester Speedway hasn’t disappointed as we have seen several first time winners already this season. This night would be no different as we would see two new faces make an appearance in victory lane. Winchester Speedway has been nicknamed “The Action Track” and it would certainly live up to that name. There was plenty of action on the track throughout all of the racing events. Timed hotlaps would set the heat races for the crate late model, limited late model, and pure stock divisions. We saw plenty of hard racing during the heat races in each class. Setting the features up to be exciting ones.
Up first was the crate late model division. Levi Crowl would jump out to the early lead and begin to pull away from second and third place runners Jeremy Pilkerton and Allan Brannon. Various cautions during the event would tighten the field up, but that wouldn’t stop Levi Crowl from holding on the lead and picking up his first win of the year. Allan Brannon would make his way to second in the closing laps, but just didn’t have enough to catch the leader.
Next up was the pure stock division. Pole sitter Rob Nichols appeared to have the right setup for the track, and he would power into the early lead over Chuckie Johnson. Dylan Rutherford seemed to be gaining some momentum as the race continued and would pass Johnson at the halfway point, moving him to second place. Rutherford would begin his charge on our leader Rob Nichols. Contact getting into the first turn on the last lap would push Nichols up the track allowing Rutherford to move to the inside. A drag race would ensue and Rutherford would come out on top. Dylan Rutherford would cross the stripe first and become the winner.
Now it was time to see if poles sitter Kyle Hardy could continue his winning streak! Only this time he was going to attempt to win the limited late model race with his crate late model. With multi-winner Derick Quade lined up beside him, all eyes were on that front row. At the drop of the green flag excitement would ensue, as we would see contact between hard chargers Hardy and Quade in the first corner. Both drivers were able to keep control of their cars and charge out of the second turn. Kyle would take the early lead and begin to pull away until Hardy began to catch lap traffic. We would see Quade start to cut into his lead slightly. A late race caution would tighten the field back up, but that would not stop Hardy as he quickly built up another lead and took his first win of the year in the limited late model division. Keeping him undefeated at the Winchester Speedway.
Our fourth feature of the night would be the modified division. Mike Franklin would take the early lead over Cody Oliver and begin to pull away slightly. During the last feature we would see lap traffic begin to make a small difference in the race. What we would see during this modified feature would be no different. As Franklin began to navigate his way through lap cars, Oliver would begin to cut into his lead. On lap 16 we would see Franklin catch a lap car. The car would get sideways infront of Franklin causing him to lose his momentum. At the same time Oliver was able to capitalize on this event and power his
way past both Franklin and the lap car. Oliver would begin to stretch out his own lead until a few late
race cautions would tighten the field back up. All eyes would be on the Cody Oliver machine to see if he
could hold on and win his first ever feature in the modified division. Late race jitters wouldn’t get the
best of Oliver as he would hold on and pick up the win!
Our last feature of the night would be the enduro division. After watching several exciting feature
events, could the enduros hold up to the mantra of the night? Jason Wilkins would take the early lead
during the 15 lap event. Wilkins would hold off challenges from second place Cody Sumption during the
first half of the race, but a strong running Sam Caravello Jr wanted to add his name to the mix. Caravello
would eventually make his way to second and would pull up right to the back of Wilkins rear bumper.
We saw a last lap pass earlier in the pure stocks. Would we see another here? The answer is yes!
Caravello would push Wilkins into the corner slightly causing Wilkins to push up the track some.
Caravello would slide under Wilkins and we would see another drag race. Tight racing in the third and
fourth turns would see Cody Sumption move past Wilkins and finish second. While Sam Caravello Jr
would cross the stripe first taking his first ever win in the enduro division!
We want to thank all of our staff, competitors and fans for making this night another great one! Racing
so far this year has been phenomenal and our events are only getting bigger! Make sure you like our
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Crate Late Model Results
Levi Crowl, Allan Brannon, Jeremy Pilkerton, Scott Sweeny Jr, Tommy Armel, Daniel Brown Jr, Dylan
High, Dustin Arnold, Branson Woodward, Morgan Johnston, Doug Saylor, Mike Franklin, Dickie Tharp
Pure Stock Results
Dylan Rutherford, Rob Nichols, Chuckie Johnson, Cody Sites, Buddy Wilson, Dylan Welsh, Michael Carter,
Bj Jenkins, Russell Fox, Baily Tolson, Brandon Lowery, Delmar Grady, Greg Breeden, Tony Catlett, Andy
Adkins, Mike Grady Jr
Limited Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Derick Quade, Austin Stover, Gerald Davis, Tyler Emory, Brad Omps, Wesley Bonebrake,
Jonathan DeHaven, Travis Campbell, Kris Holiday, Scott Sweeny, Craig Parrill, Bubby Tharp, Sam Archer,
Josh Williams, Dustin Dillman, Tom Chaffins, Dalas Richards
Modified Results
Cody Oliver, Mike Franklin, TJ DeHaven, Keith Jackson, Jimmy Jesmer, Vance Williams Jr, Dale Smith,
Bret Hamilton, Scot Corbin, Justin Cullum, Ray Kable, Travis Clower, Michael Pappas, Frank DiBella,
Brandon Galloway, Gary Moreland, Stuart Weaver, Haley Kaiser, Jacob Whitt, George Gutridge, Mike
Corbin, Tony Wuest, Andrew Fertig, Anthony Lupini
Enduro Results
Sam Caravello Jr, Cody Sumption, Jason Wilkins, Randy Linaburg, Tom Caravello, Seth Jones, Phillip Robinson, Skylar Barnhardt, Dylan Rutherford, David Barb, Paul Jones, Sam Hoffman, Aaron Drummond, Charles Smith




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