Race Results
May 12, 2018


It's Miller Time at Winchester Speedway

Jason Miller picked up the win in the  rain shortened Super Late Model Red Nininger Memorial on Saturday Night May 12,2018 at The Winchester Speedway. Thirty Two Super Lates checked into the pit area for the event.  Front Row starters  Miller and Hollidge lead the field to the green with Miller taking the top spot on lap one.Miller in control would see Trevor Feathers moving to second bumping Hollidge to third. A lap ten caution slowed the field. Field reset with Miller, Feathers and Hollidge would see Feathers and Hollidge battle for the second spot as Hollidge would make the pass on lap twenty-seven on Feathers. Jason Miller looking like he was on cruise control would see rain start falling on lap twenty nine to slow the field.Speedway officials would decide to throw the yellow and checkered on lap twenty nine making the race complete.Miller picked up the win, Hollidge second, Feathers third, Kyle Lee fourth and rounding out the top five was Greg Roberson. Kyle Hardy won pick up the win in the BMain
In the twenty lap Crate Late Model Feature event it was Mike Franklin picking up the win. Franklin would lead the field to the green and would lead all twenty laps to pick up his second win of the season.Tanner Kerr second, Logan Roberson third, Levi Crowl fourth and fifth went to Devin Brannon
In the twenty lap Modified main event it was Micheal Altobelli picking up the win over Rick Hulson, Brad Kling, Mike Corbin and Justin Cullum
Craig Parrill picked up the Pure Stock win, and Tommy Whitt won the 4 Cylinder main


Super Late Model: Jason Miller, Dale Hollidge,Trevor Feathers, Kyle Lee, Greg Roberson, Allan Brannon,Tyler Bare, Joe Leavell,Andy Anderson, Kyle Hardy, Kyle Lear,Austin Stover, Nick Dickson, Rodney Walls, Jamie Lathroum, Brian Booze, Brad Omps, Justin Weaver, Cody Gray, Scott Merryman, Brian Bernheisl, Scott Palmer, Jnathan Dehaven, Walter Crouch,( DNQ: Kris Holliday, Joe Petyak, Brian Pearrell, Jimmy Richards, Mike Lupher, Tyler Gray, James Carte, Mark Eshelman


Crates: Mike Franklin, Tanner Kerr, Logan Roberson, Levi Crowl, Devin Brannon, John Painter, Transton Stoner, Darin Henderson, Jennea Piper, Chad Click, Tyer Hoy, Chuck Bowie, Jacob Piper, Steve Lowery, Kevin Moore, Richard Hawkins,Jeff Koller, Scott Sweeney Jr, Carl Biddle, Scott Sweeney, Cuyler upperman,(Coty Ramirex DNS)


Modified: Micheal Altobelli, Rick Hulson , Brad Kling, Mike Corbin, Justin Cullum, Ray Kable,Joey Polevoy, Tim Schulte, Bret Hamilton, Keith Reed, James Sparks, Kyle Lloyd, Brian Green, Jeffrey McCauley, Rusty Pennington, Hunter Nester, Frank Dibella, Gary Moreland, Josh Hughes, Greg Gutridge, Alyssa Rowe, Hakey Kaiser, Ray Ciccarelli, (DNS Jerry Fifield, Brock Kerns)


Pure Stocks: Craig Parrill, Rob Nichols, Jeremy Tinsman, Dylan Rutherford, Tony Catlett, Brian Lutrell, Buddy Wilson, Brandon Lowery, Bryan Neff, Paul Jones, Ethan Ours, Kevin Koontz, Chris Sumption,(DNS: Dustin Speeleman, Tike Loizos, Gary Calimer Jr)


4 Cylinders: Tommy Whitt, Allen Whitt Jr, Willie Dodson, Vance Williams, Jacob Whitt, Cody Williams, Justin Hottle






3-31 4-14 4-21