Race Results
May 25, 2013


Mark Pettyjohn claims Three State Flyers show at Winchester Speedway
Thirty One cars checked into the pit area for the Three State Flyers event at Winchester Speedway on Saturday May 25, 2013 and it was Delaware's Mark Pettyjohn picking up the $3000 main event. Mark Pettyjohn and Kenny Moreland would lead the field to the green with Pettyjohn taking the lead on lap one. Caution would fly on lap eight to slow the field. Pettyjohn leading  and Moreland still sitting second would see another caution fly on lap twenty-six to slow the field once again for cars tangled on the front stretch. Field set for green Mark Pettyjohn still in control would , Moreland trying to make a move could not make it work. The final caution flew on lap thirty-one but nobody had anything for Mark Pettyjohn. Moreland would cross second, Covert third, fourth Miller and rounding out the top five was DJ Myers. Jeremy Miller would set fast time, and Hollidge would win the consilation race.
Mike Corbin picked up the Pure Stock win, Ed Gageby wins the 4 Cylinder main, Dylan Rutherford won the Enduro main, and Jonathan Dehaven would pick up the win in the Crate Late Models
Super Late Models: 1. Mark Pettyjohn, 2. Kenny Moreland, 3. Jason covert, 4. Jeremy Miller, 5. DJ Myers, 6. Devin Friese, 7. Kenny Pettyjohn, 8. CS Fitzgerald, 9. David Williams,10. Gary Stuhler, 11. Tyler Hershey, 12. Brad Omps, 13. Keith Jackson, 14. Roy Deese Jr, 15. Austin Hubbard, 16. Lindsay Barton, 17. Jason Miller, 18. Dan Stone, 19. Jamie Lathroum, 20. Trevor Feathers, 21. Dale Hollidge, 22. Tony Crim, 23. Scott Labarron, 24. Matt Cosner (DNQ: Steven Axtell, Cody Hardesty, Don Woodruff, Tommy Armel, Vic Coffey, Kyle Hardy, Brian Tavenner
Pure Stocks: 1. Mike Corbin, 2. Craig Parrill, 3. David Kaiser, 4. Brian Lutrell, 5. Buddy Wilson, 6. Dickie Tharp, 7. Keith Koontz, 8. Mike Grady Jr, 9. Donnie Kenney, 10. Bill Pifer, 11. Josh Wilkins, 12. Mike Franklin, 13. Reese Alley, (DQ: Brandon Churchey)
4 Cylinders: 1. Ed Gaeby, 2. Roger Whitlock, 3. Gary Newell, 4. Allen Whiit Jr, 5. Sonny Hatzel, 6. Daren Pingley, 7. Shane Koller, (DNS: Jesse Boyce, Lester Riley, Austin Stover, Justin Hottle) (DQ: Scott McCartney)
Enduro: 1. Cylan Rutherford, 2. Kenny Thomas, 3. Jonsey Jones, 4. Paul Jones, 5. Gary Moreland Jr, 6. Brian Wallace, 7. Jamie Mills, 8. Stanley Budwash, 9. Jeffrey Budwash, 10. Fanny Holmes, 11. Mark Veigh, 12. Bill Hargett, 13. Gary Moreland Sr
Crates: 1. Jonathan Dehaven, 2. John Imler, 3. Timmy Booth, 4. Jim Ohara, 5. Travis Carroll, 6. Darin Henderson, 7. Jennae Piper




3-29 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-26 5-4
5-10 5-18