Race Results
June 22, 2013


Mark Pettyjohn wins  Winchester Shoot-Out  Super Late Model Main
Mark Pettyjohn picked up another win Saturday night June 22, 2013 in the Winchester/Hagerstown Shoot-Out Super Late Model main event taking home the $3000 pay day.Thirty Three Super Late Models  checked into the pit area for the nights time trials and it was Dale Hollidge setting fast time.The start of the main would see Tommyh Armel leading the field to the drop of the green with Armel taking the top spot. It would not be long before Mark Pettyjohn made his way thru the field taking the top spot on lap three and never looked back. Caution slowed the field on lap thirteen, on the restart Pettyjohn was on cruise control, Hollidge setting second and Spence third could not make the pass. Spence would get by Hollidge on lap sixteen and set his sights on Pettyjohn.Mark Pettyjohn would go onto win, Spence second, Fitzgerald third, Miller fourth and rounding out the top five was Hollidge.
In the 25 lap Winchester/Potomac Pure Stock Challeneg race it was Mike Corbin picking up the win. Mike Franklin would lead till lap twenty two and Corbin would make the pass for the win, second Franklin, third Wilson, fourth Lutrell, and fifth went to Grady
Tom Paddock picked up the win in the U-Car main. Alexnader second, third Jason Wilkins, fourth Steve Fadeley, fifth went Oates.
Results: Super Late Models: 1. Mark Pettyjohn, 2. J.T. Spence, 3. C.S Fitzgerald, 4. Jeremy Miller, 5. Dale Hollidge, 6. Gary Stuhler, 7. Roy Deese, 8. Jason Covert, 9. Trevor Feathers, 10. Tyler Hershey, 11. Keith Jackson, 12. Kenny Moreland, 13. Scott Labarron, 14. DJ Myers, 15. Tanner Kerr, 16. Andrew Mullins, 17. Tommy Armel, 18. Jason Miller, 19. Devin Friese, 20. Jamie Lathroum, 21. Jim Bernheisel, 22. Brad Omps, 23. Greg Satterlee, 24. Greg Elrod (DNQ:) Brian Bernheisel, Tony Crim, Pancho Lawler, Jonathan Dehaven, Don Woodruff, Brian Tavenner, Kyle Hardy, Kenny Pettyjohn, Ernie Shirley
Pure Stocks: 1. Mike Corbin, 2. Mike Franklin, 3. Buddy Wilson, 4. Brian Lutrell, 5. Mike Grady, 6. David Kaiser, 7. Mike Raleigh, 8. Scott Wilson, 9. Craig Parrill, 10. Bob Gladden, 11. Terry Staton, 12. Josh Wilkins, 13. Bill Pfifer, 14. Dickie Tharp, 15. Jeffrey Budwash, 16. Darren Alvey, 17. Kevin Koontz, 18. Keith Koontz, 19. Micheal Carter, 20. Reese Alley, (DNS: Chuck Bowie)
U-Cars: 1. Tom Paddock, 2. Brenda Alexander, 3. Jason Wilkins, 4. Steve Fadeley, 5. Kevin Oates, 6. Jeff Wilkis, 7. Justin Katz, 8. Robert Perry, 9. Randy Wilkins, 10. Micheal Webb, 11. Jacob Lewis, 12. Terry Leach, 13. Micheal Pfaff, 14. Tracy Ryder, 15. Austin Nichols, 16. Josh Wilkins, 17. Steve Katz, 18. Craig Robinson, 19. Ricky Runion, 20. Larry Lamb, 21. Theo Funk, 22. Brian Lederhouse, (DQ: Mark Polard, Kevin Pollard)




3-29 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-26 5-4
5-10 5-18 5-25
6-8 6-15