Race Results
June 8 2014


"Hardy Debut's New Race Car and Soars to Winchester First"
"Ritter Fourth Limited Late Model Winner"
By Doug Watson
                   Winchester, VA-  Stephens City Va.'s Kyle Hardy drove the race of his career to score his first-career Late Model feature win last Saturday night at Winchester speedway. The win for Hardy, which came in a brand-new MasterSbilt chassis that saw action for the first time this season, also made him the divisions fifth different winner in seven races
                 The re-draw placed Hardy and Tommy Armel on the front-row for the start of the 30-lap Late Model main. Hardy out-dragged Armel into turn-one to become the race leader as the field roared off turn-two. Hardy would eventually lead all 30-circuits, but it was no easy trip to victory lane. As Hardy lead sixth-starting Greg Roberson arrived and was in second by the sixth-lap. Hardy and Roberson waged another epic Winchester battle that saw the duo race side by side for the remainder of the event, but Hardy would hold tough to score the break-through win with Roberson, for the second week in a row, taking runner-up honors. "I can't believe this." Were the words from a very happy Kyle Hardy as he climbed from his winning mount in the Winchester victory lane. "I have to thank my mom and dad and all the guys from MBH, they put so much into this and to get a win for them the first time out, I just don't know what to say right now." Starting on the front-row was key in Hardy's winning drive. "I knew I had to beat Tommy (Armel) into the first turn if we had a shot to win this thing." Hardy Bottom-lined. "This track was real slippery tonight and with Greg (Roberson) there in second, I knew I couldn't make a mistake and we were able to get the win."  Andy Anderson came home third, Keith Jackson was fourth with Kenny Moreland completing the top-five. Heats went to Armel and Dale Hollidge.
                2012 track champion Brad Ritter drove to his first win of the season in the 20-lap Limited late Model headliner. Ritter, who started third, snared the race lead from Walter Crouch on the 15th-lap and would lead the distance to become the fourth different winner in the four races run this season. "I have to thank my car owner Leo Nichols." Ritter stated. "He's given me the opportunity to drive this car and if it weren't for him, I'd be sitting in the grandstands watching." Crouch held on for second, point-leader Scott Palmer was third, Robbie Emory took fourth with James Lichliter rounding out the top-five. Heats went to Ritter, Lichliter and Crouch.
               Craig Parrill drove to his second feature win of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock main. Parrill started on the pole and would lead every lap, but would have to survive a late-race rush from 12th-starting and current point leader Mike Franklin to preserve the win. Mike Bennett was third, Keith Koontz took fourth with David Kaiser filling the front-five. Heats went to Bennett and Franklin.
              Dustin Proctor became a three-time winner with his win in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature. Proctor grabbed the race lead from Danny Holmes on the second lap and would lead to the checkers over runner-up "Krazy" Kenny Thomas. Mark Vegh was third, Holmes settled for fourth with Brian Wallace completing the top-five.
             Cody Kershner also became a three-time Winchester winner with his win in the 15-lap Four-Cylinder feature. Kershner took the race lead from Lester Riley on the 8th-circuit and would then run-off to post the win by a wide margin over Riley. Roger Whitlock was third, Justin Hottle fourth with Randy Linaburg rounding out the top-five.
            In the nightcap 15-lap Classic Racing Series event Brandon Little wired the field for his first-career Winchester feature win. Little started second and would lead all 15-laps to post the win over Roland Brown. Neal Reamer was third, Joe Brown took fourth with Matt Wallace completing the top-five.
Late Model feature finish
1. Kyle Hardy  2. Greg Roberson  3. Andy Anderson  4. Keith Jackson  5. Kenny Moreland  6. Dale Hollidge  7. Tanner Kerr  8. Tony Crim  9. Brad Omps  10. Wesley Bonebrake  11. Rodney Walls  12. Tommy Armel  13. Keith Walls  14. Jacob Burdette  15. Don Woodruff  16. JT Spence  17. Cody Lipscombe
Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Brad Ritter  2. Walter Crouch  3. Scott Palmer  4. Robbie Emory  5. James Lichliter  6. Jeremy Coffey  7. Andy Fries  8. James Myers  9. Will Rowe  10. Travis Stickley  11. Kris Eaton  12. Brian Wright  13. Kris Holliday  14. Michael Alderman  15. Derrick Quade  16. Mitch Miller  17. James Carte  18. Jimmy Richards  19. Jonathon DeHaven  20. Bubby Tharp Jr.  21. Greg Roberson
Pure Stock feature finish
1. Craig Parrill  2. Mike Franklin  3. Mike Bennett  4. Keith Koontz  5. David Kaiser  6. Brian Luttrell  7. Sean Dawson  8. Troy Kassiris  9. Terry Staton  10. Larry Smith Jr.  11. Andy Adkins  12. Chuck Bowie  13. Greg Breeden  14. Kevin Koontz  15. Josh Wilkins  16. Michael Carter
Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Dustin Proctor  2. "Krazy" Kenny Thomas  3. Mark Vegh  4. Danny Holmes  5. Brian Wallace  6. Paul Jones  7. Gary Moreland Jr.  8. Larry Lamb  9. Rodney Miner  10. James Gray
Four-Cylinder feature finish
1. Cody Kershner  2. Lester Riley  3. Roger Whitlock  4. Justin Hottle  5. Randy Linaburg  6. Ethan Ours  7. William Riley  8. Tommy Whitt  9. Jesse Boyce  10. Larry Frame
Classic Car feature finish
1. Brandon Little  2. Roland Brown  3. Neal Reamer  4. Joe Brown  5. Matt Wallace  6. Charlie Summers  7. Steve Cantwell  8. Dorsey Weaver  9. Ron Grove  10. Steve Cantwell Jr.  11. Vincent Crocker  12. Steve Clemo  13. Dylan Brown 




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