Race Results
June 8, 2019


"Quade Scores Flag to Flag Victory Saturday at Winchester"

"Jakob Piper Takes RUSH Crate Thriller"

By Doug Watson

               Winchester, VA-  Derick Quade kept his stellar season going as he scored his second win of the season in last Saturday nights 25-lap Limited Late Model main at Winchester Speedway. The win for Quade, worth $1000, came aboard his Black Diamond no.74 and it would be his 4th overall win of the season for the current class point leader.
               The heads up start placed Quade on the pole and he made the most of his good fortune as he snared the race lead as the field entered turn one. As Quade lead, Logan Roberson and Jonathan DeHaven both chased Quade before 8th starting Justin Weaver took the spot for good on the 14th lap. Weaver shadowed Quade for the 11-laps, but could not make the winning pass as Quade took the win by three car lengths at the finish. "I think we've got this car going pretty good right now." Quade stated in victory lane. "Trust me, it always helps to start up front, but our team works hard and this is another big win for us." Justin Weaver was happy with his runner up performance. "We got a little behind in qualifying, but this team never gives up." Weaver remarked. "Our left rear tire was starting to give up towards the end, but we'll take second and move on to the next race."  Jonathan DeHaven, Logan Roberson and Wesley Bonebrake would complete the top-five. Heats for the 25 cars entered went to Roberson, Bonebrake and Quade. 
               Jakob Piper collected his first win of the season in the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model feature. Lining up second for the start, Piper out dragged Levi Crowl into the first turn to take the top spot. As Piper lead, 7th starting Logan Roberson was coming to the front in a hurry and reached second by the 10th lap. The remaining 10-laps saw Piper and Roberson race nose to tail with Piper taking the win by a whisker at the start/finish line. "We got this car from Glen Elliott and I called him after the heat and we made some changes which made this car just about perfect." Said Piper. "I knew Logan was back there but I was going to do whatever it took to hold him off and we were able to come out on top." Devin Brannon, Kyle Lear and Jennae Piper rounded out the top-five. Heats for the 20-car field went to Al Shawver Jr and Devin Brannon.
               In support class action, defending track champion Craig Parrill drove to his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature, Cody Sumption scored his second win in a row and third of the season in a nail biting Enduro Stock contest with Gene Wilson posting his second win of 2019 in the 15-lap U-Car main.

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Derick Quade 2. Justin Weaver 3. Jonathan DeHaven 4. Logan Roberson 5. Wesley Bonebrake 6. Brad Omps 7. Richard Hawkins 8. Kris Holliday 9. Dale Murphy 10. Scott Merryman 11. Bo Feathers 12. Josh Williams 13. Samuel Bryant 14. David Frazier 15. Scott Sweeney 16. Trae Armel 17. Chris Cromer 18. Rodney Walls 19. Rob Nichols 20. Michael Alderman 21. Bubby Dillman 22. Lewis Hudson 23. Dave Friedrich 24. Doug Jones 25. Austin Stover (DNS)

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Jakob Piper 2. Logan Roberson 3. Devin Brannon 4. Kyle Lear 5. Jennae Piper 6. Mike Franklin 7. Levi Crowl 8. Al Shawver Jr. 9. Transtan Stoner 10. Tanner Kerr 11. Billy Beachler 12. Steve Lowery 13. Timmy Booth 14. Ronnie Martin Jr. 15. Cameron Ramsey 16. John Painter 17. Scott Sweeney Jr. 18. Dustin Arnold 19. Carl Biddle 20. Donnie Tepper

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Craig Parrill 2. Rob Nichols 3. Jeremy Tinsman 4. Tyler Gray 5. Mike Grady Jr 6. Charlie Weyandt 7. Ricky Feltner 8. Branson Woodward 9. Jerry Jenkins Jr. 10. Ethan Ours 11. Buddy Wilson 12. Delmar Grady 13. Tony Catlett 14. Chris Sumption

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Cody Sumption 2. Chuckie Johnson 3. Dalton Dillman 4. Mike Bennett 5. Austin Nichols 6. Aaron Drummond 7. Chad Brill 8. Allen Jones 9. Seth Jones 10. Jeff Galvin 11. Nathaniel Younker 12. Phillip Robinson 13. Jason Wilkins 14. Skylar Barnhart

U-Car feature finish
1. Gene Wilson 2. Allen Griffith Jr 3. Mark Pollard 4. Russel Fox 5. Larry Lamb 6. Lonnie Hobday 7. Jeff Wilkins 8. Ricky Shanholtz 9. Randy Wilkins 10. Jeff Kline 11. Tiff Wilson 12. Joe Yablonski 13. Billy Smith 14. Terry Hefflin  






3-30 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-27 5-18
5-25 6-1