Race Results
July 11, 2020


"Anderson Scores Big Saturday at Winchester"

"Franklin Doubles in E-Mods"

By Doug Watson

              Winchester, (VA)- Andy Anderson drove to his first win of the season in last Saturday nights 35-lap Limited Late Model headliner at Winchester Speedway. The win for Anderson, worth $1500, came steering his Bruce Kane owned Rocket no.15K.
          Wesley Bonebrake and Anderson brought the field to green with Anderson taking control as the field dove into turn one. Despite heavy lapped traffic and a lap 29-caution, Anderson would eventually pace all 35-circuits over eventual runner-up Tyler Emory. "With the way the track was here tonight I knew I had to get to the front first." Anderson stated in victory lane. "I just want to thank Bruce Kane and everybody on this team for a great car tonight." Bonebrake, Scott Palmer and Derick Quade completed the top-five. Taking heat race wins over the 40-car field were Derick Quade, Andy Anderson, Tyler Emory and Wesley Bonebrake. Steve Lowery drove his crate powered Rocket no.48 to the win in the 15-lap Limited Late Model B-Feature. Scott Sweeney, Tanner Kerr, Scott Sweeney Jr. and Ronnie Martin Jr. trailed at the finish.
          Mike Franklin scored his second win in a row in the 30-lap E-Mod contest. Franklin shot from his second starting spot and would lead the distance taking the $1000 victoy aboard his Greg Gunter owned Lethal Chassis no.74. "Thanks to Greg Gunter for allowing me to drive this hot rod." Franklin remarked post race. "David Stremme has us pointed in the right direction with this car and its great to get another win." Rick Hulson, Justin Cullum, Mike Corbin and Beau Aikey rounded out the top-five. Heats for the 28 cars entered went to Ray Kable Jr., Dale Smith and Mike Franklin.
         In support class action, Dylan Rutherford scored his first career division win in the 20-lap Pure Stock main, Cody Sumption rolled to his third win of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature win John Marks claiming the win in the 12-lap WVRC Vintage feature.

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Andy Anderson 2. Tyler Emory 3. Wesley Bonebrake 4. Scott Palmer 5. Derick Quade 6. Levi Crowl 7. Andy Fries 8. Justin Fulton 9. Justin Weaver 10. Keith Koontz 11. Michael Alderman 12. Samuel Bryant 13. Walter Crouch 14. James Lichliter 15. Richard Hawkins 16. Justin Dillman 17. Scott Merryman 18. Allen Brannon 19. Brad Omps 20. Matt Whitten 21. Rodney Walls 22. Devin Brannon 23. Danny Zechman 24. Josh Lilly

Limited Late Model B-Feature
1. Steve Lowery 2. Scott Sweeney 3. Tanner Kerr 4. Scott Sweeney Jr. 5. Ronnie Martin Jr. 6. DJ Groft 7. Kurt Zimmerman 8. Tom Chaffins 9. Wayne Bryant 10. Austin Stover 11. Justin Steele 12. Carl Biddle 13. Tommy Cordell 14. Doug Jones 15. Jason Smith 16. Derrick Rankin

E-Mod feature finish
1. Mike Franklin 2. Rick Hulson 3. Justin Cullum 4. Mike Corbin 5. Beau Aikey 6. Ray Kable Jr. 7. Drake Troutman 8. Haley Kaiser 9. Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 10. Chuckie Johnson 11. Gary Warehime 12. Jamie McCloud 13. Brent Bordeaux 14. Cody Williams 15. Andy Bosley 16. Nick Dibella 17. Mark Schools 18. Michael Pappas 19. Jeff McCauley 20. Hunter McClendon 21. Brandon Householder 22. Josh Hughes 23. Curtis Mason 24. Michael Altobelli Jr. 25. Jerry Foster 26. Alyssa Rowe 27. Dale Smith 28. Presley Witt

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Dylan Rutherford 2. Jeremy Tinsman 3. Randy Zechman 4. Dwayne Snyder 5. Ethan Ours 6. Ricky Feltner 7. Chris Grady 8. Kory Sites 9. Craig Parrill 10. Branson Woodward 11. Chris Sumption 12. Tony Catlett 13. Brandon Lowery 14. Andy Fertig 15. Gerald Burton 16. Michael Carter 17. Jerry Jenkins Jr. 18. Mason Strait 19. Russel Fox 20. Mike Grady Jr.

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Cody Sumption 2. Nathaniel Younker 3. Chad Brill 4. Randy Linaburg 5. Sam Caravello 6. Stacy Newlin 7. Zach Reid 8. Mike Fuller 9. Walter Staub Jr. 10. Brad Benton 11. Cody Breeden 12. Jeff Galvin 13. Charles Smith 14. Phillip Robinson





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