Race Results
July 19, 2014


"Stuhler claims Victory In The Valley Shoot-Out"
In Saturday Nights July 19, 2014 racing action at The Winchester Speedway in Winchester VA, it was Gary Stuhler picking up the win in the Niningers Tire & Auto Victory in the Valley Shoot-Out, other winners included Darin Henderson in the Crate Late Models, Kenny Thomas in the Enduro's and Justin Hottle in the 4 Cylinders.The U-Car main event did not get run due to curfew so the U-Cars will make there feature event up this Saturday July 26 right after warm-ups
In what appeared to be a wash out from the lingering rain showers proved different as the skies cleared and track officials work the speedway to have an excellent racing surface, warm-ups took to the speedway around 9:15 and great racing was put on for the fans that waited out the program.
In the 35 lap Niningers Tire & Auto Victory in the Valley make-up round #1 shoot-out  was Gary Stuhler  picking up the win. Front row starters Andy Anderson and Stuhler would bring the field to the green with Stuhler taking the lead over Anderson but caution would slow the field for a complete restart. Restarting would see Stuhler jump to the front of Anderson as the two battled Anderson would take the top spot back on lap twelve. Anderson leading would see caution fly on lap twenty to slow the field. Field set to green seen Anderson and Spence now sitting second. Spence would make the pass on Anderson taking the top spot with Stuhler second and twelth place starter Dale Hollidge had worked his way into the chase now sitting third.Spence and Stuhler battling for the top spot would see Spence take the white flag with Stuhler riding second , Hollidge third. Spence appeared to have the race won but fans seen Stuhler make the pass as Spence had a right rear flat. Stuhler would pick up the win, Spence second, Anderson third, Hollidge fourth and rounding out the top five was Jamie Lathroum
In the 20 lap Crate Late Model main event it was Darin Henderson picking up his second win of the season.Ralph Morgan Jr would lead the first ten laps as Henderson would make the pass on lap eleven and never looked back claiming his second win of the season. Morgan second, Stoner third, Bowie fourth and fifth went to Reese Masiello.
Kenny Thomas picked up the Enduro win and Justin Hottle won the 4 Cylinder main event.
Super Late Models: Gary Stuhler, J.T. Spence, Andy Andrson, Dale Hollidge, Jamie Lathroum, Kenny Pettyjohn, Kenny Moreland, Keith Jackson, Jason Covert, Kyle Hardy, Jason Miller, Brad Omps, Allan Brannon, Tyler Castle, Tony Crim, Tyler Emory
Crates: Darin Henderson, Ralph Morgan Jr, Transton Stoner, Ben Bowie, Reese Masiello, Nico Dabecco, Jennea Piper, Austin Stover, Travis Carroll, Scott Sweeney, Craig Guido, John IMler, Harry Shipe, Rob Nichols, Timmy Booth
4 Cylinders:Justin Hottle, William Riley, Allen Whitt Jr, Lester Riley, Randy Linaburg, Roger Whitlock, Ethan Ours, Cody Kershner, Jesse Boyce, Rich Newcomer, Mike Kershner, Robert Wellman
Enduros:Kenny Thomas, Mark Vegh, Gary Proctor, Paul Jones, James Gray, Bryan Neff, Danny Holmes, Rodney Miner, Gary Moreland Sr, Gary Moreland Jr, Dustin Proctor




3-22 4-5 4-13
4-19 5-17 5-24
5-31 6-8 6-14
6-21 7-5 7-12