Race Results
July 7, 2018


"Moreland Gets Season On Track With Flag To Flag Winchester Victory"

"Roberson and Kling Score Crate, E-Mod Wins"

By Doug Watson

                 Winchester, VA-  Kenny Moreland scored a convincing green to checker feature win in last Saturday's 30-lap Late Model event at Winchester Speedway. The win for Moreland, worth $2000, came steering his familiar Rocket XR-1 no.24 and made him the third different driver to win in the class this season. 
                Moreland and current Late Model point leader Trever Feathers made up the front row for the start with Moreland gaining the race lead as the field came off turn two. As Moreland set the pace, Trever Feathers followed in his tire tracks for the first 18-laps, before Jason Miller arrived in second on the 19th tour. Miller chased Moreland for the duration, but was no match as Moreland sped off to a relatively easy pole t pole win. "It's been a long season and it feels pretty good to finally get a win." Moreland said in victory lane. "We haven't raced much this season and the races we've been in we haven't been as consistent as we need to be, so hopefully this will get us back on track." Feathers held tough for third with Brad Omps and Greg Roberson completing the top-five. heats went to Feathers and Omps. 
               Logan Roberson collected his 3rd win of the season in the 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main. Roberson, who lined up second for the start, burst into the race lead on the first lap and held off the repeated challenges from current class point leader Mike Franklin to score the win aboard his Rocket XR-1 no.17R. "With the track the way it was here tonight, I knew I had to get to the front first." Roberson stated post race. "I knew Mike was back there and it was a lot of fun racing as hard as we did." Jakob Piper, Tanner Kerr and Transtan Stoner trailed at the finish. Heats went to Roberson, Kerr and Franklin. 
              Defending Mid-Atlantic Modified series champion Brad Kling scored his first career Winchester feature win in the divisions 20-lap contest. Kling darted from the pole to score the break through win over eventual runner-up and current Winchester point leader Rak Kable Jr. "We've run second here a bunch of times, and it feels great to finally get one." Kling stated afterward. "There are a lot of good cars here tonight and I can't thank enough all the people who finally got us here." Mike Altobelli jr., James Sparks and Mike Corbin rounded out the top-five. Heats went to Kable, Kling and Corbin. 
              In support class action, Justin Hottle nailed down his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap Four-Cylinder feature and Gene Wilson drove to a thrilling win, his first of the season, in the nightcap 15-lap U-Car main.

Late Model feature finish
1. Kenny Moreland 2. Jason Miller 3. Trever Feathers 4. Brad Omps 5. Greg Roberson 6. Allen Brannon 7. Dale Hollidge 8. Walter Crouch 9. Tyler Horst 10. Andy Anderson 11. Scott Palmer 12. Jonathan DeHaven 13. Cody Gray 14. Austin Stover 15. Scott Merryman 16. Mark Eshelman 17. Tyler Gray 18. James Carte

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Mike Franklin 3. Jakob Piper 4. Tanner Kerr 5. Transtan Stoner 6. Levi Crowl 7. John Painter 8. Chad Click 9. Jennae Piper 10. Timmy Booth 11. Chuck Bowie 12. Tyler Hershey 13. Darin Henderson 14. Jeff Koller 15. Jonathan DeHaven Jr. 16. Tyler Hoy 17. Kevin Moore 18. Daniel Snead 19. Gunner Kerr 20. Scott Sweeney 21. Scott Sweeney Jr. 22. Josh Reed 23. Carl Biddle 24. Steve Lowery 25. Jimmy Duncan 26. Devin Brannon 27. Megan Mann 

E-Mod feature finish
1. Brad Kling 2. Ray Kable Jr. 3. Mike Altobelli Jr. 4. James Sparks 5. Mike Corbin 6. Alyssa Rowe 7. Rick Hulson 8. Justin Cullum 9.Josh Roberson 10. Brian Green 11. Tim Schulte 12. Ray Cicarelli 13. Frank DiBella 14. Haley Kaiser 15. Cody Oliver 16. Rusty Pennington 17. Gary Moreland 18. Hunter Nester 19. George Gutridge 20. Brett Hamilton 21. Mike Reynolds 22. Josh Hughes 23. Mike Franklin 24. Jeff McCauley 25. Kyle Lloyd

Four Cylinder feature finish
1. Justin Hottle 2. Randy Linaburg 3. Tommy Whitt 4. Willie Dodson 5. Vance Williams Jr. 6. Dave Mullenax 7. Vance Williams 8. Cody Williams (DQ)

U-Car feature finish
1. Gene Wilson 2. Dustin Arnold 3. Larry Lamb 4. Randy Wilkins 5. Allen Griffith 6. Branson Woodward 7. Tiff Wilson 8. Lukas Mongold 9. Jason Wilkins 10. Ryan Clatterbuck 11. Mike Griffith 12. Brent Howell (DQ) 13. Jeff Wilkins (DQ) 14. Chad Brill (DQ)    




3-31 4-14 4-21
4-28 5-12 5-26
6-16 6-30