Race Results
July 9, 2017


"Weaver Sweeps Mason Dixon Weekend With Saturday Winchester Score"

"Roberson a Three-Timer in RUSH Crates"

By Doug Watson

            Winchester, VA-  Justin Weaver backed up his Friday Williams Grove win with his second feature score of the weekend with his victory in last Saturday nights 25-lap "Mason-Dixon Shootout Series" Limited Late Model event at Winchester Speedway. The win for Weaver, steering his trusty Rocket XR-1 no.2J, was his 3rd Winchester triumph of the season and netted him a $1000 first place prize. 
            Devin Hart and Justin Weaver made up the front row for the start with Weaver sliding into the top spot as the field went into turn one. Weaver had his car dialed in to the slick Winchester surface, as he would survive seven caution periods, before eventually leading all 25-circuits over eventual runner up Devin Hart. "We've found a sweet spot with this car the past few weeks and it was just about perfect here tonight." Weaver stated in the Winchester victory lane. "I just want to thank Kris Eaton and Ralph Morgan Jr. for putting this series together and allowing us limited guy's to get out on the road a bit." Tire management was key in Weaver's winning effort. "With the track the way it was tonight it was important not to spin the tires." Said Weaver. "I tried to keep the car as straight as I could because there were some pretty good cars here tonight and I knew they were back there." Tyler Emory took third, 21st starting Ralph Morgan Jr. was fourth with 17th starting Robbie Black completing the top-five. Heats for the 27 cars entered went to Derrick Quade, Jonathan DeHaven and Justin Weaver.
           Defending track champion Logan Roberson started on the pole and wired the field for his 3rd win of the season in the companion 20-lap  RUSH Crate Late Model main. Roberson's win, aboard his Rocket XR-1 no.17R, came over Transtan Stoner, Allen Brannon, Levi Crowl and Mike Franklin. "We drew a good number for the feature and made the most of it." Roberson said. "We tore this car up pretty bad last night at Path Valley and a big thank you to all who helped us put this thing back together."  Heats went to Chuck Bowie and Mike Franklin.
         In support class action, defending track champion Chris Sumption scored his 6th win of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature, points leader Ricky Feltner drove to his 5th of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature, Randy Linaburg took his 3rd of the season in the 15-lap Four Cylinder event and rookie Chad Brill collected his 3rd win of 2017 in the 15-lap U-Car main.  

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Justin Weaver 2. Devin Hart 3. Tyler Emory 4. Ralph Morgan Jr. 5. Robbie Black 6. Bruce Kane 7. Jonathan DeHaven 8. James Lichliter 9. Eric Irvin 10. Austin Stover 11. Andrew Yoder 12. Scott Merryman 13. Devin Frey 14. Tood Snook 15. Bubby Dillman 16. Shaun Jones 17. Derrick Quade 18. Taylor Farlling 19. Rick Lias 20. Dave Friedrich 21. Donnie Farlling 22. Buddy Wilson 23. Matt Nailor 24. Dillan Stake 25. Wesley Bonebrake 26. Trae Armel DNS- Tom Chaffins

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Transtan Stoner 3. Allen Brannon 4. Levi Crowl 5. Mike Franklin 6. Jennae Piper 7. Billy Beachler 8. Gunner Kerr 9. Richard Hawkins 10. Devin Brannon 11. Bud Durboraw 12. Steve Lowery 13. Chuck Bowie 14. Scott Sweeney 15. Roger Whitlock 16. Jacob Piper 17. Dakota Riggleman

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Chris Sumption 2. Darrin Younker 3. Tony Catlett 4. Sam Archer 5. Justin Hottle 6. Rob Nichols 7. Jeremy Tinsman 8. Cody Sumption 9. Brian Lederhouse 10. Brandon Lowery

Four Cylinder feature finish
1. Randy Linaburg 2. Michael Pfaff 3. Matt Sowers 4. Tommy Whitt 5. Charles Smith 6. Jacob Whitt 7. Vance Williams 8. Allen Whitt Jr.

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Ricky Feltner 2. Tommy Caravello 3. Paul Jones 4. Dalton Dillman 5. Mark Vegh 6. Allen Jones 7. Dustin Dillman 8. Greg Breeden 9. Walter Staub Jr. 10. Seth Jones 11. Charles Nobitt DNS-Dylan Rutherford

U-Car feature finish
1. Chad Brill 2. Justin Bowley 3. Jason Wilkins 4. Brent Howell 5. TJ Collins 6. Jeff Wilkins 7. Jacob Lewis 8. Matt Popish 9. Allen Griffith 10. Chuckie Johnson 11. Randy Wilkins 12. Branson Woodward 13. Christopher Shann 14. Larry Lamb 




3-25 4-1 4-8
4-15 4-29 5-13
5-20 5-27 6-3
6-17 6-24 7-2