Race Results
August 31, 2013


“Spence Clicks for Late Model Sixth Saturday at Winchester”
“Corbin Rolls to Pure Stock Ninth”
By Doug Watson
    Winchester, VA-   JT Spence continued his winning ways as he was victorious for the sixth time this season in last Saturday night’s 35-lap “Red Ninninger Memorial” at Winchester Speedway.
     Spence and CS Fitzgerald shared the front-row for the start of the event, with Spence gaining the race lead as the field raced into turn-one.  As Spence lead, sixth-starting Roy Deese  Jr. was on the move as he raced his way to 2nd by the 8th circuit. Spence and Deese would then out on a crowd pleasing duel over the remainder of the event with Spence prevailing at the finish for the $3000 win. “It’s an honor to win this race.” Spence stated in Winchester’s victory lane. “This win was a team effort and I wouldn’t be standing here without my family, the crew and all the sponsors.”  CS Fitzgerald came home third, DJ Myers took fourth with Jeremy Miller rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 27 cars entered went to Spence, Fitzgerald and Brad Ritter with Tanner Kerr winning the consolation.
        Jonathon DeHaven won for the 3rd time this season in the 15-lap Crate Late Model feature. With his win DeHaven was crowned the 2013 track champion. DeHaven would take the win over John Imler, Jennae Piper, Darren Henderson and Travis Carroll.
        Mike Corbin won for the 9th time this season in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature. Corbin started on the pole and would decimate the field as he would win by a straightaway over point leader David Kaiser. Mike Franklin was third, Brian Luttrell fourth with Terry Staton rounding out the top-five.
        Danny Holmes took his first-career Winchester feature win in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature. Ray Priest was second, Krazy Kenny Thomas was third, Mark Vegh fourth with Dylan Rutherford finishing fifth. With his fourth place finish, Mark Vegh was crowned the 2013 track champion.
       Billy Laughman also became a first-time Winchester winner with his win in the Mason-Dixon Micro sprint series event.  Brian Marroitt was second, Steven Cox was third, Brian Brunkenhoefer took fourth with Brent Bull taking fifth.
       Roger Whitlock won for the 2nd time this season in the 15-lap Four-Cylinder feature. Ed Gageby was second, Justin Hottle third, Lester Riley fourth with Shawn Payne finishing fifth.
Super Late Models:
1 JT Spence 2 Roy Deese JR 3 CS Fitzgerlad 4 DJ Myers 5 Jeremy Miller 6 Kenny Moreland 7 Dale Hollidge 8 Ronnie DeHaven JR 9 Keith Jackson 10 Trevor Feathers 11 Tommy Armel 12 Kyle Hardy 13 Tanner Kerr 14 Brad Omps 15 Bo Feathers 16 David Pettyjohn 17 Joe Leavell 18 Jason Miller 19 Brian Tavenner 20 Tom Decker Jr 21 Devin Friese 22 Tyler Castle 23 Brad Ritter DNS Gary Stuhler
DNQ Steve Gibney Travis Roach Tom Decker III
Micro Sprints
1 Bill Laughman 2 Brian Marriott 3 Steven Cox 4 Brent Brunkenhoefer 5 Brent Bull 6 Mike Boer 7 Joe Trone JR 8 Jacob Schatz 9 Jim Still 10 Eric Heath 11 Broc Lawrence 12 John Horton 13 Charles Ford
Pure Stocks
1 Mike Corbin 2 David Kaiser 3 Mike Franklin 4 Brian Lutrell 5 Terry Staton 6 Brandon Churchey 7 Eric Johnson 8 Charles Wyant 9 Carig Parrill 10 Josh Wilkins 11 Jeffrey Budwash 12 Josh Williams 13 Tony Catlett 14 Kevin Koontz 15 Michael Carter 16 Charlie Pensinger 17 Reese Alley 18 Greg Bredden 19 DNS Keith Koontz
Crate Late Models
1 Jonathan DeHaven 2 John Imler 3 Jennae Piper 4 22 Darin Henderson 5 Travis Carroll 6 Jeff Sweeney 7 Scott Beitzel DNS Michael Lewis Jacob Lewis
4 Cylinders
1 Roger Whitlock 2 Ed Gageby 3 Justin Hottle 5 Lester Riley 6 Shawn Payne 7 Jesse Boyce 8 Daren Pingley 9 Tracy Lynn
Enduro Stocks
1 Danny Holmes 2 Ray Priest 3 Krazy Kenny Thomas 4 Mark Vegh 5 Dylan Rutherford 6 Brian Wallace 7 Jonesy Jones 8 Gary Moreland JR 9 Paul Jones 10 Bill Hargett 11 Robert Plaugher SR 12 Rodney Miner




3-29 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-26 5-4
5-10 5-18 5-25
6-8 6-15 6-22
6-28 7-6 7-19
7-27 8-10 8-17