Race Results
Aug 31, 2019


"Emory Banks Top Pay in Limited Late Model Biggie Saturday at Winchester"

"Brannon, Wilson Score Big in RUSH Crate, Pure Stock Mains"

By Doug Watson

                    Winchester, VA-  King George Va.'s Tyler Emory scored his second feature win of the season in last Saturday nights 35-lap Limited Late Model headliner at Winchester Speedway. The win for Emory, worth a hefty $2500 winner share, came steering his familiar Adams/Quade owned Rocket no.23 and would mark his 4th overall feature score of the 2019 season.
                   Emory and Keith Koontz made up the front row for the start of the event with Koontz surging into the race lead as the field drove off turn two. Emory chased Koontz for the first 11-circuits before sliding into the race lead on the 12th lap. From that point on it would be a race for second, as Emory and company had their car dialed in perfectly to score the big win. "This is the biggest win of my career." Emory stated post race. "Joe, Wayne and everyone on this team has worked so hard on this car and the results are starting to show." "This is the first time I've won and my parents haven't been here, so this win is for them." 2019 track champion Derick Quade rallied late for second with James Lichliter, Keith Koontz and Wesley Bonebrake completing the top-five. Taking heat race wins over the 26-car field were Emory, Quade and Bonebrake.
                   Newly crowned RUSH Crate Late Model track champion Devin Brannon continued his late season surge with his 2nd in a row, and 4th of the season, in the divisions 30-lap event. Brannon wrestled the race lead from Kyle Lear on the 19th lap and would drive off uncontested to score the $1000 win aboard his Longhorn no.37. "We seem to be on a roll and I hope we can keep it going." Brannon said in victory lane. "The track was a little slick tonight, but it was wide and racy and Kyle made it tough for us." Lear would take second with Mike Franklin, Steve Lowery and Tanner Kerr rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 19-entries went to Brannon and Lear.
                  Buddy Wilson continued his career season as he took his 5th win of 2019 in the 25-lap "Leo Nichols Memorial" Pure Stock event. Wilson snared the race lead from Chris Sumption on the 14th lap and would lead to the finish for the $2000 win. "This is the biggest win of my racing career." A jubilant Wilson said in victory lane. "I want to thank Chris for racing me clean and I hope we put on a good show for all the fans." Rob Nichols came on late for second, Sumption settled for third,14th starting Joey Zambotti was fourth with Craig Parrill filling the front five. Nichols, Sumption and Wilson took heat wins over the 28-car field. 
                  Dalton Dillman scored his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock main. Dillman took the lead from Vance Williams on the 8th lap and rode all the way to the checkered flag. "This has been a great season, we're so blessed." Randy Linaburg, Jeff Galvin and Aaron Drummond trailed at the finish.   

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Tyler Emory 2. Derick Quade 3. James Lichliter 4. Keith Koontz 5. Wesley Bonebrake 6. Bruce Kane 7. Jonathan DeHaven 8. Austin Stover 9. Kenny Moreland 10. Joey Leavell 11. Dale Murphy 12. Scott Merryman 13. Andy Fries 14. Doug Jones 15. Scott Palmer 16. Kris Holliday 17. Daulton Bigler 18. Justin Dillman 19. Scott Sweeney 20. Brad Omps 21. Michael Alderman 22. Sam Archer 23. Josh Williams 24. Trae Armel DNS-Danny Zechman, Bubby Dillman

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Devin Brannon 2. Kyle Lear 3. Mike Franklin 4. Steve Lowery 5. Tanner Kerr 6. Chuck Bowie 7. Al Shawver Jr. 8. Roger Whitlock 9. Megan Mann 10. Scott Sweeney Jr. 11. Timmy Booth 12. Jennae Piper 13. Carl Vaugh 14. Brian Coe Jr. 15. Levi Crowl 16. Jakob Piper 17. Dustin Arnold 18. Jordan Kauffman 19. Harry Shipe (DNS)

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Buddy Wilson 2. Rob Nichols 3. Chris Sumption 4. Joey Zambotti 5. Craig Parrill 6. Dylan Rutherford 7. Ricky Feltner 8. Jeremy Tinsman 9. Darin Younker 10. Doug Hoffman 11. Bob Egley 12. Doug Bennett 13. Tracy Goolsday 14. Randy Zechman 15. Adam Breeden 16. Brandon Lowery 17. Walter Crouch 18. Mike Bordt 19. Mike Grady Jr. 20. Mike Desch 21. Bryan Kerns 22. Teddy Richardson 23. Branson Woodward 24. Jerry Jenkins Jr. 25. Dickie Tharp DNS-Dillon Wilson, Jonathan DeHaven, Tony Catlett

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Dalton Dillman 2. Vance Williams 3. Randy Linaburg 4. Jeff Galvin 5. Aaron Drummond 6. Skylar Barnhart 7. Chad Brill    





3-30 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-27 5-18
5-25 6-1 6-8
6-15 6-22 6-29
7-13 7-20 7-27
8-10 8-17 8-24