Race Results
August 4, 2018


"Weaver Top Gun-Slinger in Mason Dixon Shootout at Winchester"

"Franklin and Altobelli Take RUSH Crate/ E-Mod Victories"

By Doug Watson

              Winchester, VA-  Justin Weaver drove to his second consecutive Limited Late Model feature win in last Saturday nights 30-lap Mason Dixon Shootout series event at Winchester Speedway. The win for Weaver, worth $1000, came steering his trusty Rocket XR-1 no.2J and it would be his 7th overall feature score of the 2018 season.
             Weaver came from his 4th starting spot to grab the race lead from Michael Walls on the 7th lap and would then have to hold off a late race surge from eventual runner-up Tyler Emory to score the win. "This car was absolutely flawless tonight." Weaver stated in victory lane. "I saw Michael up there banging the cushion and we had to go to the bottom to get the lead and it worked in our favor." Superior track conditions aided Weaver in his winning drive. "This track was perfect tonight." Said Weaver. "We were able to race all over this place tonight and I hope we put on a good show for all the fans." Wall held tough for third with Austin Stover and Bruce Kane rounding out the top-five. Taking heat race win over the 33 entries went to Shaun Jones, Dallas Richards, Weaver and Emory with twin consolations going to Jonathan DeHaven and Dale Murphy.
            Current RUSH Crate Late Model point leader Mike Franklin drove to his 3rd win of the season in the divisions 20-lap feature. Franklin, who lined up second for the start, burst into the race lead on the first lap and would lead the distance wheeling his Black Diamond no.74 over John Painter. "I have to thank my car owner Larry Royston for the opportunity to drive his car." Franklin stated post race. "He's taken a lot of pressure off of me this season and I can focus more on driving and the results show." Jakob Piper, Steve Lowery and Chuck Bowie trailed at the finish." Heats went to Bowie, Lowery and Painter. 
            Michael Altobelli Jr. continued his winning ways as he scored his 4th Winchester feature win and 15th overall victory of the season in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified feature. Altobelli boomed into the lead from his second starting spot and would lead all 20-circuits over defending Winchester champion Rick Hulson. "I have to thank my car owner Dan Harding and everyone on this team, it's been a great season." Altobelli stated. "Starting on the front row helped tonight, but this track was in great shape and you could run top bottom or middle and the crew gave me another awesome car tonight." Mike Corbin, Ray Kable Jr. and Joey Polevoy rounded out the top-five. Hulson, Altobelli and Kable were heat winners.
           In support class action, defending track champion Chris Sumption drove to his 2nd win of the season in a thrilling 15-lap Pure Stock feature with Randy Linaburg coming out on top for his first win of the season in the 15-lap Four-Cylinder contest.   

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Justin Weaver 2. Tyler Emory 3. Michael Walls 4. Austin Stover 5. Bruce Kane 6. Shaun Jones 7. James Lichliter 8. Kurt Zimmerman 9. Jonathan DeHaven 10. Sam Bryant 11. Scott Merryman 12. Scott Sweeney 13. Dale Murphy 14. Devin Frey 15. Brad McGinnis 16. Frankie Gordon 17. Jason Smith 18. Justin Dillman 19. Aaron Bryant 20. Devin Hart 21. Brian Pearrell 22. Daulton Bigler 23. Taylor Farlling 24. Dallas Richards 25. Robbie Emory DNQ- Bryan Smith, Donnie Farlling, Wesley Bonebrake, Don Woodruff, Tyler Ritchey, Matt Marshall, Matt Hilldebrand, Trae Armel

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Mike Franklin 2. Jon Painter 3. Jakob Piper 4. Steve Lowery 5. Chuck Bowie 6. Transtan Stoner 7. Levi Crowl 8. Jimmy Duncan 9. Timmy Booth 10. Richard Hawkins 11. Tyler Hoy 12. Tanner Kerr 13. Devin Brannon 14. Jennae Piper 15. Jeff Koller 16. Megan Mann 17. Kevin Moore 18. Carl Biddle 19. Josh Reid 20. Doug Sayler 21. Scott Sweeney 22. Chad Click 23. Roger Whitlock

E-Mod feature finish
1. Michael Altobelli Jr. 2. Rick Hulson 3. Mike Corbin 4. Rak Kable Jr. 5. Joey Polevoy 6. Vic Vandergrift 7. Derek Duesenberry 8. Alyssa Rowe 9. Brad Kling 10. Keith Reed 11. Cody Oliver 12. Haley Kaiser 13. Justin Cullum 14. Brian Green 15. Jeff McCauley 16. Frank Dibella 17. Rusty Pennington 18. Ray Ciccarelli 19. Adam Hoegerl 20. George Gutridge 21. Fred Cullum 22. Gary Moreland

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Chris Sumption 2. Jeremy Tinsman 3. Buddy Wilson 4. Ethan Ours 5. Ed Pope Jr. 6. Craig Parrill 7. Rob Nichols 8. Tracy Goolsday 9. Bryan Neff 10. Paul Jones 11. Brandon Lowery 12. Tike Loizos 13. Jonathan Raley

Four-Cylinder feature finish
1. Randy Linaburg 2. Vance Williams 3. Cody Williams 4. Justin Hottle 5. Tommy Whitt 6. Vance Williams Jr. 7.Allen Whitt Jr. 8. Jacob Whitt 9. Jason Stoner (DQ) 




3-31 4-14 4-21
4-28 5-12 5-26
6-16 6-30 7-7
7-14 7-28