Race Results
August 5, 2017


"Hershey's Late Model First Comes in Hagerstown/Winchester Shootout"

"Kyle Lee 6th Different Winner in RUSH Crates" 

By Doug Watson

              Winchester, VA- Tyler Hershey was a man on a mission last Saturday night at Winchester Speedway. The Mercersburg Pennsylvania native drove a flawless race to capture not only his first ever Late Model feature win at the track, but the first of his Late Model career,in last Saturday nights 35-lap $2500 to win Hagerstown/Winchester shootout event.
              Hershey and Jonathan DeHaven shared the front row for the start with Hershey booming into the race lead as the field scattered off turn two. As Hershey paced the field, third starting Trever Feathers settled into second and went after Hershey. The duo would wage hand to hand combat for the entire distance until Feathers made a last ditch effort of the final circuit, but spun from contention, as Hershey drove away to post the break through win aboard his MasterSbilt no.74. "Trever made me work for that one." Hershey stated post race. "We had a great car tonight but the field was stacked here tonight and it's a great feeling to get my first Late Model win over such a tough field." Superb track conditions aided Hershey in his winning drive. "Greg had this place in great shape tonight." Hershey stated. "We were pretty decent right in the middle of the track and we were able to keep everyone behind us because I knew they were coming." Andy Anderson rallied late for second with Jonathan DeHaven, Jamie Lathroum and Scott Palmer rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 22 cars entered went to Kyle Hardy, Feathers and Hershey. 
               Kyle Lee drove to his first win of the season in the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late feature. Lee, who lined up third for the start, took the lead on the first lap and would have to fend off the repeated advances of eventual runner-up Logan Robesron to score his first career Winchester Crate Late Model feature win steering his Walter Nichols owned Rocket no.75. "I know Logan is really tough down here and he was there every step of the way." Lee stated in victory lane. "I have to thank car owner Walter Nichols and everyone who helps with this car, we're kind of on a roll right now, and I hope we can keep it going." Transtan Stoner, Tanner Kerr and Richard Hawkins trailed at the finish. Heats for the 21 entries went to Steve Lowery, Lee and Stoner. 
               Rick Hulson became the first repeat winner in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified contest. Hulson took the lead from teammate Jimmy Jesmer Jr. on the 19th lap to score his 2nd Winchester feature win of the season. "I followed Jimmy for a bunch of laps and his tires were starting to go away." Said Hulson. "I kept plugging the top and we were finally able to get him on the last lap." Jesmer held tough for second with Ray Kable Jr., Chris Fletcher and Josh Roberson completing the top-five. Heats for the 19 car field went to Hulson and Jesmer.          
               In support class action defending track champion and current point leader Chris Sumption drove to his 7th win of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature, Tommy Whitt scored his 2nd of the season in the 15-lap Four-Cylinder main and Larry Lamb took top honors in the 15-lap U-Car feature. 

Late Model feature finish
1. Tyler Hershey 2. Andy Anderson 3. Jonathan DeHaven 4. Jamie Lathroum 5. Scott Palmer 6. Kyle Hardy 7. Greg Roberson 8. Dale Hollidge 9. Rodney Walls 10. Jason Miller 11. Roy Deese Jr. 12. Walter Crouch 13. Brad Omps 14. Trever Feathers 15. Greg Elrod 16. Charlie Shaffer 17. Mike Steck 18. Scott Merryman 19. Keith Jackson 20. Brian Booze 21. Tommy Armel 22. Curtis Grady

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1.Kyle Lee 2.Logan Roberson 3. Transtan Stoner 4. Tanner Kerr 5. Richard Hawkins 6. Chuck Bowie 7. Steve Lowery 8. Mike Franklin 9.Timmy Booth 10. Levi Crowl 11. Mike Wharton 12. Devin Brannon 13.Megan Mann 14. Gunner Kerr 15.Scott Sweeney 16. Jacob Piper 17. Joe Hall 18. Harry Shipe III 19. Kevin Moore 20. Darin Henderson 21. Jennae Piper

Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish
1. Rick Hulson 2. Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 3. Ray Kable Jr. 4. Chris Fletcher 5. Josh Roberson 6. Justin Cullum 7. Alyssa Rowe 8. Mike Corbin 9. Brad Kling 10. BJ Mongold 11. Haley Kaiser 12. Rich Goodman 13. Brian Green 14. Keith Reed 15. Jim Trenary 16. Beau Aikey 17. Quintin Hankla 18. Josh Hughes 19. Brian Pyles

Pure Stock feature finish
1.Chris Sumption 2. Jeremy Tinsman 3. Darrin Younker 4. Ethan Ours 5. Brandon Lowery 6. Cody Sumption 7. Tony Catlett 8. Seth Jones 9. Rob Nichols

Four-Cylinder feature finish
1. Tommy Whitt 2. Randy Linaburg 3. Justin Hottle 4. Willie Dodson 5. Ed Gageby 6.Michael Pfaff 7. Ryan Laye 8. Matt Sowers 9.Allen Whitt Jr. 10. Jacob Whitt 11. Charles Smith 12. Vance Williams

U-Car feature finish
1. Larry Lamb 2. Jason Wilkins 3. Jeff Wilkins 4. Robert Wilson 5. Alan Dice 6. Randy Wilkins 7. Jacob Lewis 8. Tyler Woods 9. Richard Bowman 10. TJ Collins 11. Tim Nichols 12. Branson Woodward 13. Matt Popish 14. Chad Brill 15. Josh Reedy 16. JR Fewell 17. Chuckie Johnson   




3-25 4-1 4-8
4-15 4-29 5-13
5-20 5-27 6-3
6-17 6-24 7-2
7-9 7-15