Race Results
September 24, 2022


“Trever Feathers Wins Third Straight Limited Late Model Feature”
“Mike Franklin Wins Crate Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)The temperatures are starting to drop in the Shenandoah Valley. The cooler
temperatures would make for a “tacky” track and build more horsepower in the high
performance racing engines. This would make for some very fast racing action on the
speedway. Bobby Dove and his team would once again give the races an excellent surface to
race on. Many drivers boasted about how smooth and how many lanes of racing the surface
provided last night. This would show with plenty of high speed side by side racing action
throughout all of the heat races in all four divisions. Once our Invocation and playing of our
National Anthem was complete, it would be time for the feature events.
The crate late models would take center stage first for their thirty lap main event. Front row
starters Daniel Brown Jr and Tyler Hoy would charge into the first turn side by side. Brown
would take the lead down the back straightaway and lead lap one. The caution flag would fly on
lap three as Hoy slowed to a stop at the bottom of turn four. On the restart we would see Brown
continue to lead as a pair of Walls, Mike and Keith, battled side by side for the second position.
The yellow flag would fly once again on lap six for debris. On this restart we would see Brown
continue to hold on to the lead as Mike Walls held on to second and Mike Franklin moved into
third. We would complete just one lap before the yellow would fly again for a spinning Charles
Smith. We would then see Keith Walls and Bud Durborow come together in turn two bringing out
the caution on the restart. Brown would lead again after the restart, but this time he would have
Franklin chasing him in second. Scooter Tippett would spin in turn four bringing the yellow flag
back out on lap twelve. Brown would lead the field on the restart followed by Franklin and Mike
Walls. Franklin would begin to challenge Brown for the lead on lap fifteen and complete the pass
on lap seventeen. Franklin would now lead the field and begin to pull away slightly. Three more
cautions would come out before the event was completed, however, nothing could shake the
veteran Mike Franklin. Franklin would go on to win the event, followed by Daniel Brown and
Mike Walls.
Next we would see the pure stock division take to the speedway. Front row starters Brad Ritter
and Walter Crouch would race side by side all the way around the track to complete lap one.
Ritter would move ahead and lead lap two followed by Crouch and Ryan Smith. By lap five
Crouch would begin to challenge Ritter for the lead as Michael Carter made a move around
Smith for third. Crouch would get a good run out of turn two and take the lead down the back
straight away. Crouch would lead lap seven followed by Ritter in second and Carter in third.
Ritter would search high and low on the speedway to find the speed needed to get back around
Crouch. Ritter would be unsuccessful as Walter Crouch would go on to win the twenty lap
caution free event. Brad Ritter would finish second followed by Michael Carter in third.
It was now time for the limited late model division to take center stage on the speedway. Front
row starters James Lichliter and Trever Feathers would lead the field side by side into turn one.
Feathers would pull ahead and lead lap one over Lichliter in second and Taylor Farling in third.
Feathers would continue to lead over Lichliter as Farling would get passed by Andy Anderson
for third. Farling would only slip back for a lap as he would make his way back around Anderson
for third on lap four. Feathers would begin to slowly pull away from Lichliter until the field slowed
on lap eight for a spinning Bubby Dillman. On the next restart Feathers would continue to lead
the field and begin to pull away once again. He would find himself having to navigate lap traffic
on lap nineteen. As Feathers reached heavy lap traffic on lap twenty four, Lichliter would begin
to use it to his advantage and cut into Feathers lead slightly. The yellow flag would fly on lap
twenty six as Bubby Tharp Jr would bring his car to a stop at the top of turn one. The caution
would fly once again on lap twenty eight for a spinning Kyle Lear. The race would go caution
free from there on. Trever Feathers would take the win with a half of a straightaway lead over
Taylor Farling, who had moved into second with five laps to go. James Lichliter would hold on to
finish third.
The final feature of the night was for the SCDRA division. Robbie Carroll would lead flag to flag
in the twenty lap event. Behind Carroll we would watch Ricky Weaver Jr and Shawn Payne race
side by side for the second position for most of the race. The field would only be slowed for two
cautions during the event. Robbie Carroll would take the win followed by Ricky Weaver Jr and
Shawn Payne.
We want to thank everyone who came out and attended this week's events. We hope that
dreaded r word “rain” stays away next week as we prepare for our final event of the 2022 race
season. Another big thank you goes to Greg Gunter for providing us with a great track to enjoy
our favorite sporting event at! We hope to see you all back next week!
Crate Late Model Results
Mike Franklin, Daniel Brown Jr, Mike Walls, Jacob Burdette, Travis Campbell, Steven Payne,
Brian Coe Jr, Branson Woodward, Bud Durborow, Aaron Drummond, Scooter Tippett, (DNF
Charles Smith, Keith Walls, Tyler Hoy)(DNS Braeson Fulton)
Pure Stock Results
Walter Crouch, Brad Ritter, Michael Carter, Chuckie Johnson, Ryan Smith, Chuck Johnson,
Andy Adkins, Trent Holmes, Vannessa Perry, (DNF Jason Wilkins)(DNS Jerry Jenkins Jr)
Limited Late Model Results
Trever Feathers, Taylor Farling, James Lichliter, Andy Anderson, Jonathan DeHaven, Gunnar
Walls. Derrick Quade, Austin Stover, Mike Franklin, Craig Parrill, Jakob Piper, Shaun Wetzel,
Kyle Lear, Brad Omps, Gerald Davis, Jason Smith, Bubby Dillman, Jonathan Raley, Kris
Holliday, Danny Brown, (DNF Bubby Tharp Jr, Dalton Dillman)(DNS Justin Fulton, Tommy
SCDRA Results
Robbie Carroll, Ricky Weaver Jr, Shawn Payne, Andrew Hoffner, Rusty Garlcok, Brandon
Hoffner, Terry Harlaub, Jeff Foster, Shane Seville, Virgil Meyer, Tyler Kline, Lonnie Hobday,
Brody Tolstyka, Bradley Geno, Jason Kline,(DNF Wesley Miller, James Furley, Wayne Selby,
Jason Jarvis, Larry Lamb, Matthew Duvall, Tyler Stine)(DNS Tiff Wilson)




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