Race Results
March 26, 2023


“Kyle Hardy wins his second crate late model feature of the year”
“Jonathan DeHaven wins the limited late model feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-With rain moving into the area on Friday, promoter Greg Gunter made the early
call to move the event from Saturday to Sunday. This would allow our local drivers to still get the
chance to race this past weekend. We want to thank everyone who came out and supported the
event. Holding the event a day later became a success, and as always we can’t thank our track
crew enough for all of their hard work. Four divisions would be showcased on this day. The crate
late models, limited late models, pure stocks, and winchester us legends would all have timed
hotlaps to determine their heat race starting positions. Once all of the heat races were
completed it was time for our feature events.
First up would be the crate late model division. Local stand out Kyle Hardy would take the lead
on lap one from his pole starting position. By lap three Hardy would pull out to a two car lead
over Trevor Collins who had pulled out to around four car lengths ahead of third place running
Davin Kaiser. By lap eight Hardy would begin to negotiate lap traffic. This would allow Collins
and Kaiser to close in on the leader. We would see our first caution on lap twelve as Collins
would slow on the speedway with a flat left rear tire while running in the second position. Hardy
would quickly pull away on the restart only to have it taken away. The caution would come out
for the second time for an incident in turn four involving five cars. The caution would come back
out after the ensuing restart as a car would spin in turn four. Hardy would once again hold on to
his lead and begin to pull away from the second place running Davin Kaiser on the restart.
However, the field would slow once again on lap nineteen as the caution flag waved for Branson
Woodward as he would come to a stop at the top of turn four. The final caution flag waved on
lap twenty two for a three car spin out in turn two. Hardy would never look back and go on to
cross the finish line first, followed by Davin Kaiser and Jeremiah Marshall.
The pure stock division would pull onto the speedway next. Before the field could complete lap
one, we would see Johnny Oliver spin in turn one resulting in a full restart. Tyler Gray would
lead lap one followed by Jason Wilkins and Tony Johnson. By lap two sixth place starter Michael
Carter would challenge Johnson for third and over take the position on lap three. Carter would
continue his charge and overtake Wilkins for the second position on lap four. The one and only
caution would come out on lap five, as Wilkins would slow to a stop in turn four while running
third. Carter would begin to challenge Gray for the lead on the restart, Carter would get a great
run out of turn two on lap seven to pull alongside Gray. He would take the lead way and go on to
lead the next lap. Carter would never look back and pull away by a full straightaway length.
Michael Carter would take the win, followed by Tyler Gray and Jerry Jenkins Jr.
Next to the speedway would be the limited late model division. Jonathan DeHaven would jump
out to an early lead over Mike Franklin and Derick Quade. On lap three Quade would challenge
Franklin for the second place position and overtake him by lap four. The caution flag would fly
on lap five as Jim McBee and John Moser went for a spin in turn four. On the restart we would
see DeHaven lead the field into turn one while Franklin, Quade, and Rodney Walls raced three
wide behind him. McBee would slow on the speedway bringing out the caution flag again on lap
seven. DeHaven would build up to a half straightaway lead over Walls before several cautions
took it away. Walls and Quade would swap the second and third positions before Walls would
take it back and hold on to it. Quade would slide back during a late race restart, allowing Justin
DIllman to pull into third. Jonathan DeHaven would go on to win the twenty five lap event,
followed by Rodney Walls and Justin Dillman.
The final division of the night would be the Winchester US Legend Cars. Wes Alleman would
lead lap one, followed by Jorjie Sweger and Preston Alleman. This trio would race nose to tail
for several laps before the caution flag flew for a spinning Ezra Burdette. The field would be
stopped on the track after the restart for a hard wreck involving Bob Meyers. On the next restart
Alleman would lead with Sweger in second. However, Justin Cunningham would now move into
third on lap thirteen. Travis McClelland would take third away from Cunningham on lap fourteen.
Wes Alleman would go on to win the fifteen lap event, followed by Jorgie Sweger and Travis
We want to thank everyone again for coming out and supporting our Sunday event. We look
forward to seeing everyone back this Saturday for our first points races of the season.
Crate Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Davin Kaiser, Jeremiah Marshall, Mike Franklin, Mike Walls, Ed Pope, Travis
Campbell, Tyler Hoy, Chuck Bowie, Steven Payne, Cody Dawson, Billy Beachler, Cameron
Campbell, Keith Walls, Bailey Tolson, Isaiah Gochenour, Scott Sweeny Jr, (DNF Jeremy
Pilkerton, Jon Lee, Branson Woodward, Trae Armel, Ben Scott, Braeson Fulton, Luke Hyre,
Cody Breedan, Trevor Collins)
Pure Stock Results
Michael Carter, Tyler Gray, Jerry Jenkins Jr, Walter Crouch, Tony Johnson, Delmar Grady, Trent
Holmes, Robert Wilson, Tony Catlett,(DNF Jason Wilkins, Johnny Oliver, Chad Perry)(DNS
Kristopher Hutton)
Limited Late Model Results
Jonathan DeHaven, Rodney Walls, Justin Dillman, Devin Frey, Derrick Quade, Kyle Hardy,
Austin Stover, Brad Omps, Mike Franklin, Justin Fulton, Kyle Moser, Shaun Wetzel, Craig Parrill,
Cody Lear, (DNF Josh Canipe, Jake Moser, Jonathan Raley, John Moser Jr, Jim McBee)(DNS
Josh Williams, Kyle Lear)
Winchester US Legends
Wes Alleman, Jorjie Sweger, Travis McClelland, Preston Alleman, Justin Cunningham, Bryan
Green, Choya Young, Rick Hartwig, Ernie Shirley, Ezra Burdette, Tim Poffenberger,(DNF Jeff
McCauley, Bob Myers, Cassandra Daniels)