Race Results
April 16, 2022


“Buddy Wilson Wins Pure Stock Feature”
“Logan Roberson Wins Battle of the Bay Crate Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-The Winchester Speedway was the site of the final race of the 2022 Rush Crate
Late Model Series Battle of the Bay. Before the cars would go out onto the track for hotlaps, the
Easter Bunny would make a surprise appearance. He would come out to the top of the hill in the
parking lot to see the kids as they had fun finding eggs that were hidden in a secured area. It
was great seeing all of the smiles and fun the kids were having. It was now time to turn our
attention to the speedway.
Hotlaps would be run for the Rush Crate Late Model, Pure Stock, and Winchester
UCAR/SCDRA divisions. Afterwards we would see time trials for the Crate Late Models to
determine their starting positions in their heat races. We would see Gerogetown, Delaware
standout Amanda Robinson become the overall fast time award winner.
Heat races for all three divisions would be run next. We saw plenty of racing action in all of the
heat races. One thing that stood out across all of the heat races was the fact the track was
going to be slick. It was going to be interesting to see what team could make the right
adjustments to get their cars to “hook” up. Also it would be interesting to see what drivers could
find the right “finesse” with the throttle to keep the wheels from spinning. Next we would see a
Dash for the crate late model heat race winners. Along with b mains for the crates to determine
the final starters for the night's main event.
The first feature race of the night would be for the Pure Stock division. Heat race winner
Chuckie Johnson would race side by side with outside pole sitter Michael Carter into the first
turn. The two drivers would continue to race side by side for lap one. Carter would lead lap one
with just a fender ahead of Johnson as they passed the flag stand. Carter would pull ahead of
Johnson off of turn two. Third place starter Buddy Wilson would move to the inside of Johnson
and take over the second position by the end of lap two. Wilson would now set his sights on the
leader. Wilson would pull alongside Carter for the lead as they made their way down the back
straightaway on lap three. Wilson would lead by a nose at lap four and pull ahead of Carter as
the cars charged off of turn two. Wilson would begin to pull away from the field as the laps
started to wind down. His lead would disappear as smoke would pour out from under Dylan
Rutherford's car and bring out the caution on lap twelve. This couldn’t stall Wilson’s charge for
the win as he would begin to pull away again on the restart and take his first victory of the
season. Michael Carter and Walter Crouch would round out the top three.
It was now time for the much anticipated Rush Crate Late Model Battle of the Bay Feature
Event. Before the drop of the green flag the cars would line up in a four wide salute to the fans.
Front row starters Logan Roberson and Joe Martin would charge hard side by side into the first
turn at the drop of the green flag. However, a few cars would bobble causing some to stall and
bring out the caution flag. We would have a complete restart as no laps had been completed.
On the next start we would see Martin lead into turn one. Roberson would pull alongside Martin
as the two went speeding down the back straightaway. Roberson would use the momentum he
had built up to move ahead of Martin and lead lap one. Roberson would begin to build a lead
over Martin. By the end of lap eight Roberson continued to lead, as Martin would start to be
challenged by Kyle Hardy for the second place position. Hardy would pull alongside Martin on
the ninth lap and make the pass for second position on the back straightaway of the tenth lap.
As leader Roberson would pull up to the back of lap traffic on lap twelve Hardy would be hard on
the gas as he was starting to catch our race leader. Next we would see Roberson try to hold
onto his lead, as he had to not only navigate his way through the lap traffic, he would also have
to defend off the occasional challenge from Hardy for the lead. Mason Diaz would spin on lap
twenty four and bring out the caution. This would clear away the lap traffic that the leaders were
battling through. The Rush series has full double file restarts during caution flags. Which means
Roberson and Hardy would line up side by side on the restart. The two drivers would charge
side by side into turn one and all the way around the track. The battle would end as a multi car
pileup in turn four would bring out the second caution of the event. The next restart would see
the leaders touch going into turn one with Roberson grabbing the lead. They would once again
make contact as Roberson would slide up high in turn three taking Hardy with him. This would
allow Bud Watson and Jeremy Wonderling to race by on the inside. However, calamity would
ensue just as the two passed the flag stand. Watson and Wonderling would make contact,
causing Watson to hit the inside turn one wall and Wonderling to hit the outside turn one wall
hard. More cars would make contact with each other as they attempted to miss the spinning
drivers. Once the accident was cleared we would see Logan Roberson and Joe Martin lineup
side by side on the next restart. Roberson would take the lead and begin to pull away. Roberson
would go on to win the thirty lap event. Joe Martin and Brady Wonderling would round out the
top three.
Mike Franklin would take the win in the Rush Crate Late Model Battle of the Bay Non Qualifiers
Feature. Franklin had some fuel issues early on in the night that would cause him to miss his b
main. However, the bugs were gone in this event as he would take the win easily in this event.
The final feature of the night would be for the Winchester UCAR and SCDRA division. Shawn
Hadden would take the early lead and look as if he would be on his way to a feature win.
However, Jason Jarvis would be just as hungry for his first win. Jarvis would catch Hadden in
lap traffic and pull alongside Hadden on the eighth lap. Jarvis would take the lead on lap nine
and never look back. This would make Jarvis’ first win at the speedway. We would also have
another first time winner during this event as longtime Winchester UCAR competitor Randy
Wilkins would pick up his first career feature win.
It was another exciting night of racing at the Winchester Speedway. We want to wish everyone a
Happy Easter!
We look forward to seeing you next week as the Super Late Models invade the speedway for
the second annual Curtis Hershey Memorial.
Pure Stock Results
Buddy Wilson, Micahel Carter, Walter Crouch, Chuckie Johnson, Delmar Grady, Brandon
Lowery, Dylan Rutherford, Andy Adkins
Rush Crate Late Models Battle of the Bay Results
Logan Roberson, Joe Martin, Brady Wonderling, Kyle Hardy, Michael Duritsky Jr, Trevor Collins,
Garret Paugh, Breyton Santee, Nick Davis, Matt Latta, Ben Scott, Mason Diaz, Amanda
Robinson, Jonathan Stockdale, Scott Sweeney Jr, Jeremy Wonderling, Bud Watson, Daniel
Brown Jr, Jeremy Pilkerton, Ashton Briggs, Levi Crowl, Andy Anderson, Travis Campbell, Jacob
Burdette, Megan Mann
Rush Crate Late Models Non Qualifiers Race Results
Mike Franklin, Austin Hubbard, Brandt Graham, David Dill Jr, Timmy Booth, Craig Graham, Jim
Rasey, Trae Armel, Branson Woodward, James Loar, Brett Hope, Cody Dawson, Steve Payne,
Kyle Sopaz, Tyler Hoy, Donald Lingo Jr, Andy Michael, Joe Warren
SCDRA/Winchester UCAR Results
Jason Jarvis, Shawn Hadden, Tim Raup, Mathew Duvall, Robbie Carrol, Noah Swank, Quinten
Beeman, RJ Dallape, Randy Wilkins, Terry Leach, Wayne Selby, Tiff Wilson, Brody Tolstyka,
Dallas Butts, Lonnie Hobday, Allen Griffith, Blake Carter, Kayla Bookwalter