2019 Race Schedule

Tentative - Subject to Change



Sat. March 9th

Turn 5 Turn Around Apple Blossom Mall Car Show

Sat. March 30th

Opening Night: SLM, Crates, Mid-Atlantic Modifieds, Pure Stocks, UCars, Enduros

Sat. April 6th

30 Lap Shock the Clock- Crates $1,000 to win, + LLM, Pure Stocks, Enduros, 4Cyl

Sat. April 13th

LLM, Crates, Mid-Atlantics Modifieds, Pure Stocks, UCars, XCel Chassis 600 Modifieds

Sat. April 20th

Round Hill Auto Service Night: RUSH Crate Tour Race $3,000 TO WIN! +Pure Stocks, Enduros, UCars 

Sat. April 27th

Bank of Clarke County Night: 35 Lap SLM Mountain Madness $2500 to win, Cramer Memorial Mid-Atlantic Mods $2,000 to win, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl, UCars [MARF Night]

Sat. May 4th

CLOSED for Apple Blossom

Sat. May 11th

Niningers Tire & Auto Night: SLM Red Nininger Memorial $3,000 to win,Crates, Enduros, UCars

Sat. May 18th

ARCH Night: Mason Dixon Shootout Series 30 Lap LLM $1500 to win, Mid-Atlantic Modifieds, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl, Enduros

Sat. May 25th

37 Lap 1st Annual Chuck Brannon Memorial $2500 to win, Crates, Pure Stocks, Enduros, UCars

Sat. June 1st

Kids Bus Ride Night: LLM, Crates, Mid-Atlantics Mods, Pure Stocks, Enduros

Sat. June 8th

Dillbuilt Automotive Night: Double Points All Divisions: LLM, Crates, Pure Stocks, Enduros, 4Cyl, UCars

Sat. June 15th

All About Wraps Night: LLM, Crates, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl, Enduros, UCars   

Sat. June 22nd

ANJ Night: 30 Lap SLM, LLM, Mid-Atlantic Mods, Enduros, UCars

Sat. June 29th

JDR Motorsports Night: 35 Lap Clash For Cash SLM $3,000, Crates, Mid-Atlantics Mods, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl

Sat. July 6th

Ridge Runner Container Service Night: SLM, Crates, 4Cyl, Enduros, UCars

Sat. July 13th

MARF Night: LLM, Crates, Leo Nichols Memorial Pure Stocks, Enduros, UCars

Sat. July 20th

Two Rivers Archery Night: LLM, Crates, Mid-Atlantics Mods, Pure Stocks, Enduros [Kids Bike Races]

Sat. July 27th

35 Lap SLM Lee Stultz Memorial $3,000 to win, Sam Crouch Memorial Pure Stocks,  Crates, Enduros

Sat. Aug 3rd

Keeler Motorsports Night: 30 Lap Mason Dixon LLM $1500, Crates, Mid-Atlantic Mods, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl, UCars

Sat. Aug 10th

Schaeffers Oil Night 30 Lap SLM (Final Points) $2,000 to win, LLM, Pure Stocks, 4Cyl, Enduros [Kids Candy Scramble]

Sat. Aug 17th

LLM, Crates, Mid-Atlantic Mods, Pure Stocks, Enduros, UCars (Final Points LLM & Mods)

Sat. Aug 24th

Twin 20's Crates, Pure Stocks, 4 Cyl, Enduros, UCars (Final Points) (Crate, PS, End winners guaranteed starters for Aug 31st race)

Sat. Aug 31st

35 Lap LLM $2,500 to win, 30 Lap Crate $1,000 to win, Pure Stocks, Enduros

Sat. Sept 7th

WINCHESTER 200 Fall Brawl: Super Late Models $4,000 to win +Crates, 4Cyl, Enduros

Sat. Sept 21st

Small Car Nationals: Ernie D’s Mid-Atlantic Modifieds $2,500 to win! +Pure Stocks $1,000 to win, Enduros, Ucars

Sat. Sept 28th

Small Car Nationals: Crates $2,000 to win, Mid-Atlantic Modifieds $1,500 to win, Enduros $300 to win, UCars $200 to win

Sat. Nov 16th

Annual Awards Banquet: Clarion Hotel Conference Center Winchester, VA