Race Results
August 30, 2014


Pettyjohn Collects Winchester First in Saturday Three-State Flyers Main

"Morgan Wins the Battle and the War in RUSH Crates"

By Doug Watson

     Winchester, VA-   Millsboro Delaware's Kenny Pettyjohn was victorious in last Saturday nights 35-lap "Three-State Flyers" Late Model series event at Winchester Speedway. The win for Pettyjohn, was his second in as many nights, as he was triumphant in the Three State Flyers event at Bedford (PA) the evening prior. With his win, worth a cool $3500, Pettyjohn became the 12th different Late Model feature winner at Winchester this season.  
    Allan Brannon and Pettyjohn paced the field to the initial green flag of the event with Brannon surging into the race lead as the pack raced into turn one. Brannon was strong early as he lead for 13-laps with Pettyjohn and Jamie Lathroum in tow. Lathroum discovered the top on the 14th-lap and drove by both Pettyjohn and Brannon to become the new leader. Lathroum clearly had the car to beat as he lead effortlessly until disaster struck on lap-30, A blown motor with Lathroum's mount while leading sidelined what looked to be a brilliant effort handing the lead to Pettyjohn who cleared Brannon for second on lap-30. Pettyjohn would then easily handle the remaining circuits to post the win aboard his Brian Donley owned Rocket no.38S. "I really feel bad for Jamie." Pettyjohn stated during his post-race interview. "Jamie had the car to beat tonight and with all the adversity he and his team have faced this season, it was a shame to see it end like that for him." A very racy Winchester surface was key to Pettyjohn's winning drive. "This track was the best I've seen it all season." Said Pettyjohn. "We could race all over this place tonight and my hats off to the crew and Brian Donley for giving me such a great race car, it's pretty cool to win back-to-back races in an area as tough as this." In a true act of sportsmanship Pettyjohn's car owner Brian Donley donated his $3500 winner's share to Lathroum's team. "We race to win, but I was really pulling for Jamie tonight.' Donley stated. "They have been through so much this season and it seems like bad luck just seems to follow them. They are all a great bunch of guys and I just want to help them get back on track as much as possible." Brannon held-tough for second, Jason Covert was third, JT Spence took fourth with CS Fitzgerald completing the top-five. Heats for the 19-cars on hand went to Pettyjohn and Kenny Moreland. 
    Ralph Morgan Jr. scored his second win of the season in the 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model event. With his win, Morgan was also crowned the 2014 track champion. Morgan, who started on the pole, would lead all 20-circuits of the non-stop event but would have to fend-off the repeated challenges from eventual runner-up Transton Stoner to preserve the win. " I love this place." Morgan stated. "With this RUSH deal here at Winchester this season gave us a chance to get on the road a bit and we really enjoy racing here. I just want to thank my family and everyone involved that helped us get this championship, it's an awesome feeling." Ben Bowie was third, Timmy Booth took fourth with John Imler rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 17 cars pit side went to Bowie and Stoner.
    Mike Franklin continued his domination of the pure stock ranks as he scored his 8th feature win of the season in the division's 15-lap main. Franklin, who lined-up 11th for the start, avoided a lap-two pile-up that involved six cars to become the race leader on lap-three. Once the field settled down Franklin broke free and drove uncontested to score the win. Keith Koontz was a distant second, Donnie Kenney was third, Greg Breeden fourth with Kevin Koontz filling the front five.
   "Krazy" Kenny Thomas scored his fourth win of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature. Thomas, who started 6th, took the lead from Danny Holmes on lap-8 and held-off a charging Mark Vegh to post the win. With his runner-up performance, Mark Vegh won his second consecutive track championship by one-point over Thomas. Holmes settled for third, Dustin Proctor was fourth with Dylan Rutherford rounding out the top-five. 
    Steven Cox was the winner of the 15-lap Mason-Dixon Micro Sprint series event. Billy Laughman, Joe Trone Jr., Zack Wells and Michael Boer trailed Cox to the checkered flag. 

Late Model feature finish
1. Kenny Pettyjohn  2. Allan Brannon  3. Jason Covert  4. JT Spence  5. CS Fitzgerald  6. Jason Miller  7. Rance Garlock  8. Tony Crim  9. Kenny Moreland  10. Brad Omps  11. Jacob Burdette  12. Chris Fletcher  13. Jamie Lathroum  14. Dale Hollidge  15. Tommy Armel  16. Mike Steck  17. Frankie Helmick  18. Kerry King Jr. 19. Kris Holliday

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Ralph Morgan Jr.  2. Transton Stoner  3. Ben Bowie  4. Timmy Booth  5. John Imler  6. Darin Henderson  7. Rob Nichols  8. Austin Stover  9. Matt Glanden  10. Dave Friedrich  11. Craig Guido  12. Scott Sweeney  13. Travis Carroll  14. Jennae Piper  15. Harry Shipe  16. Brian Lederhouse  17. Reese Masiello

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Mike Franklin  2. Keith Koontz  3. Donnie Kenney  4. Greg Breeden  5. Kevin Koontz  6. Brian Swigger  7. Jeremy Tinsman  8. Tony Catlett  9. Craig Parrill  10. Mike Bennett  11. Andy Adkins  12. Sean Dawson  13. Jerry Jenkins Jr.  14. Josh Wilkins

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. "Krazy" Kenny Thomas  2. Mark Vegh  3. Danny Holmes  4. Dustin Proctor  5. Dylan Rutherford  6. Paul Jones  7. Gary Moreland Jr.  8. Gary Moreland Sr. 9. Dalton Dillman  10. Rodney Miner  11. James Gray

Micro Sprint feature finish
1. Steven Cox  2. Billy Laughman  3. Joe Trone Jr.  4. Zack Wells  5. Michael Boer  6. Brent Bernhoffer  7. Jim Myers 




3-22 4-5 4-13
4-19 5-17 5-24
5-31 6-8 6-14
6-21 7-5 7-12
7-19 7-26 8-2
8-9 8-16