Race Results
April 29, 2023


“Kyle Hardy Wins Both Crate And Limited Late Model Features”
“Zach Rhodes Wins 305 Racesaver Sprint Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchster(VA)-Rain was the word for the weekend in the Shenandoah Valley. Rain was forecast
for the weekend, however, the crew at the Winchester Speedway closely monitored the weather
all week and saw there would be a chance at a cloudy Saturday instead of a rainy one. So,
Bobby Dove and his track prep crew went to work to make sure the track would be able to be
worked in after the all day rains came Friday. It was their hard work and dedication that allowed
us to be one of a very short list of tracks in the region to hold a race. We can’t thank them and
Greg for all of their hard work. We would see an overflowing pit area, as 24 crates, 35 sprints,
28 limiteds, and 10 hobby stocks signed in for the night's events.
We would see the sprints first take to the speedway in a slow roll as they would cruise around
the speedway building heat in their motors. We would then hold our warm ups for all divisions
that would lead into heat race action. With the large field of sprint cars, it would be determined
that all those who didn’t make the main feature would get to race in a non qualifier feature
event. After an invocation and the playing of our National Anthem, it was time for the feature
The first feature of the night would be the crate late model division. We would see the front row
made up of Kyle Hardy and Dale Hollidge. Kyle would take the lead on lap one and begin to pull
away from the field. The caution would wave on lap eight as Josh Reid would spin in turn three.
The field would slow again on the restart as Cameron Campbell and Aaron Drummond would
spin in turn one. The field would go green and stay that way after the next restart, with Hardy
continuing to lead. He would begin to slowly pull away from Hollidge. Hollidge had also begun to
pull away from Mike Franklin who had made a move on the restart to take over the third place
position. Hardy would build up to a full straight away lead at one point. He would begin to
navigate lap traffic on lap seventeen. This would allow Hollidge to start to close in slightly until
he also would begin navigating his way around the slower cars. Kyle Hardy would go on to win
the twenty five lap event. Dale Hollidge would finish second, followed by Mike Franklin in third.
Next we would see the 305 racesaver sprints be pushed out onto the speedway. Zach Rhodes
would lead lap one over Fred Arnold and Logan Jones. The field would quickly slow as AJ
Barton and Chris Humblet would go for a spin at the top of turn two. Rhodes would continue to
lead after the restart and build up a half of a straight away lead over Fred Arnold by lap nine.
Rhodes would find himself in lap traffic by lap eleven. As Arnold tried to catch Rhodes in traffic,
Jones would race his way around Arnold for second and then cut Rhodes' lead down to two car
lengths. The field would slow on lap thirteen as Ryan Lynn slowed to a stop on the front stretch.
Cars would get jammed up on the restart, causing Jarrett Rosencrance to come to a stop at the
exit of turn two. Rhodes would hold onto the lead after the next restart as Arnold pulled to the
outside of Jones to try and take back the second place position. Jones would hold off the
challenge and set his sights back on the leader. However, the caution flag would once again fly
on lap seventeen for a wreck in turn two involving Dylan Shatzer and Frank Rusnock. Rhodes
would lead the field into turn one. Jones would get a great restart and chase Rhodes into the
turn. Jones would have so much momentum he would have to get on the brakes hard going into
the turn to prevent from running into the leader. This would allow Rhodes to quickly build a huge
lead over the field and take the checkered flag. Logan Jones would finish second, followed by
Fred Arnold in third.
Austin Greenland would go on to win the non-qualifiers feature event. He would go on to thank
the speedway for the opportunity to run another feature. As he is new to sprint cars, having
come from racing two wheeled machines instead of four.
Next we would see the limited late model division pull onto the speedway. Mike Franklin and
Craig Parrill would make up the front row. The initial start would be called back due to an
incident involving four cars on the back stretch before the first lap was completed. Then the next
attempt to start the feature would also be called back, as Dylan Rutherford would hit the front
straight away outside wall and come to a stop at the entrance of turn one. Third time's the
charm as the green flag would fly once again to start the event. This time the field would get to
race. Mike Franklin would take the early lead and begin to pull away from Craig Parrill. Parrill
would begin to hold off challenges from Kyle Hardy and Jonathan DeHaven. Hardy would make
his way into the second position on lap three. Franklin would continue to slowly pull away from
the field and build up to a three quarter straight away lead over Hardy and now Jonathan
DeHaven just before the caution flay would wave on lap seven. Hardy would pull to the outside
of Franklin and challenge for the lead on the restart. The two drivers would race side by side for
a full lap until Hardy’s momentum would carry him into the lead. As this was happening
DeHaven would find himself holding off Scott Palmer, as Palmer started challenging him for
third. Palmer would take over the position. The caution flag would once again fly on lap sixteen
as Justin Weaver slowed to a stop on the back stretch. We would see a big pile up with several
cars in turn four on the restart. Once the field went back to green, Hardy would hold onto the
lead and never look back. Kyle Hardy would go on to win his second feature of the night. Scott
Palmer would finish second, followed by Jonathan DeHaven in third.
Jason Wilkins would win the fifteen lap hobby stock event. He would hold off several challenges
from second place finisher Cody Sumption. Kristopher Hutton would finish third in the event.
We want to thank everyone who attended this week's events. It was great seeing the pit area
filled with race cars. Another huge thank you to Bobby Dove and his team for making sure we
had a track surface to race on. Along with Greg Gunter for giving us a facility to enjoy our
favorite sport at. We look forward to seeing everyone back next week!
Crate Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Dale Hollidge, Mike Franklin, Travis Campbell, Davin Kaiser, Steven Payne, Ed
Pope, Tyler Hoy, Jeremiah Marshall, Jacob Burdette, David Keith, Charles Smith, Isaiah
Gochenour, Scott Sweeney Jr, Keith Walls, Gregory Carrico, Matt Ashworth, Chuck Bowie,
Scooter Tippett, Aaron Drummond, (DNF: Braeson Fulton, Cameron Campbell, Josh Ried,
Brayden Anderson)
305 Sprint Car Results
Zach Rhodes, Logan Jones, Fred Arnold, Donnie Hendershot, Dave Grube, Ken Duke, Johnny
Scarborough, Kenny Heffner, Dale Schweikart, Reed Thompson, Brad Mellott, Jerald Harris,
Matt Kline, Branstin Shue, Daren Bolac, Jarrett Rosencrane, Alyssa Rowe, Erin Statler (DNF:
Dylan Shatzer, Frank Rusnock, Ryan Lynn, Croix Beasom, Aj Barton, Chris Humlet)
305 Sprint Car Non Qualifier Results
Austin Greenland, Jay Fry, Drew Young, Matthew Leach, Ben Miklos, Chris Ware, Fred Grimes,
John Smith, Aaron Leach (DNS: Joe Leavell, Caleb Harris)
Limited Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Scott Palmer, Jonathan DeHaven, Levi Crowl, Mike Franklin, Devin Frey, Bubby
Tharp Jr, Gerald Davis, Matt Adams, James Lichliter, Rodney Walls, Brad Omps, Dan Zechman,
Andy Fries, Michael Carter, John Moser Jr, Daniel Garrett, Kyle Moser, Josh Canipe, Craig
Parrill, Lucas Adams (DNF: Justin Fulton, Michael Walls, Jake Moser, Brandon Bard, Dylan
Rutherford)(DNS: Branson Woodward)(DQ: Justin Weaver)
Hobby Stock Results
Jason Wilkins, Cody Sumption, Kristopher Hutton, Randy Linaburg, Robert Wilson, Matt Moore,
David Barb,(DNF: Bubba Sealock)(DNS: Dalton Sothen, Sam Hoffman)




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