Race Results
April 30, 2022


“Kyle Hardy Wins Limited Late Model Feature”
“Logan Roberson Wins Crate Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-It was Apple Blossom time in the Shenandoah Valley. With plenty of exciting
things to do in the area, none can beat the excitement fans can get at their local dirt track. That
is exactly what the fans received at the Winchester Speedway last night. We watched lots of
side by side racing action, along with an exciting race to the front by a new “Young Gun” in the
limited late model division.
We started the night off with a brief delay, as our ambulance broke down on its way to the
speedway. The officials made the decision to delay the start time in order to allow the
ambulance crew to get back to their station and pick up a replacement. We want to thank all of
our fans and teams for their patience. With safety in mind, it was an easy decision to make.
Once the crew arrived at the speedway. The teams went out for timed hotlaps to line up the heat
race events. We would see plenty of racing action in the heats. This would give everyone a
glimpse of what the features would be like.
We would now pause for our invocation and National Anthem. We want to thank everyone
involved that helped us get and hang our new American Flag.
Up first would be the pure stock division. Outside pole sitter Buddy Wilson would lead the field
into turn one. Pole sitter Dylan Rutherford would challenge back as the two would race side by
side down the back straightaway. The two drivers would continue to race side by side as they
completed the first lap, with Wilson leading the lap by less than a fender at the line. As they
raced out of turn two, Wilson would pull ahead of Rutherford as fourth place starter Chuckie
Johnson pulled up to join the battle. As the race went on, we would see Rutherford try various
lines to pull alongside Wilson as the two pulled away slightly from Johnson. Just as Wilson
would pull out to a one car length lead the yellow flag would fly, as Andy Adkins slowed to a stop
in turn four. It would set up a two lap shootout. Wilson would hold off the challenges of
Rutherford and pick up his second win of the season. Dylan Rutherford would finish second
followed by Chuckie Johnosn in third.
Next up we would see the limited late model division pull onto the speedway. Front row starters
Kyle Hardy and Bubby Tharp Jr. would charge side by side into turn one. Hardy would take the
lead out of turn two and begin to pull away from Tharp. As the race continued, Hardy would
continue to build his lead. While several drivers battled behind him, a war was waging for third
as Johnathan DeHaven and Rodney Walls would race side by side for several laps. Just as
DeHaven took the position away, ninth place starter Gunnar Walls would challenge his dad
Rodney for the fourth position. The field would slow on the tenth lap, as Gerald Davis came to a
stop in turn one after scrubbing the front straightaway wall. On the restart Hardy would jump out
to the lead once again. This time Gunnar would get past Rodney and begin to challenge
DeHaven for the second place position. As Hardy began to once again pull away from the field
Gunnar Walls would move into the third position and begin to challenge Tharp for second.
Gunnar would move into the second position and begin to try and find a way to catch Hardy.
Hardy had built up to a half straight away lead by this point. That lead would grow to three
quarters of a straightaway on the sixteenth lap. Tharp would now challenge Gunnar walls and
try to take back the second place position. As the leaders pulled up to lap traffic on the
eighteenth lap, Hardy would continue to pull away as Gunnar would win the battle and hold onto
the second place position. As Hardy stretched his lead Gunnar would pull away from Tharp by
around six car lengths. Kyle Hardy would go on to dominate and take the win by leading every
lap. Gunnar Walls, who is just twelve years old, would finish in second place. Followed by
Bubby Tharp Jr in third.
The third feature of the night was for the crate late models. Outside pole sitter Logan Roberson
would pull slightly ahead of pole sitter Kyle Hardy as the two headed into turn one. Roberson
would pull ahead as they roared down the back straightaway. Roberson would lead lap one
followed by Hardy and Travis Campbell. Roberson and Hardy would begin to pull away from the
field, as Hardy would try to find the momentum needed to pull alongside Roberson. The two
leaders would pull out to a full straight away lead ahead of seventh place starter Levi Crowl,
who now found himself in the third position. Just as the leaders started to work around lap
traffic, their lead would go away as the caution flag would wave on lap eleven, as Dickie Tharp
slows in turn one and comes to a stop in turn four. On the restart Roberson would lead the field
into turn one, while Crowl got the jump on Hardy and took the second place position. Roberson
would continue to build his lead over Crowl, as Crowl would pull away from Hardy. Hardy would
now start to defend off the challenges from Mike Franklin. It would be Logan Roberson across
the finish line first, followed by Levi Crowl in second and Kyle Hardy in third.
Next up the SCDRA and Winchester UCAR divisions would take to the speedway. Pole sitter
Jason Jarvis would take the early lead. However, sixth place starter Robbie Carroll would
quickly move to the second position. At one point fans could hear Carroll hit the rev limiter at the
end of the front straight away, as he tried to make the move around Jarvis for the lead. The field
would slow for several cautions. Carroll would use the restarts to jump ahead of Jarvis and take
the win in the SCDRA division. Jeff Wilkins would finish ahead of car owner Randy Wilkins and
take the Winchester UCAR win.
The final feature of the night was for the hobby stock division. Front row starters Davin Kaiser
and Jason Wilkins would charge side by side into turn one all the way through turn three, before
Wilkins moved ahead to lead lap one. Kaiser wasn’t going to let Wilkins slip away, as he would
pull back alongside Wilkins for the lead on lap three. Wilkins wouldn’t let that rattle him, as he
pulled back ahead on lap four. Wilkins would then begin to slowly pull away from Kaiser. Wilkins
would go on to win the caution free event, with a half a straight away lead. Davin Kaiser would
finish second followed by Cody Sumption in third.
We want to once again thank everyone for their patience during our brief delay. Along with
thanking everyone who attended last night's events and made them a success. We look forward
to seeing you back next Saturday night.
Pure Stock Results
Buddy Wilson, Dylan Rutherford, Chuckie Johnson, Walter Crouch, Michael Carter, Brandon
Lowery, Bailey Tolson, Delmar Grady, DAlton Tankersley, Andy Adkins
Limited Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Gunnar Walls, Bubby Tharp Jr, Jonathan DeHaven, Rodney Walls, Wesley
Bonebrake, Sam Archer, Craig Parrill, Scott Sweeney, Branson Woodward, Brandon Bard,
James Wimer. (DNF Gerald Davis, Brad Omps, Justin Fulton)
Crate Late Model Results
Logan Roberson, Levi Crowl, Kyle Hardy, Mike Franklin, Daniel Brown Jr, Travis Campbell,
Brayden Anderson, Josh Williams, Scott Sweeney Jr, Jeremy Tinsman, Tyler Hoy, Steven
Payne, David Keith, Trae Armel, Charles Smith, Brian Coe Jr, Dustin Arnold, Isaiah Gochenour,
Dickie Tharp
SCDRA/Winchester UCAR Results
Robbie Carroll, Jason Jarvis, Lonnie Hobday, Kevin Oates, Tyler Kline, Jeff Wilkins, Randy
Wilkins, Matt Popish, Brody Tolstyka, Terry Leach, Stephen Suite, Tony Arnold, Justin Boarman,
Tiff Wilson, Matt Maloy, John Healy, Richard Taylor, John Hammett, (DNF-James Furley
DNS-Trevor Hammett, Allen Griffith)




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