Race Results
August 12, 2017


"Feathers Banks big Pay Day in Winchester Lee Stultz Memorial"

"Lear Flag to Flag in Limited Late Models"

By Doug Watson

                Winchester, VA-  Trever Feathers romped to his 4th feature win of the season in last Saturday nights 35-lap "Lee Stultz Memorial" at Winchester Speedway. The win for Feathers, worth a hefty $5000 winners prize, was his 6th overall win of 2017 aboard his potent Barry Wright Race Cars no.20.
                Andy Anderson and Colten Burdette drew the front row for the start of the event with Anderson surging into the race lead as the field charged off turn two. As Anderson lead, 4th starting Trever Feathers tucked into second and ran Anderson down. Feathers would then overhaul Anderson on the 10th lap to become the new leader, but would have to survive a lap 34 caution before scoring the crowd pleasing win. "I just can't say enough about this team and our race car." A jubilant Feathers stated in victory lane. "My dad won this race back to back in 04 and 05 and we won this race last season and to join him as the only drivers to win this race two years in a row is a great feeling." The only real scare Feathers faced throughout his run the the checkers was heavy lapped traffic. "The lapped cars actually did a pretty good job tonight." Feathers stated. "The track was really wide and racy tonight which left me plenty of options on how to get by, but we got through with no issues and here we are in victory lane again." Seventh starting Keith Jackson rallied late for second with Colten Burdette, Kyle Hardy and Andy Anderson rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 24 cars entered went to Jason Covert, Dale Hollidge and Trever Feathers. 
               Fresh off his win the night prior at Maryland's Potomac speedway, Kyle Lear drove to his first Winchester win of the season in the 20-lap Limited late Model main. Lear would eventually lead every lap but would have to shake off a pesky Justin Weaver to score his 11th overall win of the season steering his Rocket XR-1 no.151. "We're on a roll right now." Lear stated post race. "All the long hours in the shop are paying off because this race car has been pretty hard to beat all season." Wesley Bonebrake, Allen Brannon and James Lichliter trailed at the finish. Heats went to James Lichliter and Jeremy Coffey.
              Defending track champion Logan Roberson scored his 4th win of the season in the 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model feature for his second win of the weekend. Roberson snared the lead from Transtan Stoner on the 10th lap and would control the final 10-circuits to collect his 10th overall win of the season with his Rocket XR-1 no.17R. "This is the best race track we've ever had here." Roberson quipped. "I tried everything to get by Transtan and we were finally able to get him and get our second win of the weekend." Sparky White, Darren Alvey and Tanner Kerr completed the top-five. Heats went to Stoner, White and Alvey.
             KC Burdette drove to his first ever Winchester feature win in the 30-lap Mid Atlantic Modified feature. Burdette started on the pole and would lead all 30-circuits in dominating fashion. "I knew I had to get to the front first tonight." Said Burdette. "Our car was good tonight and to win over this tough field is a pretty good feeling." Chris Fletcher rallied late for second with Rick Hulson, Austin Holcombe and Brad Kling filling the front five. Heats went to KC Burdette, Jimmy Jesmer Jr. and Ray Kable Jr.
             Ricky Feltner closed the program with his 6th win of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature. 

Late Model feature finish
1. Trever Feathers 2. Keith Jackson 3. Colten Burdette 4. Kyle Hardy 5. Andy Anderson 6. Dale Hollidge 7. Russell Erwin 8. Rodney Walls 9. Tyler Horst 10. Walter Crouch 11. Brian Booze 12. Travis Stickley 13. Amanda Whaley 14. Brad Omps 15. Nick Davis 16. Brian Tavenner 17. Tommy Armel 18. Jason Covert 19. Mike Steck 20. Kellie Lewis 21. Ryan Montgomery 22. Charlie Schaffer 23. Jonathan DeHaven 24. Jimmy Richards

Limited Late Mode feature finish
1.Kyle Lear 2. Justin Weaver 3. Wesley Bonebrake 4.Allen Brannon 5. James Lichliter 6. Jeremy Coffey 7. Bruce Kane 8.Jonathan DeHaven 9. Austin Stover 10. Buddy Wilson 11. Kris Holliday 12. Jeff Koller 13. James Carte 14. Trae Armel 15. Dave Friedrich 16. Mark Eshelman 17. Justin Dillman 18. Dallas Richards

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1.Logan Roberson 2.Transtan Stoner 3. Sparky White 4. Darren Alvey 5. Tanner Kerr 6.Joe Warren 7. Steve Lowery 8. Mike Franklin 9. Levi Crowl 10. Devin Brannon 11. Richard Hawkins 12.Matt Glanden 13. Scott Sweeney 14. Trevor Collins 15. Chuck Bowie 16.Matt Tarbox 17. Jacob Piper 18. Timmy Booth 19. Cory Lawler 20. Harry Shipe III 21. Joe Hall 22. Matt Quade 23. Kevin Moore

Modified feature finish
1.KC Burdette 2. Chris Fletcher 3. Rick Hulson 4. Austin Holcombe 5. Brad Kling 6. Brett Hamilton 7. Alyssa Rowe 8.Josh Roberson 9. Mike Reynolds 10.Mark Jones 11. Mike Corbin 12. Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 13. BJ Mongold 14. Keith Reed 15. Hunter McClendon 16.Ryan Toole 17. Lance Grady 18. Chris Beall Sr. 19. Ernie Shirley 20. Haley Kaiser 21. Quintin Hankla 22. Hunter Nester 23. Justin Cullum 24. Ray Kable Jr. 25. Brian Green 26. Chris Beall Jr. 

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Ricky Feltner 2. Mark Vegh 3. Tommy Caravello 4. Paul Jones 5. Dalton Dillman 6. Allen Jones 7. Seth Jones 8. Randy Wilkins 9. Dylan Rutherford 10. Charles Nobitt      




3-25 4-1 4-8
4-15 4-29 5-13
5-20 5-27 6-3
6-17 6-24 7-2
7-9 7-15 8-5