Race Results
May 28, 2022


“Jasen Geesaman gets his first pure stock win at Winchester”
“Kyle Hardy leads every lap during a caution filled crate late model feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-This weekend was to be a collaboration of two tracks as it was the Winchster/
Hagerstown Shootout weekend. Unfortunately, rain would cause Hagerstown Speedway to
cancel their portion of the weekend. However, mother nature gave us a break and kept the rain
away! With four classes, extra money, and extra laps on tap the anticipation for some good hard
racing was high!
We would start the night off with timed hot laps for all four divisions. Then the cars would be
lined up for their respective heat races to determine the starting lineups for the main events.
Before the start of the main event Brent Hottle would take a moment to honor all current and
former military service men and women. Then a brief moment of silence was held in memory of
all of our fallen soldiers along with the memory of those who tragically lost their lives during the
school shooting in Texas. After the invocation and playing of the National Anthem it was now
time for the main events.
The first feature of the night was the twenty lap pure stock event. Pole sitter Mike Grady Jr.
would lead into turn one. Outside pole sitter Buddy Wilson would try a crossover move out of
turn 2. Grady would hold on and lead lap one. Grady, Wilson, and Jasen Geesaman would race
nose to tail until the caution flag flew on lap two as Bailey Tolson slowed on the back
straightaway. Andy Adkins would spin in turn one on the restart to bring the caution flag back
out. Grady would lead lap three as Wilson was now being challenged for second by Geesaman.
The cars would once again slow as a spinning Delmar Grady would bring out another caution.
As the cars completed the fifth lap Geesaman would lead by a nosepiece over Mike Grady.
Geesaman would pull ahead on lap six as Wilson had now moved past Grady for second. The
race would start and stop for five more cautions during the remaining fourteen laps. Jasen
Geesmana would take the win, followed by Dylan Rutherford and Michael Carter.
Next up was the crate late model division. Pole sitter Kyle Hardy would take the early lead.
Charles Smith would spin in turn one, collecting Braeson Fulton and Isaiah Gochenour before
the first lap was complete. On the restart Travis Campbell would lead into turn one. As the cars
roared down the back straightaway, Hardy would pull alongside and lead lap one. Hardy would
begin to pull away from the field until the caution flag flew for a spin in turn one involving Tommy
Armel and Brian Coe Jr. We would see four more cautions during the next three laps. Once the
field went green on lap ten Hardy would once again pull away from the field building up to a full
straightaway lead at one point. A final caution would slow the field on lap twenty three of the
twenty five lap event. That could not stall Hardy’s dominance as he would go on to win the
feature, followed by Mike Franklin and Travis Campbell.
It was now time for the limited late model division to take center stage. Front row starters Brad
Omps and Derick Quade would charge side by side into turn one and Quade would lead out of
turn two. By the sixth lap Quade would pull out to a full straightaway lead over Omps and now
third place running Kyle Hardy. The caution flag would wave on lap seven as Justin Fulton
slowed in turn four. Quade would hold onto his lead during the restart as Hardy would now move
around Omps for second place. The field would slow again as the caution would come out for a
spinning Kris Holiday in turn three. The field would be plagued by cautions for the next several
laps. During these laps Quade would lead followed by Hardy. Wesley Bonebrake would also
now occupy the third position as he had made his way around Omps. Once the field restarted
on lap twenty five Quade would quickly pull away from the field building up to a three quarter of
a straightaway lead. Bonebrake would challenge Hardy for second on lap twenty seven.
Bonebrake would complete the pass on and set his sights on the leader. As the laps started to
wind down, Bonebrake would quickly cut into Quade’s lead. Quade would reach lap traffic on lap
thirty three of thirty five. Bonebrake would pull up to his rear bumper by this point. As the two
took the white flag Quade would slow going into turn one. Bonebrake would speed past him.
Wesley Bonebrake would go on to take the win, followed by Kyle Hardy and Scott Palmer.
The last event of the night was the hobby stock feature. Outside pole sitter Davin Kaiser would
take the early lead. Robert Wilson would spin on lap four bringing out the first caution of the
twenty lap event. Contact between the leaders on the restart would cause them both to spin in
turn one. The caution would also come out on lap five for an incident on the front straightaway.
Sam Hoffman would now lead the field. Jason Wilkins would move into second and begin to
challenge Hoffman for the lead. Wilkins would take the lead on lap six and win the event. Sam
Hoffman would finish second followed by Tom Caravello.
We want to thank everyone who attended last night's events along with thanking all of our staff.
We look forward to seeing you back next Saturday night where the Super Late Models make
their return. This will be a Frank Sagi Tribute Qualifier. The winner of the event will be
automatically qualified for the Frank Sagi Tribute the next night at the Hagerstown Speedway.
Street Stock Results
Jasen Geesaman, Dylan Rutherford, Michael Carter, Chuckie Johnson, Walter Crouch, Mike
Grady Jr, (DNF Buddy Wilson, Scotty Nelson, Jason Wilkins, Brnadon Lowery, Andy Adkins,
Delmar Grady, Bailey Tolson)(DNS Tony Catlett, Tommy Wagner)
Crate Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Mike Franklin, Travis Campbell, Daniel Brown Jr, Tyler Hoy, Jeremy Pilkerton,
Timmy Booth, Megan Mann, Chuck Bowie, Brian Coe Jr, Charles Smith (DNF Dustin Arnold,
Dickie Tharp, Tommy Armel, Bud Durborow, Ben Scott, Keith Walls, Scott Sweeney Jr, Steven
Payne, Josh Reid, Braeson Fulton, Isaiah Gochenour, Josh Williams)(DNS Jeremy Tinsman)
Limited Late Model Results
Wesley Bonebrake, Kyle Hardy, Scott Palmer, Brad Omps, Justin Weaver, Derrick Quade,
Bubby Tharp Jr, Gunnar Walls, Jonathan DeHaven, Dale Murphy, Matt Glanden, Scott
Sweeney, Craig Parrill, Justin Dillman, Sam Archer, Rodney Walls, Kris Holiday, Dale Smith,
James Wimer, (DNF Johnathon Raley, John Rowland, Branson Woodward, Justin Fulton,
Gerald Davis)(DNS Andy Anderson, Eric Cronise)
Hobby Stock Results
Jason Wilkins, Sam Hoffman, Tom Caravello, Davin Kaiser, Kristopher Hutton, Bubba Sealock,
Robert Tyree, Skylar Barnhart, Dalton Sother, Cody Sumption, Robert Wilson, Matt Moore




4-2 4-16 4-30