Race Results
September 2, 2023


“2023 Points Champions Crowned”
“Travis Campbell Wins Crate Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-It might be the fall season, but the temperatures make it feel like it is still
summer time. It was another hot Saturday at the races. On this night we would see the final
point races for the limited late model, crate late model, hobby stock, pure stock, and SCDRA
divisions. With the points already being over for two divisions, TJ Dehaven is the 2023 UMP
Modified division champion. Along with Preston Alleman being the US Legend Car division
Once all of the qualifying races were completed. It was time for our weekly Invocation and
playing of our National Anthem. It would then be time for our feature events.
First onto the speedway would be the limited late model division. Front row starters Jonathan
DeHaven and Gunnar Walls would race side by side into turn one. Walls would use the
momentum from the top side to lead the field out of turn two. Walls would lead lap one, followed
by DeHaven and Levi Crowl. Walls would begin to pull out to a slight three car lead over
DeHaven by lap three. DeHaven’s car would begin to slowly reel in the leader by lap six.
DeHaven would go to the low side under Walls and take the lead as the pair raced out of turn
two. DeHaven would lead lap seven and begin to pull away from the field. As the leader
completed lap eleven, he would have a full straightaway lead over Walls who was now being
challenged by Crowl. DeHaven would find himself navigating lap traffic as he completed lap
thirteen. Jonathan DeHaven would go on to win the twenty lap feature event. Gunnar Walls and
Levi Crowl would round out the top three. Congratulations to Mike Franklin for winning the
limited late model points championship.
Next out onto the speedway would be the pure stock division. Walter Crouch would get a great
start and power into the lead from his outside pole position over pole sitter Brady Neff at the
start of the race. Crouch would lead lap one, followed by Jerry Jenkins Jr and Michael Carter.
The caution flag would fly on lap seven as Trent Holmes went for a spin in turn two. On the
restart Carter would challenge Crouch for the lead and take over the lead on the restart. We
would see Crouch go to the low side on lap nine to try and take back the lead from Carter. The
pair would battle around the speedway. Crouch would take the lead back by a mere foot or less
as they crossed the stripe to complete lap ten. Carter would try the high side out of turn four on
lap thirteen. He would scrub the outside wall as he tried to pull to the outside of Crouch. On lap
fourteen Carter would go to the low side of Crouch as they raced into turn one. Contact would
ensue causing both cars to spin in turn one. On the restart Brady Neff and Trent Holmes would
make contact as they raced out of turn two, causing the caution to come back out. Jerry Jenkins
Jr would go on to win the feature. Chuckie Johnson and Andy Adkins would round out the top
three. Congratulations to Buddy Wilson for winning the pure stock points championship.
It would be the crate late model divisions turn at the speedway. Travis Campbell would grab the
lead from the pole position and lead lap one. Steven Payne and Dale Hollidge would line up
second and third as the first lap was completed. Campbell would begin to slowly pull out to a
five car lead over Payne by lap five. During this lap Hollidge would find himself holding back
challenges from Mike Franklin for the third place position. Franklin would take over the third
position by lap six. The leaders would begin to navigate lap traffic on lap thirteen of the twenty
lap event. Payne would use the lap traffic to his advantage and begin to reel in the leader. He
would be unable to find a way to challenge the leader. Campbell would go on to take the win,
followed by Steven Payne and Mike Franklin, who had closed in less than two car lengths on
the front runners by the end of the event. Congratulations to Tyler Hoy for winning the crate late
model points championship.
The hobby stocks would pull out onto the speedway next. We would see a father and son front
row as Chris and Cody Sumption would lead the field to the green. Cody would lead his father
Chris and Jason Wilkins to complete lap one. Sam Hoffman would spin in turn one bringing out
the early caution. Cody Sumption would continue to lead Chris Sumption and Jason Wilkins
after the restart. As the field completed lap five, Chris would begin to challenge Cody for the
lead on the low side of turn one. Chris would do this for two laps until going to the outside of
Cody on lap seven. He would find the momentum needed and take the lead away from Cody.
Cody would then begin to challenge his dad lap after lap on the low side. The field would once
again slow on lap thirteen as Austin Nichols would slow to a stop on the front straight away.
Chris Sumption would go on to win the fifteen lap event. Cody Sumption and Jason Wilkins
would round out the top three. Congratulations to Jason Wilkins on winning the hobby stock
points championship.
The SCDRA division would be the final feature event of the night. Shawn Payne would take the
lead from the outside pole position. Ricky Weaver Jr and Javid Fairall would cross the line
second and third to complete the first lap. Payne would begin to pull away from the field,
building up to a half of a straightaway lead by lap eleven. That would be erased as Cody
Hillyard would spin in turn three bringing out the caution. On the restart we would see Weaver
go for broke and charge hard into turn one. He would try a slide job over leader Payne. As he
slid up the track he would have to get hard on the brakes. This would allow Payne to cross
underneath Weaver and take back the lead out of turn two. The field would once again slow on
lap thirteen for a spinning Dominic King on the front straightaway. Shawn Payne would go to
take the win, followed by Ricky Weaver Jr and Javid Fairall. Congratulations to Javid Fairall for
winning the SCDRA points championship.
We want to thank everyone for attending this weekend's events. Remember we are off this
coming weekend as drivers attend the Hagerstown Speedway Nationals. Good luck to all of the
Limited Late Model Results
Jonathan DeHaven, Gunnar Walls, Levi Crowl, Austin Stover, Brad Omps, Keith Koontz, Bubby
Tharp Jr, Mike Franklin, Brandon Long, Craig Parrill, Branson Woodward, Shaun Wetzel,
Franklin Caricofe, Calvin Michael (DNS:Gerald Davis)
Pure Stock Results
Jerry Jenkins Jr, Chuckie Johnson, Andy Adkins, Buddy Wilson, Walter Crouch, Brady Neff
(DNF: Michael Carter, Trent Holmes)
Crate Late Model Results
Travis Campbell, Steven Payen, Mike Franklin, Dale Hollidge, Tyler Hoy, Jeremiah Marshall,
Chuck Bowie, Bubby Tharp Jr, Isaiah Gochenour, Davin Kaiser, Richard Hawkins, Trae Armel,
Keith Walls, Jacob Burdette, Codey Breeden, Brian Coe Jr, Mason Booze, Scooter TIppett,
Scott Sweeney Jr, Aaron Fincham (DNF:Jared Powell)
Hobby Stock Results
Chris Sumption, Cody Sumption, Jason Wilkins, Justin Hottle, Bubba Sealock, Sam Hoffman,
David Barb, Robert Wilson (DNF: Austin Nichols)(DNS: Russell Fox, Matt Moore)
SCDRA Results
Shawn Payne, Ricky Weaver Jr, Javid Fairall, Wayne Selby, Larry Lamb, Tyler Kline, Brody
Tolstyka, Zack Karns, Cody Hillyard (DNF:Dominic King, Stephen Suite, Jeff Foster, Tiff
Wilson)(DNS: Lonnie Hobday)




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