Race Results
May 17, 2014


Jackson,Lichliter, Kaiser,Thomas,Clark &Grim take wins on Valley Cycle Center Night at Winchester Speedway

Valley Cycle Center hosted the racing events on Saturday Night May 17, 2014 with a six division program on tap for the nights events. In the Super Late Model main event it was Keith Jackson picking up the win.Wesley Bonebrake and Brad Omps would lead the field o the green with Omps taking the top spot only to be slowed by caution. Field reset seen Omps again jump out to the lead over Bonebrake.Omps would lead the first eight laps as Keith Jackson had made his way to second and would take the lead on lap nine.Jackson would continue his lead as Spence worked his way to second to battle with Jackson but could not make the pass. Jackson would go onto pick up the win, Spence crossed second, Allen Brannon third, Wesley Bonebrake foirth and rounding out the top five was Gary Stuhler.
In the 30 lap Limited Late Model Bob Carter Memorial it was James Lichliter picking up the win. Front row starters Jeremy Coffey and Will Rowe lead the field to the green only to be slowed by caution. Field reset seen another caution fly as several cars piled up forcing a third restart which once again had several cars piling up. After three initial starts the field had to be set single file.Jeremy Coffey would lead lap one but it was Kyle Lear taking the top spot on lap two. Lear leading the way had Lichliter in second but couldn't make the pass. On lap twenty four Lear went pit side with a flat tire handing the lead over to Lichliter. Lichliter would lead the remaining six laps to pick up the win. Andy Fries crossed second, third Scott Palmer, fourth Kris Eaton, and rounding out the top five was Kyle Lee.
In the 15 lap Pure Stock main event it was David Kaiser picking up the win. Kaiser and Josh Williams lead the field to the green with Kaiser taking the top spot on lap one  and would never look back. Josh Wilkins second, Sean Dawson  third, Keith Koontz fourth and Mike Corbin rounded out the top five.
Kenny Thomas picked up the win in the Enduro main,Mark Vegh second, Dustin Proctor third, Brian Wallace fourth and fifth went to Ray Priest.
Travis Clark won the U-Car main, Jacon Lewis second, Micheal Pfaff third, Jeff Wilkins fourth and Kevin Oates fifth.
In The Lawn Mowers it was Dustin Grim taking the win over Marvin Grim.

Super Late Models: 1. Keith Jackson, 2. J.T.Spence, 3. Allan Brannon, 4. Wesley Bonebrake, 5. Gary Stuhler, 6. Brad Omps, 7. Trevor Feathers, 8. Greg Roberson, 9. Devin Fries, 10. Dale Hollidge, 11. Brian Tavenner, 12. Tommy Armel, 13. Tony Crim, 14. Tanner Kerr, 15. Ryan Hackett, 16. Steve Gibney, 17.Ronnie Dehaven, 18.David Pettyjohn, 19. Tyler Castle, 20.Keith Walls, 21. C.S. Fitzgerald, 22. Don Woodruff, (DNS: Greg Elrod)
Limited Late Models: 1. James Lichliter, 2. Andy Fries, 3. Scott Palmer, 4. Kris Eaton, 5. Kyle Lee, 6. Jonathan Dehaven, 7. Jeremy Coffey, 8. Walter Crouch, 9. Chris Fletcher, 10. Brad Ritter, 11. Rodney Walls, 12. James Myers, 13. Kevin Deremer, 14. James Carte, 15. Kyle Lear, 16. Travis Stickley, 17. J.T. McLanigan, 18.Jimmy Richards, 19. Brian Wright, 20. Bubby Tharp Jr, 21. Allen Kline, 22. Mitch Miller, 23. Will Rowe
Pure Stocks: 1. David Kaiser, 2. Josh Wilkims, 3. Seran Dawson, 4. Keith Koontz, 5. Mike Corbin, 6. Mike Franklin, 7. Reese Alley, 8. Craig Parrill, 9. Terry Staton, 10. Eric Johnson, 11. Kyle Nelson, 12. Jeremy Jenkins, 13. Larry Smith Jr, 14 Mike Bennett, 15. Greg Breeden, 16. Andy Adkins
Enduros: 1. Kenny Thomas, 2. Mark Vegh, 3. Dustin proctor 4. Brian Wallace, 5 Ray Priest, 6. Brian Neff, 7. Gary Moreland Jr, 8. Rodney Minor, 9. Paul Jones, 10. Gary Moreland Sr, 11. Dalton Dilaman, (DNS: Bill Hargett, Dylan Rutherford)
U-Cars: 1, Travis Clark, 2. Jacob Lewis, 3. Micheal Pfaff, 4. Jeff Wilkis, 5. Kevin Oates, 6. Robert Wilson, 7. Jason Wilkins, 8. Alan Dice, 9. Gene Wilson, 10. Terry Leach, 11. Ricky Runion, 12. Austin Nichols, 13. Jacon Whitt,14. Steve Fadeley, 15. Joey Yabblonski, 16. Randy Wilkins, 17. Theo Thunk, 18.Charlie Good, (DNS: Charlie Good, Billy Smith)
Lawn Mowers: 1. Dustin Grim, 2. Marvin Grim, 3. Pat Kimble, 4. Aaron Grim, 5.Amber McCauley, 6. Doug Hughes, 7 Jeff Heflin, 8. David Lemley,(DNS: Derick)




3-22 4-5 4-13