Race Results
July 27, 2019


"Feathers Flawless in Winchester "Lee Stultz Memorial"

"Brannon and Roberson Split RUSH Crate Features"

By Doug Watson

           Winchester, VA-  After Debuting, and winning in a brand new race car last Saturday at Hagerstown Speedway, Trever Feathers captured his second consecutive win in the new piece in Saturday nights "Lee Stultz Memorial" at Winchester Speedway. The win for Feathers, aboard his Larry Royston owned BWRC no.20, would be his second Late Model score of the season at Winchester and was worth a cool $3000 payday. 
           A win in the first heat placed Feathers on the pole for the start of the 35-lap main and he made the most of his good fortune by leading every lap of the event. Eventual runner up Justin Weaver closed in late, but would not get close enough to mount a serious challenge. "This new car is so strong." Feathers stated in victory lane. "We got my car owner Larry Royston his first Late Model win at Hagerstown last weekend and to back it up with another here at Winchester tonight is a great feeling." Ninth starting Allen Brannon took third with Andy Anderson and Tyler Horst completing the top-five. 
          In the make-up RUSH Crate Late Model main from last Saturday, Logan Roberson rolled to his 5th win of the season. Roberson took the lead from Scott Sweeney Jr. on the 8th lap and drove off uncontested steering his Rocket no.17R. Devin Brannon, Jakob Piper, Scott Sweeney Jr and Jennae Piper rounded out the top-five. 
         The regularly scheduled RUSH Crate Late Model feature found current point leader Devin Brannon in victory lane for his 2nd win of the season. Brannon, who lined up 3rd for the start, drove by race long leader Mike Franklin on the 8th lap and would take the win wheeling his Longhorn no.37. Seventh starting Logan Roberson would take second with Jakob Piper, Mike Franklin and Jennae Piper trailing at the finish. 
         Rob Nichols rose to the occasion as he took his 2nd win of the season in the 29-lap "Sam Crouch Memorial" Pure Stock event. Nichols tracked down early leader Buddy Wilson on the 7th lap and would lead the distance for the $592 win over current class point leader Jeremy Tinsman. Ricky Feltner, Chris Sumption and Tony Catlett would fill the top-five. 
         Current point leader Cody Sumption continued his stellar season with his 5th win of the season in the 20-lap Enduro Stock contest. Sumption blasted from his second starting spot to the lead, and would not look back as he took the win over Dalton Dillman. Chuckie Johnson, Austin Nichols and Aaron Drummond would trail at the finish. 

Late Model feature finish
1. Trever Feathers 2. Justin Weaver 3. Allen Brannon 4. Andy Anderson 5. Tyler Horst 6. Greg Roberson 7. Brad Omps 8. Keith Koontz 9. Steven Axtell Jr. 10. James Lichliter 11. Austin Stover 12. Walter Crouch 13. Bubby Dillman 14. Kyle Lee 15. Jason Miller 16. Dale Hollidge 17.Travis Stickley 18. Tommy Armel 19. Buddy Wilson

RUSH Crates (Regular) feature finish
1. Devin Brannon 2. Logan Roberson 3. Jakob Piper 4. Mike Franklin 5. Jennae Piper 6. Steve Lowery 7. Levi Crowl 8. Gunner Kerr 9.Scott Sweeney Jr. 10. Jordan Kauffman 11. Dustin Arnold

RUSH Crates (Make-up) feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Devin Brannon 3. Jakob Piper 4. Scott Sweeney Jr. 5. Jennae Piper 6. Steve Lowery 7. Mike Franklin 8. Gunner Kerr 9. Jordan Kauffman 10. Dustin Arnold 11. Levi Crowl DNS-Jonathan Raley, Bill Kessler, Tanner Kerr, Al Shawver Jr., Transtan Stoner

Pure Stock feature finish
1. Rob Nichols 2. Jeremy Tinsman 3. Ricky Feltner 4. Chris Sumption 5. Tony Catlett 6. Craig Parrill 7. Dylan Rutherford 8. Ryan Smith 9. Branson Woodward 10. Mike Grady Jr. 11. Doug Hoffman 12. Jerry Jenkins Jr. 13. Brandon Lowery 14. James Gray 15. Buddy Wilson 16. Tyler Gray 17. Delmar Grady 18. Tracy Goolsday 19. Dylan Welsh

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Cody Sumption 2. Dalton Dillman 3. Chuckie Johnson 4. Austin Nichols 5. Aaron Drummond 6. Nathaniel Younker 7. Dan Walters 8. Chet Morris 9. Jason Wilkins 10. Mike Bennett 11. Chad Brill 12. Seth Jones 13. Skylar Barnhart 14. Jeff Galvin  




3-30 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-27 5-18
5-25 6-1 6-8
6-15 6-22 6-29
7-13 7-20