Race Results
August 19, 2017


"Brannon Scores Winchester Limited Late Model Win With Crate Power"

"Roberson Romps to 5th of Season in RUSH Crates"

By Doug Watson

               Winchester, VA-  Even though it would come in s a different class, Allen Brannon continued his winning ways, as he scored his first win of the season in the 20-lap Limited late Model headliner last Saturday at Winchester Speedway. The win for Brannon, aboard his Jim Stevens owned Longhorn Chassis no.11H, would be his 7th overall win of the season at Winchester as Allen has also collected 6 Crate Late Model wins at the track this season.  
              Allen Brannon and Austin Stover shared the front row for the start with Stover assuming the the race lead as the field drove off turn two. A lap 9 caution slowed the field and when the race went back green, Brannon snared the lead from Stover on the 10th circuit and would lead the distance in a car that carried Brannon's Crate power plant under the hood. "This is the same motor we used in the Crates." Brannon stated post race. "We changed the carburetor and switched fuel and this thing ran really good tonight." The lap-9 yellow flag period played into Brannon's favor. "With these crate cars you have to keep them wound up." Said Brannon. "On that restart I was able to roll the top on Austin and he left us plenty of room and after that this car just came to life and we were able to get the win." Stover held tough for second, Kris Holliday was solid in third with Dallas Richards and Scott Merryman rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 19 cars entered went to Bruce Kane and Jacob Burdette.
             Defending track champion Logan Roberson won for the second week in a row and for the 5th time this season in the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model feature. Roberson, who lined up 3rd for the start, wrestled the race lead from Chuck Bowie on the 8th lap and would then hold off a pesky Mike Franklin to score the win steering his Rocket XR-1 no.17R. "For a while there I thought we had a solid top-five car but a bunch of wrecks happened in front of us and we were able to get through." Roberson stated in victory lane. "This track has been awesome all season to race on and tonight was no different." Eleventh starting Tanner Kerr took third, current point leader Transtan Stoner was 4th with Chuck Bowie completing the top-five. Heats for the 26 entries went to Richard Hawkins, John Painter and Chuck Bowie.
            In support class action division rookie Ethan Ours scored his first career win in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature, Tommy Whitt drove to his 3rd win of the season in the 20-lap "Mark Digges Memorial" Four-Cylinder event, Ricky Feltner won for the 7th time this season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock main and defending track champion Jason Wilkins drove to his 8th win of the year in the nightcap 15-lap U-Car feature. 

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Allen Brannon 2. Austin Stover 3. Kris Holliday 4. Dallas Richards 5. Scott Merryman 6. Wesley Bonebrake 7. Dave Friedrich 8. Buddy Wilson 9. Jonathan DeHaven 10. Jeff Koller 11. Bruce Kane 12. John Moser 13. Jacob Burdette 14. Jeremy Coffey 15. Trae Armel 16. James Lichliter 17. Justin Dillman 18. Ryan Eshelman 19. Rodney Walls 

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Mike Franklin 3. Tanner Kerr 4. Transtan Stoner 5. Chuck Bowie 6. Devin Brannon 7. Richard Hawkins 8. Timmy Booth 9. Mike Wharton 10. Joe Warren 11. Bud Durboraw 12. Bob Nelson 13. Trevor Collins 14. John Painter 15. Cory Lawler 16. Matt Glanden 17. Matt Tarbox 18. Scott Sweeney 19. Derek Magee 20. Harry Shipe III 21. Roger Whitlock 22. Jakob Piper 23. Kyle Lee 24. Brandon Sturgis 25. Steve Lowery 26. Jennae Piper

Pure Stock feature finish
1.Ethan Ours 2. Chris Sumption 3. Jeremy Tinsman 4. Tony Catlett 5. Rob Nichols 6. Greg Breeden 7. Brian Lederhouse 8. Brandon Lowery

Four-Cylinder feature finish
1. Tommy Whitt 2. Randy Linaburg 3. Ed Gageby 4. Jacob Whitt 5. Dave Mullenax 6. Matt Sowers 7. Vance Williams 8. Allen Whitt Jr. 9. Kevin Thomas 10. Justin Hottle (DNS)

Enduro Stock feature finish
1. Ricky Feltner 2. Paul Jones 3. Mark Vegh 4. Danny Holmes 5. Dustin Dillman 6. Seth Jones 7. Allen Jones 8. Dalton Dillman 9. Chet Morris DNS- Tommy Caravello, Ricky Pier

U-Car feature finish
1.Jason Wilkins 2. Chad Brill 3. Jeff Wilkins 4. Jacob Lewis 5. Branson Woodward 6. Randy Wilkins 7. Matt Popish 8. Kyle Sowers 9. Denver Mullins 10. Chuckie Johnson 11. JR Ewell  




3-25 4-1 4-8
4-15 4-29 5-13
5-20 5-27 6-3
6-17 6-24 7-2
7-9 7-15 8-5