Race Results
June 11, 2022


“Austin Bellemare wins an exciting Central PA Legends Feature”
“Kristopher Hutton wins first career hobby stock feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-With the threat of rain in the area all eyes were watching the weather reports
during the week. With rain canceling the first Central PA Legend car series event of this season
anticipation was high for their return to Winchester. The rain clouds would move out of the area
early on Saturday, which would allow a great night at the races!
We would see timed hotlap sessions to determine heat race starting orders for the limited late
model and mid atlantic modified classes. The legend, hobby stock, and scdra heats would be
determined by pill draw. With a tacky surface for the night, we would see fast speeds and lots of
passing throughout all of the classes.
The first feature of the night was for the limited late model division. We would see two veterans
lineup side by side on the front row as Brad Omps would start on the pole with Jonathan
DeHaven on the outside pole. The two would charge side by side into turn one with Jonathan
pulling ahead as the two raced out of turn two. DeHaven would lead lap one followed by Omps.
Sam Archer and Shaun Wetzel would race side by side for the third position. DeHaven would
lead all twenty laps of the feature. Brad Omps would finish second and Sam Archer would finish
Next up was the Mid Atlantic Modifieds. The feature would quickly come to a halt as six cars
would pile up in turns one and two at the start of the event. Once the track was clear we would
see Chris Arnold and Mike Corbin race hard into turn one. Corbin would quickly grab the lead as
Arnold stayed right on his back bumper. As the leaders started to navigate lap traffic on lap ten
we would see Arnold take the lead away from Corbin. The field would quickly slow on lap eleven
as Roy Clower violently hits the turn one wall. The driver was ok and walked away. On the
restart Keith Jackson would make a big move by charging hard into turn one and taking the lead
from third as the cars sped down the back straightaway. By lap twelve eighth place starter
Michael Altobelli had made his way into the second position. With two laps to go, Jackson would
begin to navigate his way around lap traffic. Heartbreak would ensue for Jackson on the last lap.
As Jackson came off of turn four and headed for the checkered flag. He would go to the outside
of a lap car. The lap car would slide up causing Jackson to scrub the wall. This would take his
momentum away just enough for Altobelli to pass him just ahead of the flag stand. Michael
Altobelli would win the event. Followed by Keith Jackson in second and Chris Arnold in third.
It was now time for the Central PA Legend car series feature. Thirty cars would sign in for the
night. Promoter Greg Gunter would elect to start all thirty cars in the feature. Richie Dobson,
Justin Cunningham and Travis McClelland would go three wide into turn one at the start of the
event. McClelland would lead lap one, followed by Dobson and Cunningham. By lap four
McClelland would pull out to an eight car lead over Austin Bellemare who had now made his
way to the second position. Various cautions would fill the twenty lap event, but the biggest
stand out was the two leaders. McClelland and Bellemare would swap the lead out of almost
every turn for several laps during the last half of the feature event. These two would battle
fiercely all the way to the end. Austin Bellemare would take the win, followed by Travis
McClelland, and Chris Transeau.
In the hobby stock feature, we would see pole sitter Tom Caravello take the early lead. Third
place starter Davin Kaiser would challenge Caravello for the lead. Kaiser would edge ahead of
Caravello and lead lap two by a nose. As the race continued it looked as if Kaiser would be
taking the win, as he paced the field for several laps, with Jason Wilkins solidly in the second
position. A late race caution on lap thirteen would allow Kristopher Hutton a chance to challenge
the leaders. Hutton would take to the outside lane and sneak past first Wilkins and then Kaiser.
Hutton would go on to win his first ever feature event. Davin Kaiser would finish second followed
by Jason Wilkins in third.
The last feature event of the night was for the SCDRA/Winchester UCAR division. Justin Bottorf
would find his way around early leader Seth Hood as the two weaved through lap traffic. Bottorf
would go on to win his first feature at the speedway followed by Hood. Larry Lamb would win
the Winchester UCAR division, followed by Randy Wilkins.
We want to thank all of the fans and teams that attended this week's events. It was another
great night of racing with plenty of excitement throughout the evening. We look forward to
seeing you back at the races next Saturday night!
Limited Late Model Results
Jonathan DeHaven, Brad Omps, Sam Archer, Shaun Wezel, Wesley Bonebrake, Gunnar Walls,
Rodney Walls, Scott Sweeney, Justin Dillman, Bubby Tharp Jr, Jacob Burdette, Eric Cronise,
Carl Biddle, Kris Holliday, Craig Parrill, Keith Walls, Branson Woodward, Gerald Davis
Mid Atlantic Modified Results
Michael Altobelli, Kieth Jackson, Chris Arnold, Mike Franklin, Mike Corbin, Cody Williams, Justin
Cullum, TJ DeHaven, Michael Pappas, Haley Kaiser, Nick Dibella, Jeff Saville, Sam Caravello,
Roy Clower, Ray Kable, Cole Hilton, Ryan Dolan, Travis Clower
Central PA Legend Results
Austin Bellemare, Travis McClelland, Chris Transeau, Weston Alleman, Lincoln Kearchner,
Justin Cunningham, Richie Dobson, Preston Alleman, Logan Carbaugh, Zach Baxter, Bryan
Green, Scott Musselman, Brady Arndt, Choya Young, Robert Stough, Seth Kerchner, Scott
Spidle, Brian Rampmeyer, Eli Dodge, Keegan McGrew, Hunter McElroy, Corey Phillips, Eric
Hurst, Ezra Burdette, Tim Poffenberger, Bob Meyers, Grady McGrew, Ernie Shirley, Stephen
Wurtzer, Jonathan DeHaven
Hobby Stocks Results
Kristopher Hutton, Davin Kaiser, Jason Wilkins, Tom Caravello, Bubba Sealock, Sam Hoffman,
Robert Wilson, Michael Knight, Matt Moore, Cody Sumption, Dalton Sothen
SCDRA/Winchester UCAR Results
Justin Bottorf, Seth Hood, Chad Weaver, Jason Jarvis, Joe May, Robbie Carroll, Lonnie Hobday,
Larry Lamb, John Healy, Brody Tolstyka, Randy Wilkins, Tiff Wilson, Bradley Geno, Richard
Inscoe, Tyler Kline, Jason Kline, Matt Maloy, Kevin Oates, Dale Kirby, Shawn Payne




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4