Race Results
June 18, 2022


“Chuckie Johnson Wins An Exciting Pure Stock Feature”
“Mike Franklin Wins The Crate Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester,(VA)-It was a breezy Saturday evening on this Father’s Day weekend. What better
way to spend a Saturday night than at a dirt track? We have seen some great racing throughout
all of the divisions so far this year. We would see more great side by side racing action
throughout this evening's events also.
Timed hotlaps would set up the heat race lineups for the SCDRA and Crate Late Model
divisions. A regular pill draw would set the lineups for the Pure Stocks and Winchester Vintage
Sportsman Divisions. We would see plenty of fast paced racing action during all of the heat
races, setting us up for another great night of feature events.
The first feature of the night was for the pure stock division. Pole sitter Buddy Wilson would grab
the early lead on lap one. Outside pole sitter Chuckie Johnson would build up momentum on the
highside as he challenged for the lead on lap two. They would race side by side until the caution
flag flew on lap three for a spin in turn four. Johnson had crossed the finish line with a bumper
ahead of Wilson earning him the first place starting spot on the restart. The two would battle
again side by side after the restart. Wilson would lead by a bumper off of turn two each lap, but
Johnson would lead by a bumper each lap at the finish line. The caution flag would fly once
again on lap ten. On the next restart Johnson would hold on to the lead and win the fifteen lap
event. Buddy Wilson would finish second, with Dylan Rutherford finishing third.
A quick b-main would now be run for the SCDRA event finishing up the starting order for their
feature that would run shortly.
It was now time for the crate late model division to take center stage. Polesitter Jeremy Pilkerton
would lead lap one with Brayden Anderson and Chuck Bowie battling side by side for the
second position. On lap two Pilkerton would continue to lead as Anderson slipped up high
allowing Bowie to take over second and Mike Franklin to go by for third. On lap three the caution
flag would fly for a spinning Scooter Tippett. Calamity would ensue on the restart as several
cars got together coming out of turn two, resulting in the speedway being blocked by a carnage
of cars. On the next restart Pilkerton would continue to lead, as Bowie slid back to third allowing
Franklin to take over the second position. Franklin would begin to chase Pilkerton through lap
traffic. Franklin would make a late race pass, after the last caution of the event, to move around
Pilkerton and take the win. Jeremy Pilkerton would finish second, followed by Travis Campbell in
It was now time for the SCDRA feature event. Robbie Carroll would lead the first half of the
event while defending off challenges from several racers. Sixth place starter Andrew Hoffner
was mounting a charge to the front. He would challenge Carroll for the lead at the halfway point.
Carroll would slide high in turn two allowing Jeff Huber to take over the second position. Hoffner
would show he had the car to beat as he would hold on to the lead through several more
cautions. One being for Lonnie Hobday, who lost his left front wheel on the back straight away.
Andrew Hoffner would go on to take the victory in the thirty five lap event. Jeff Huber would
finish second, followed by Javid Fairall in third.
The final feature event of the night was for the Winchester Vintage Sportsman. Walter Crouch
would jump out to an early lead. However, Andrew Fertig wasn’t going to make it easy for
Crouch. As Fertig tried the outside several times during the event, but just couldn’t get the grip
he needed to make his way around Crouch. Walter Crouch would hold on to win the event.
Followed by Andrew Fertig in second and Bill Coada in third.
It was another fun night at the races. Two side notes on the event. The SCDRA driver Jason
Jarvis took a hard hit on the back straight away during the feature event. The driver did get out
of the car under his own power and is ok. We also want to thank Bill Coada for sponsoring
trophies and tow money for the Winchester Vintage Sportsman. We look forward to seeing you
back at the track next Saturday night.
Pure Stock Results
Chuckie Johnson, Buddy Wilson, Dylan Rutherford, Walter Crouch, Craig Parrill, Michael Carter,
Brandon Lowery, Andy Adkins, Dalton Tankersley
Crate Late Model Results
Mike Franklin, Jeremy Pilkerton, Travis Campbell, Scott Sweeney Jr, Chuck Bowie, Tyler Hoy,
Mike Raleigh, Jacob Burdette, Daniel Brown Jr, Bud Durborow, Brayden Anderson, Isaiah
Gochenour, Jeremey Tinsman, Steven Payne, Braeson Fulton, Bronson Woodward, Scooter
Tippett, Bubby Tharp Jr, Charles Smith, Tommy Armel
SCDRA Results
Andrew Hoffner, Jeff Huber, Javid Fairall, Justin Bottorf, Rob Rudisill Jr, Brandon Hoffner,
Matthew Duvall, Brian Racine, Jason Porter, Chad Weaver, Rick Weaver, Luke Hoffner,
Brandon Adkins, Nick McDaniel, Travis Brown, Devon Isler, Jeff Foster, Lonnie Hobday, Robbie
Carroll, Rusty Garlock, Chris Anderson, Josh Frantz, Jason Jarvis, Matt Maloy
Winchester Vintage Sportsman
Walter Crouch, Andrew Fertig, Bill Coada, Chirs Bohrer, Lionel Teets




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4