Race Results
July 23, 2022


“Jamie Lathroum Wins The Jr Boone Memorial Super Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-Mother Nature has been hard on us lately. Weather reports of rain have caused
cancellations of events. Just when we thought we were in the clear last week, she brought in the
clouds once again with rain. Causing us to cancel the program before we could get to the
midway point. With this weekend being the highly anticipated Jr Boone Memorial excitement
was building for what looked to be a great, but very hot temperature wise event. The cars would
pack the pit area, however just before hotlaps were scheduled to start, Mother Nature would
fight us again and bring the rain. Promoter Greg Gunter was determined to get this event in. So
he elected to wait the rain out. As soon as the clouds parted, Greg would immediately pull a
tractor onto the speedway and begin to turn the soil over and start prepping the track. Due to
rain and track prep delaying our start time over an hour the hard decision would be made to
shorten some feature races, along with removing heat races for the hobby and pure stock
divisions. Their features would be lined up according to their hotlap times.
We would see some very fast speeds out of the Crate and Super Late Model cars as they
competed during their heat race events. Once they were over we would have an invocation by
Brent Hottle followed by a live singing of our National Anthem by Chris Armel. As Ms. Armel was
singing Denny Bonebrake would take the familiar number 15 of the late Jr. Boone around the
speedway with the American Flag waving from it. It was now time for the super late model b
main where we would see young gun Gunnar Walls take the win.
The first feature of the night was for the Winchester Vintage Sportsman. On the first lap we
would see Bill Coada charge hard into turn one. With the track being so tacky, his car would
hook sideways causing Walter Crouch to have nowhere to go and run into Coada. This would
cause the steering to break on Crouch’s car ending his night. Andrew Fertig would take the early
lead and bring home the win.
Next up it was time for the Super Late Models to take center stage. The field would be paced by
two vintage cars that were painted like Jr’s former race cars. Front row starters Kyle Lee and
Jamie Lathroum would drag race into turn one. Lathroum would take his momentum from the
outside and pull ahead of Lee for the lead as the two cars raced out of turn two. As Lathroum
led lap one, fourth place starter Gary Stuhler would also use the top side to his advantage and
move into the second place position. By lap two Lathroum would extend his lead by half a
straight away over Stuhler and Lee. Lathroum would begin to navigate lap traffic on lap six. That
would be short lived as the caution would fly on lap seven, as Wesley Bonebrake slowed in turn
two. Lathroum would once again show how strong his car was as he would quickly jump back
out to a half of a straightaway lead after the restart. The leader would once again have to
navigate lap traffic on lap fourteen. As Lathroum began to make his way around the lap cars,
Stuhler would begin to close in on Lathroum cutting his lead down to less than three car lengths.
Just as it appeared Stuhler would be gearing up to challenge for the lead the caution flag would
once again fly on lap twenty-one as DJ Myers slowed in turn four. On the restart we would see
Lathroum pull away again. Lathroum would take the win over Gary Stuhler with a three quarter
of a straightaway lead. Kyle Hardy would finish third after starting ninth in the thirty lap event.
It was now time for the Pure Stock Division to pull out on the speedway. Jasen Geesamen and
Buddy Wilson would battle side by side into turn one. Geesamen would lead lap two, followed
by Wilson and Chuckie Johnson. The only caution of the event would be brought out by
Brandon Lowery on lap three. Geeseman would go on to lead the rest of the event. Dylan
Rutherford would move into the second position and try to find a way around the leader, but
couldn’t find the momentum needed to make the pass. Craig Parrill was also mounting a charge
during the event, as he would move into the third place position with four laps to go from his
fourteenth starting position. Parrill would begin to chase the leaders down, but he would run out
of laps and have to settle for the third position.
The Crate Late Models would now do battle on the speedway. Outside pole sitter Matt
Sponaugle would take the early lead and begin to pull away from the field. Heartbreak would
ensue for Sponaugle on lap six. Charles Smith would spin in the middle of turn three, as
Sponaugle raced down the back stretch. Sponaugle would spin to avoid the spinning car.
Second place running Daniel Brown Jr would now inherit the lead. What we would see next is
more sliders thrown than you would see at White Castle. Sixth place starter Kyle Hardy would
make his way around Logan Roberson and begin to try and find his way around Brown. The two
would connect in turn one causing Hardy to spin around and damage Brown's car. Logan
Roberson would now inherit the lead. Calamity would ensue next as three cars raced side by
side down the front straightaway after the restart. The three cars would make contact causing a
huge pile up going into turn one. This would also cause Brayden Anderson to land upside down
on the speedway. Anderson was talking and ok after the event. Due to this wreck needing
extensive clean up and the time being very late the decision was made to call the race due to
being past halfway. Logan Roberson would be the winner of the event.
Next we would’ve seen the Hobby Stock Division take to the speedway. The hard decision was
made to postpone their feature event to a later date due to the late time of the night. Once a
decision is made, the date of the make up feature will be announced here on facebook and our
We want to thank all of the fans and teams who hung around during the rain and waited the
night out with us. We also want to thank the Boone family for all of their hard work and
dedication to make this night another big success. I would like to thank Chris Armel for singing
our National Anthem for us. I also want to thank Greg Gunter for all of his hard work he put in to
trying to get a full show in. We had to cut out laps, races and several interviews, along with
canceling our driver introductions for the super late models, but every effort was made to try and
get all the features in. Time just made us come up one feature short. We look forward to seeing
everyone back this coming Saturday night.
Winchester Vintage Sportsman Results
Andrew Fertig, John Marks, Bill Coada, Jt Bowie, Chris Bohrer, Chet Morris, Lionel Teets, Fred
Whitelaw, Walter Crouch
Super Late Model Results
Jamie Lathroum, Gary Stuhler, Kyle Hardy, Jason Miller, Kyle Lee, Trever Feathers, Tyler Bare,
Justin Williams, Roy Deese Jr, Justin Weaver, James Lichliter, Mike Franklin, Brad Omps,
Gunnar Walls, Justin Fulton, Michael Alderman, Scott Sweeney, Samuel Bryant, DJ Myers,
Jakob Piper, Bubby Dillman, Wesley Bonebrake, Keith Koontz
Pure Stock Results
Jason Geesamen, Dylan Rutherford, Craig Parrill, Buddy Wilson, Chuckie Johnson, Michael
Carter, Tony Catlett, PJ Hatcher, Walter Crouch, Rob Nichols, Delmar Grady, Andy Adkins,
Dalton Tankersley, Brandon Lowery, Tommy Wagner
Crate Late Model Results
Logan Roberson, Bubby Tharp Jr, Mike Franklin, Keith Walls, Travis Campbell, Ronnie Martin
Jr, Tyler Hoy, Jared Powell, Brayden Anderson, Brian Booze, Scott Sweeney Jr, Branson
Woodward, Cameron Campbell, Steven Payne, Kyle Hardy, Charles Smith, Jeremy Tinsman,
Daniel Brown Jr, Josh Reid, Matt Sponaugle, Ben Scott, Braeson Fulton, Brian Coe Jr




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25