Race Results
August 6, 2022


“Keith Walls Wins Crate Late Model Feature”
“Rodney Walls Wins Limited Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester,(VA)-It was a very hot Saturday here in the Shenandoah Valley. All eyes had been
on the weather forecast this week as the threat of thunderstorms loomed all week. The chance
of precipitation would fluctuate every time you looked at the forcast. We would get a sprinkle
here or there during the night, but nothing that would stop the racing action. We would have
timed hotlaps for the pure stocks to determine heat race starting lineups. While a traditional pill
draw would set the order for the remaining classes.
Once hotlaps were completed it was time for the Jr Boone Memorial hobby stock makeup
feature. Jason Wilkins would jump out to the early lead from the outside pole position. The
caution flag would fly on lap three. Dalton Dillman would spin as he tried to avoid a very
sideways Philip Robinson. Wilkins would continue to lead after the restart. Cody Sumption
would make a move and pull alongside Wilkins on the sixth lap. Sumption would complete the
pass and lead lap seven. The caution flag would once again fly on lap nine as Kristoper Huton
slowed to a stop in turn one. Sumption would go on to lead the rest of the event and take the
win. A hard charging Davin Kaiser who had started twelfth would find his way to the second
position by the end of the race. Rob Wilson would take third.
Now we would start our regular show and go into heat race action for all of the classes to start
the night's events. We would see lots of side by side action on the newly prepared surface by
Bobby Dove. A big welcome back to Bobby Dove and Gary Dunlap. You both have been missed
by many! Once the heat races were over we had a very special shout out, an invocation, and
the playing of our National Anthem. It was now time for our main events.
The crate late models would take to the track first. Keith Walls would take the lead from the
outside pole position. Walls would jump out to an early three car lead over Tyler Hoy and
Cameron Campbell. By lap nine Hoy would cut Walls lead to one car length. The one and only
caution would come out on lap ten for a spinning Steven Payne. On the restart Walls would
once again start to pull away and build up a two car lead. As the race neared the end, Hoy
would cut that lead to one car length. However, Walls would prove to have the speed needed to
stay out front as he would go on to take the win. Tyler Hoy would finish second followed by Mike
Franklin in third.
Next up would be the twenty-nine lap Sam Crouch Memorial for the pure stock division. The
third time would be the charm to get the event started. As the first two starts would be called
back for two different cautions on the speedway. Buddy Wilson would lead the first lap, just
before the caution flag would once again fly as Ryan Smith spun in turn one. After another on
track incident on the restart we would go green flag racing again. Wilson would continue to lead,
followed by Jasen Geesaman and Rob Nichols. The caution flag would fly several more times
throughout the event. Wilson would continue to pace the field and build up to an half of a
straightaway lead at one point. As the laps were winding down, Dylan Rutherford was on the
move as he had now moved into the second place position. Buddy Wilson would go on to take
the win, followed by Dylan Rutherford and Jasen Geesaman.
It would be the limited late model division’s turn to take to the speedway. We would see a few
cars check up getting into turn one on the initial start. This would result in last week's winner
Brad Omps going for a spin in turn one. Rodney Walls would jump out to an early lead over
James Lichliter, who had made quick work to slide into the second position. This would be a fast
paced and caution free feature. We would see Walls lead as Lichliter would pull up to the back
of Walls and fall back away from him off and on throughout the entire event. At one point during
the event, we would see Lichliter try a move that would turn his car completely sideways
allowing Walls to pull out to a half of a straightaway lead. Lichliter would again chase Walls back
down. Rodney Walls would have the speed needed and take the victory. James Lichliter would
finish second followed by David Williams in third.
The hobby stocks would now pull out onto the speedway for their feature event. On the initial
start Jason Wilkins would spin in turn two collecting Tom Caravello, Sam Hoffman and Dalton
Dillman. Just as we had watched in the makeup feature event, the number 50 would lead the
field. Only this time it was Chris Sumption behind the wheel. Sumption would continue to hold
the lead throughout each restart after cautions on the speedway. On lap seven young guns
Kristopher Hutton and Davin Kaiser would begin to try to find their way around the veteran
driver. By the ninth lap both Hutton and Kaiser would make their way around Sumption. We
would see Kaiser try to use a slide job around Hutton. As Kaiser slid up the track Hutton would
pull to the inside and hold onto his lead. As the two raced side by side out of turn four on the last
lap. The two drivers would make contact slowing the cars and allowing Sumption to make a
charge for the win. Kaiser would break free from Hutton and begin a drag race to the checkered
flag alongside Sumption. Davin Kaiser would take the win by .002 seconds over Chris
Sumption. Kristopher Hutton would finish third.
The final event of the night was for the SCDRA/Winchester UCAR division. Robbie Carroll would
capitalize on a late race restart to take the lead and go on to win the SCDRA event. Larry Lamb
would go on to win the Winchester UCAR feature event.
We want to thank everyone who attended last night's events. It was another great night at the
races. Make sure to bring your kids next week as we will be holding our Kids Candy Scramble
here at the speedway.
Jr Boone Hobby Stock Feature Results
Cody Sumption, Davin Kaiser, Robert Wilson, Sam Hoffman, Tom Caravello, Skylar
Barnhart,(DNF Jason Wilkins, Kristopher Hutton, Bubba Sealock, Philip Robinson, Dalton
Dillman, David Barb)(DNS Randy Linaburg, Austin Lathroum, Michael Knight, Justin Harcher,
Matt Moore, Evan Faust, Codey Breedan)
Crate Late Model Feature Results
Keith Walls, Tyler Hoy, Mike Franklin, Cameron Campbell, Scott Sweeney Jr, Bubby Tharp Jr,
Travis Campbell, Charles Smith, Bud Durborow, Branson Woodward, Steven Payne, Daniel
Brown Jr
Sam Crouch Memorial Pure Stock Feature Results
Buddy Wilson, Dylan Rutherford, Jasen Geesaman, Michael Carter, Tommy Wagner, Bailey
Tolson, Chris Bohrer,(DNF Steve Kent, Rick Potter, Tony Catlett, Rob Nichols, Chuckie Johnson,
Trent Holmes, Craig Parrill, Walter Crouch, Ryan Smith, Brad Ritter)
Limited Late Model Feature Results
Rodney Walls, James Lichliter, David Williams, Kyle Lear, Gerald Davis, Austin Stover, Gunnar
Walls, Jonathan DeHaven, Scott Palmer, Brad Omps, Keith Koontz, Wesley Bonebrake, Dale
Smith, Jason Smith, Brandon Bard, (DNF Daniel Garrett)(DNS Shaun Wetzel, Eric Cronise)
Hobby Stock Feature Results
Davin Kaiser, Chris Sumption, Kristopher Hutton, Jason Wilkins, Tom Caravello, Dalton Dillman,
Rob Wilson, David Barb(DNF Skylar Barnhart, Sam Hoffman)(DNS Blake Decker, Philip
SCDRA/Winchester UCAR Feature Results
Robbie Carroll, Chad Weaver, Jeff Foster, Matt Chronister, Larry Lamb, Shawn Payne, Randy
Wilkins, Jason Jarvis(DNF Brandon Lucas, Brody Tolstyka, Allen Griffith)(DNS Bradley Geno,
Tiff Wilson)




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