Race Results
August 13, 2022


“Nick Hoffman Wins The Mid Atlantic Modified Feature”
“James Lichliter Wins The Limited Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-Before any cars could hit the track on this beautiful race day excitement was
high due to the special appearance of Nick Hoffman. Nick was on hand to race with the Mid
Atlantic Modifieds and earn some UMP National Series points. The limited late model and
modified divisions would start off with timed hotlaps to determine their heat race starting orders.
While the pure and hobby stock divisions would run traditional hotlaps with a pill draw
determining their heat race starting positions.
We would see plenty of side by side racing action throughout all of the heat races. Mix in a few
crashes and spins to make for a fun filled start to the night. Once all of the heat races were over,
we would pause for a short intermission. It was now time for the Kids Candy Scramble. Tons of
candy would be spread out on the front straightaway with the kids lined up with bags in hand.
Some of the kids were given the chance to announce who their favorite drivers were as the
candy was being spread out. Once they were told to go it was a mad dash to grab as much
candy as they could. You can see a video of this on our Facebook page. Smiling faces were all
around as they completed the scramble. We want the Winchester Speedway to be family fun for
all. This was one of those moments for the little ones. Two kick scooters with helmets along with
other prizes were also raffled off during this event. Once the track was clear it was time for the
Invocation and playing of our National Anthem.
The first feature of the night was for the hobby stock division. Jason Wilkins would jump out to
the early lead from his outside pole position and lead lap one. As the leaders completed lap two
the only caution of the night would happen as Matt Moore would spin with Bubba Sealock in turn
three. On the restart Wilkins would continue to lead with pole sitter Kristopher Hutton on his
back bumper. By the eighth lap Wilkins would close in on lap traffic as he held a one car lead
over Hutton, who had about a three card lead over third place running Cody Sumption. On lap
ten the front two stayed the same, however Sumption was starting to be challenged by Davin
Kaiser for third. Jason Wilkins would go on to win his fourth feature of the year. Kristopher
Huttonn would finish second followed by Cody Sumption in third.
It was now time for the Mid Atlantic Modifieds to take to the speedway. All eyes were on Nick
Hoffman. Hoffman has been fast at every track he has visited this season. Anticipation was high
on how he would handle his first visit to Winchester. Andy Anderson would get a great start from
the outside of pole sitter Justin Cullum and lead the field going into turn one. By lap four Cullum
was challenging Anderson for the lead. As the two leaders battled, Hoffman would be right
behind them waiting for an opening to move past Anderson or Cullum. On lap seven Cullum
would slip just enough for Hoffman to get by and move into second. As the front runners began
to navigate lap traffic Hoffman would get a run under Anderson in turn one and take the lead
going down the back straightaway on lap nine. Cole Nagle would spin in turn three on the
eleventh lap bringing out the only caution of the thirty lap event. On the restart we would see
Hoffman drive away from the field. Lap traffic couldn’t slow Hoffman down as he would build up
to over a straight away lead at one point. Michael Altobelli Jr would make his way around
Anderson and take the second position on lap twenty three. He would run out of time as Nick
Hoffman would go on to win the event. Michael Altobelli would finish second, followed by Andy
Anderson in third.
The next feature event would be for the limited late model division. Just as we had watched in
the previous feature, the outside pole sitter, Johnathan DeHaven, would get a great start and
lead the field into turn one. DeHaven would lead lap one followed by pole sitter James Lichliter.
The caution flag would fly for a wreck involving Rodney Walls, Scott Palmer, Josh Williams, and
Johnathan Raley. The caution would once again come out on the restart, as Michael Alderman
would spin coming out of turn two collecting Johnathan Raley. Once the cars got back to speed,
DeHaven would pull out to a two car lead over Lichliter who would hold on to a half of a
straightaway lead over third place running Austin Stover. The field would once again slow on lap
thirteen for an accident involving Gerald Davis, Craig Parrill, and Wesley Bonebrake in turn
three. Lichliter would move alongside DeHaven on the restart and lead lap eight. Lichliter would
go on to lead the rest of the event. Building up to a three quarter straight away lead and then a
full straightaway lead, after being stalled by two more cautions. James Lichliter would take the
win, which marked just over a year since flipping and destroying his previous car here at
Winchester. Jonathan DeHaven would finish second, followed by Austin Stover in third.
The final feature of the night was for the pure stock division. Front row starters Walter Crouch
and Chuckie Johnson would battle side by side for the first six laps. The two drivers would swap
the lead at various parts of the speedway, which made for a very exciting sight to watch. Crouch
would edge ahead of Johnson and solidly take the lead on lap seven. Crouch would begin to
pull away from the field. Johnson would now start defending the challenges from Michael Carter
and Buddy Wilson for the second position. Walter Crouch would take the win, with Chuckie
Johnson finishing second. Michale Carter would cross the finish line beside Johnson's quarter
panel and take home the third place position.
We want to thank everyone who attended the night events. Also a big thank you to all who
helped with the Kids Candy Scramble. It was a great sight seeing the children run around with
excitement in their eyes. Another big thank you to owner/promoter Greg Gunter for giving us a
facility to hold these events. We look forward to seeing you back at the speedway next Saturday
night where the super late models return for the Lee Stultz Memorial.
Hobby Stock Results
Jason Wilkins, Kristopher Hutton, Cody Sumption, Davin Kaiser, Rob Wilson, Tom Caravello,
Sam Hoffman,Dalton Sothen, Bubba Sealock, Bradley Geno, Matt Moore
Mid Atlantic Modifieds
Nick Hoffman, Michael Altobelli Jr, Andy Anderson, Justin Cullum, TJ DeHaven, Ray Kable,
Cody Williams, Mike Franklin, Travis Clower, Michael Pappas, Donnie FArling, Bret Hamilton,
Haley Kaiser, Tim Monroe, Anthony Lupini, Gary Moreland, (DNF Jimmy Jesmer Jr, Cole Nagle,
Brad Miller, Ryan Ayers)(DNS Vance Williams Jr)
Limited Late Model Results
James Lichliter, Jonathan DeHaven, Austin Stover, Bubby Tharp Jr, Brad Omps, Rodney Walls,
Wesley Bonebrake, Jonathan Raley, Shawn Shoemaker, Scott Sweeney, Josh Williams, Scott
Sweeney Jr,(DNF Gunnar Walls, Scott Palmer, Gerald Davis, Craig Parrill, Micahel Alderman,
Andy Anderson)(DQ Dale Smith)
Pure Stock Results
Walter Crouch, Chuckie Johnson, Michael Carter, Buddy Wilson, Brandon Lowery, Dylan
Rutherford, Trent Holmes,(DNS Delmar Grady)




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25
7-23 8-6