Race Results
August 20, 2022


“Keith Jackson Wins The Mid Atlantic Modified Feature”
“Kyle Hardy Wins The Lee Stultz Memorial”
By Brent Hottle
As the race season is beginning to wind down the excitement for some things still stays the
same. This weekend we hosted the thirty-fifth annual Lee Stultz Memorial. What adds to this
event is seeing one of the famous S3’s ride around the dirt track pacing the field. We never like
to lose racers, but it is always an honor to hold events for local legends like Lee.
We would see timed hotlaps for the crate and super late models, along with the modified
division. The UCAR/SCDRA and Penn Mar Vintage divisions would run traditional hotlaps. The
excitement would start early. During hotlaps for the Penn Mar cars we would see one of the
vintage cars hop up on top of and ride the top of the inside guardrail as the driver tried to avoid
contact with another car pulling into the pits. We would also see plenty of heat race action
throughout the other divisions. Once the playing of the National Anthem and Invocation was
over it was time to go feature racing.
First up for the night was the Penn Mar Vintage club. We would see Gene Wrightstone out dual
John Marks and take the win. It is always fun to watch cars from years past breath new life and
speed around the track.
Next up would be the crate late model division. Front row starters Kyle Hardy and Keith Walls
would race side by side for the lead for the first lap. Hardy would charge hard into turn one on
lap two. He would perform a slider and take the lead as the cars sped out of turn two. Hardy
would then begin to pull out to a half of a straightaway lead over Walls. By lap five Hardy would
have a full straight away lead over now Logan Roberson who had made his way around Walls
for the second position. Hardy’s lead would quickly disappear as the caution flag flew for
Branson Woodward. On the restart Hardy would again begin to pull away from Roberson who
was also puting some space between himself and third place Keith Walls. The cars would once
again be bunched back up as the caution flag flew for a spinning Charles Smith. The leaders
would stay the same on the restart and ensuing laps with the exception of Walls. He would now
slide back to fourth as Daniel Brown Jr had moved into third. The caution would come out once
again for Cameron Campbell who hit the wall and came to a stop in almost the exact same
place as Woodward did earlier in the event. As he had done each restart so far, Hardy would
once again pull out to a quick lead on the restart. Just as it looked to be in the bag for Hardy the
caution flag would fly on lap eighteen setting up a green white checkered. This couldn’t slow
Hardy down. As Hardy would go on to win the twenty lap event, followed by Logan Roberson in
second and Daniel Brown Jr in third.
It was now time for the Lee Stultz Memorial for the super late models. Pole sitter Justin Weaver
would jump out to the early lead over outside pole sitter Mike Franklin. By lap four Weaver
would have a three quarter of a straightaway lead over now second place running Kyle Hardy.
The caution flag would fly on lap five, as Allen Brannon slowed down the back straightaway.
Weaver would show his strength again as he would begin to pull out to a full straight away lead
over Hardy. Just before Weaver began to navigate lap traffic, Hardy would find the speed to cut
Weaver's lead in half. The final caution flag of the event would come out on lap twenty two as
Bubby Dillman hits the front straight away wall and comes to a stop just past the flag stand.
Weaver would once again pull away from the field on the restart. Trever Feathers would use this
opportunity to move around Franklin for third. Weaver would cross the finish line first followed by
Kyle Hardy and Trever Feathers. However, controversy would ensue during post race tech as
Weaver would be given a DQ, making Hardy the winner of the event.
Next up would be the Mid Atlantic Modified Feature. Keith Jackson would take the early lead in
the twenty five lap event. He would begin to pull away from outside pole sitter Cody Williams.
Williams would have to quickly begin to defend the second position as Michael Altobelli was
challenging and eventually took over the second place position. Cautions would plague the
event, as they would come out several times during the feature. This couldn’t deter Jackson as
he would go on to win the feature event. Michael Altobelli would finish second, followed by Cody
Williams in third.
The final feature of the night would be for the Winchester UCAR and SCDRA divisions. Robbie
Carroll would power out to a big lead over the field. Ricky Weaver Jr would move past Jeff
Foster and into the second position on lap six. Weaver wouldn’t have the setup needed to catch
the leader. Robbie Carroll would take the win. Followed by Ricky Weaver Jr in second and Jeff
Foster in third. Larry Lamb would take the win over the Winchester UCAR’s.
I want to thank everyone who attended last night's events. I will say this was a write up I wasn’t
looking forward to typing. There is quite a bit of negativity stirring right now over the calls made
during the super late model event. I truly hate the outcome for all parties involved. It is a tough
position no matter what way you look at it. I do hope to see everyone return to the “Action
Track”. I cannot let it out of the bag just yet, but I have been working closely with members of
the Jimmy Spence family. We have plans to make that event one to remember.
Crate Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Logan Roberson, Daniel Brown Jr, Keith Walls, Travis Campbell, Scott Sweeney Jr,
Jared Powell, Megan Mann, Tyler Hoy, RJ Dallape, Branson Woodward, Dylan High, Steven
Payne, Jeremy Tinsman, Tommy Armel, Matt Sponaugle, Charles Smith(DNF Cameron
Campbel, Brayden Anderson)(DNS Samuel Brown, Brian Coe Jr, Aaron Drummond, Isaiah
Gochenour, Chuck Bowie)
Lee Stultz Memorial Results
Kyle Hardy, Mike Franklin, Roy Deese Jr, Tyler Emory, Dan Stone, Brad Omps, Tyler Horst, Rob
Schirmer (DNF Bubby Dillman, Allan Brannon, Scott Sweeney)(DQ Justin Weaver, Trever
Feathers, Jamie Lathroum, Brian Booze)
Mid Atlantic Modifieds Results
Keith Jackson, Michael Altobelli Jr, Cody Williams, Justin Cullum, Chris Arnold, Cody Oliver,
Andy Anderson, TJ DeHaven, Ray Kable, Jimmy Jesmer Jr, Matt Wallace, Austin Holcombe,
Bret Hamilton, Anthony Lupini, Lane Hessong, Travis Clower, Gary Moreland Sr, Tony Wuest
(DNF Michael Pappas, Rick Hulson, Haley Kaiser, Nick Dibella, Roy Clower, Stuart Weaver, Ty
Rhodes)(DNS Vance Williams Jr, Mike Corbin, Trey DeHaven)
Winchester UCAR/SCDRA Results
Robbie Carroll, Ricky Weaver Jr, Jeff Foster, Matt Chronister, Shawn Payne, Larry Lamb, Tyler
Kline, Jason Jarvis, Randy Wilkins, Allen Griffith, Wayne Selby, Jason Kline, Brody Tolstyka,
Brandon Silvia, Travis Dye (DNF James Furley, Matt Maloy, Lonnie Hobday, Noah Swank,
Quinten Beeman, Gary Claypoole)(DNS Bradley Geno




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25
7-23 8-6 8-13