Race Results
August 27, 2022


“Trever Feathers Wins Limited Late Model Feature”
“Michael Carter Wins An Exciting Pure Stock Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-The skies were clear and the temperatures warm making for a great night at the
race track. Once again Bobby Dove and his team would provide a smooth and racey surface at
“The Action Track”. When hotlaps were over we would see plenty of side by side racing action
throughout all of the divisions. Forty-six Central PA Legend Car Series cars would sign in for the
night. Promoter/Owner Greg Gunter would make the decision to only start twenty four cars in
the feature. However, he would also make the decision to add a non-qualifiers feature for the
rest of the competitors to be run during the night. Once the heats and two b-main events were
over we would hold our weekly invocation and the playing of the National Anthem. It was now
time to see who would win the night's events.
The first division would be the pure stock division. Front row starters Michael Carter and
Chuckie Johnson would race side by side into turn one. They would continue to battle side by
side down the back straight away. As the two drivers raced out of turn four Johnson would pull
ahead to lead lap one. Carter would hang on the rear bumper of Johnson's car, as he began to
challenge for the lead. Carter would find the momentum to pull ahead of Johnson and become
the new leader. Carter would then begin to slowly pull away from the field. Carter would build up
to a three car lead as the race neared the end. Just as it looked to be a caution free race Trent
Holmes would spin in turn one bringing out the caution and setting up a one lap shootout. On
the restart Johnson would stay right on the rear bumper of Carter. As the two headed into turn
three Johnson would go high and try to find a way around Carter. As the leaders headed out of
turn four Johnson would pull alongside Carter and run out of track. Johnson's car would climb
and bounce off of the concrete retaining wall making for an exciting finish to see! Michael Carter
would take the win. Followed by Chuckie Johnson in second and Walter Crouch in third.
Next we would watch the Central PA Legend car series do battle on the speedway. Outside pole
sitter Robert Stough would lead the field into turn one. Stough would go on to lead lap one
followed by Weston Alleman and Travis McClelland. The caution flag would fly on lap two as
Eric Hurst and Justin Cunningham would get together and crash hard on the front straightaway
leading into turn one. Stough would continue to lead after the restart. The caution flag would
once again fly on lap six as Shaun Abney would go for a spin in turn two. Alleman would get a
great restart and take the lead away from Stough. The field would once again slow for a caution
on lap nine as Choya Young spun at the exit of turn two. Alleman would lead after the restart,
however, this time Stough would be all over his back bumper. Stough would make the move to
take the lead on lap twelve. Alleman would first slide back to second and then third, as
McClelland had now moved into the second position. McClellan would chase Stough lap after
lap as the two would pull away from Alleman. Stough would prove to be the car to beat. Robert
Stough would take the win, followed by Travis Mclelland, and Weston Alleman.
It was now time for the limited late model division. Trever Feathers would line up on the outside
pole in the Brad Omps owned Mastersbuilt Race Car. Feathers would dominate the twenty-five
lap feature event. Feathers would quickly build up to a three car lead over pole sitter James
Lichliter on lap three to have it quickly be erased as the catuton flag flew for a wreck in turn two
involving Rodney Walls, Craig Parrill, and Eric Cronise. On the restart Feathers would quickly
pull away again. By lap nine Trevor would pull out to a full straight away lead, just as he would
begin to navigate lap traffic. That lead would be erased as Dalton Dillman would hit the wall
coming out of turn two, bringing out the last caution of the event. This could not stall Feathers
progress as he would once again pull away from the field. Feathers would take the win a full
straightaway ahead of second place James Lichliter. Lichliter had pulled out to a full
straightaway lead over third place finisher Austin Stover.
Next we would have the added non qualifier feature for the Central PA Legend Car Series. Pole
sitter Dan Harrison would take the early lead, followed by Tyler Kaylor, and Richie Dobson.
Dobson would pull into second and set his sights on leader Harrison on lap four. By lap nine
Dobson would pull alongside Harrison for the lead and take it away on lap ten. After a restart
from a caution involving Cory Phillips, Harrison would try and find the patience to find the right
time to make a move for the lead. Harrison would make the move on lap eleven when he would
pull to the outside of Dobson. Harrison would regain the lead on lap twelve. Harrison would go
on to win the event, followed by Richie Dobson and Tyler Kaylor.
The final feature of the night was for the hobby stock division. Pole sitter Jason Wilkins would
take the early lead. Davin Kaiser would slide into second, followed by Tom Caravello who had
quickly moved into third from his fifth place starting position. The three drivers would race nose
to tail lap after lap until the caution would fly on lap eleven, as Rob Wilson would spin in turn
one. The caution would quickly fly once again on lap twelve as Sam Hoffman spun in turn two.
Wilkins would continue to lead the final three laps and begin to slightly pull away. As Caravello
would challenge Kaiser on the top side the two drivers would touch, allowing Wilkins to pull
away slightly. Jason Wilkins would go on to win the event, followed by Davin Kaiser and Tom
It was another wonderful night at the races. There is nothing better than a Saturday night at your
local dirt track. We want to thank everyone who attended last night's events. A big thank you to
all of the legend car teams that have reached out to thank us for adding a non qualifiers feature.
We look forward to seeing everyone back next Saturday night where we will be crowning our
limited late model, crate late model, modified, pure stock, and SCDRA/UCAR point champions.
Next week will be the final points event for those classes.
Pure Stock Results
Michael Carter, Chuckie Johnson, Walter Crouch, Buddy Wilson, Brandon Lowery,(DNF Trent
Homes, Delmar Grady)
Central PA Legend Car Main Feature Results
Robert Stough, Travis McClelland, Weston Alleman, Austin Bellemare, Seth Kearchner, Chris
Transeau, Logan Carbaugh, Stephen Wurtzer, Rick Hartwig, Travis Perry, Lincoln Kearchner,
SCott Musselman, Devin Friese, Preston Alleman, Brady Arndt, Ben Goldsmith, Wayne Dutterer
Jr, Bob Myers, Vincent Wenrich, (DNF Choya Young, Chad Earnst, Shawn Abney, Eric Hurst,
Justin Cunningham)
Limited Late Model Results
Trever Feathers, James Lichliter, Austin Stover, Gunnar Walls, Gerald Davis, Brad Omps,
Wesley Bonebrake, Bubby Tharp Jr, Jonathan DeHaven, Jason Smith, Craig Parrill, Jacob
Burdette, Rodney Walls, Justin Dillman, (DNF Eric Cronise, Dalton Dillman, Josh Williams)
Central PA Legend Car Non Qualifier Results
Dan Harrison, Richie Dobson, Tyler Kaylor, Tim Poffenberger, Bryan Green, Scott Spidle, Roy
Warehime, Eli Dodge, Scott Montgomery, Brian Rampmeyer, Steve Seibert, Ezra Burdette, Ron
Dick Jr, Corey Phillips, Hunter McElroy, Ernie Shirley, Caleb Masse, Michael Goldsmith, (DNF
Luke Stiles)(DNS Cassandra Daniels, Denny Willy, Evan Shirley)
Hobby Stock Results
Jason Wilkins, Davin Kaiser, Tom Caravello, Kristopher Hutton, David Barb, Sam Hoffman, Matt
Moore, Robert Wilson, Bradley Geno, Bubba Sealock, (DNS Layla Shingleton




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25
7-23 8-6 8-13