Race Results
September 3, 2022


“Kyle Hardy Wins Crate Late Model Feature And First Ever Modified Feature”
“Trever Feathers Wins Second Straight Limited Late Model Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-With the season slowly winding down, it was championship night here at the
speedway. It was time to see who would be crowned champions in their respective divisions.
Once again dirtologist Bobby Dove and his team prepared another awesome track surface for
our drivers to compete on. It was clear after hotlaps and heat races were run that we were going
to see a fast and racy track for the features. After the invocation and playing of our National
Anthem were complete it was time to see who would win each feature and who would come out
as our 2022 points champions?
The first feature of the night was for our pure stock division. Front row starters Bryan Kerns and
Walter Crouch would race side by side into turn one. Crouch would pull to the lead as the two
drivers raced out of turn two. Crouch would lead lap one as Kerns would now have to hold off a
challenge from Michael Carter. The only caution of the fifteen lap event would come out on lap
three. Bryan Kerns would slow to a stop in turn three with a flat left rear tire. On the restart we
would see Chuckie Johnson make a move into the second position. Crouch would continue to
lead the event and build up to a five car lead at one point. By lap twelve Johnson was starting to
slowly close in on Crouch, but he wouldn’t find the speed needed to close back in before the
end of the event. Walter Crouch would win the race followed by Chuckie Johnson and Michael
Carter in third. The shock of the night came when the final points were tallied. The
championship came down to a tie! Crouch’s win would tie leader Buddy Wilson for the
championship. Officials would begin to look through the stats for a tie breaker. Both drivers had
the same amount of wins, top 5’s, top 10’s. It came down to second place finishes. Wilson would
earn one more second place finish than Crouch. This would make Buddy Wilson our 2022 Pure
Stock Points Champion. Oh and by the way, Chuckie Johnson finished third in points a mere 3
points behind the top two!
Next up was the crate late model division. The start of the event would quickly be stalled as a
big wreck involving four cars would ensue on the back straightaway before the first lap could be
completed. On the restart outside pole sitter Kyle Hardy would jump out a quick three car lead
over pole sitter Daniel Brown Jr. Hardy would steadily pull away from the field, as he had built
up to a full straightaway lead by lap five. Brown had also pulled out to a half of a straightaway
lead over Cody Dawson, who had just completed a pass over Tommy Armel for third place.
Braeson Fulton would spin in turn four, bringing out the caution on lap seven. On the restart we
would see Brown charge too hard into turn one and slide up the track and almost into the
outside retaining wall. Brown would keep the car off the wall but lose several positions. This
would move Dawson into second and now ninth place starter Scott Sweeney Jr. into third. Hardy
would continue to show his strength as he continued to pull away from the field. His lead would
be erased again on lap fourteen as Daniel Brown and Tommy Armel would make contact going
into turn one, causing Armel to back into the turn one wall bringing out the caution. Hardy would
again pull away from second place Dawson on the restart. Sweeney would now be challenged
by Jacob Burdette for third. Burdette would move into third on lap sixteen and begin to run down
second place running Cody Dawson. Kyle Hardy would take the win with more than a
straightaway lead over Cody Dawson and Jacob Burdette. Travis Campbell would be our points
leader coming into the night. Campbell would finish seventh right behind second place in points
Tyler Hoy. This would earn Travis Campbell the 2022 Crate Late Model Points Championship.
It was the modifieds turn to take center stage. All eyes would be on Kyle Hardy, who was
making his first start in a modified this season and from the pole position. Hardy would drag
race into turn one with outside pole sitter TJ DeHaven. DeHaven would jump into the lead as
the cars came out of turn one. However, it would be erased as Ryan Dolan would spin in turn
one bringing out the caution before the lap could be completed. On the next restart Hardy would
take the lead this time and pull out to about a four car lead over DeHaven. Eighth starter
Michael Altobelli would quickly move through the field and begin to challenge DeHaven for
second place on lap four. Altobelli would complete the pass on lap five and begin to chase
Hardy down. He would cut Hardy’s lead to two car lengths just as they would begin to navigate
lap traffic. Lane Hessong would spin on lap fourteen bringing out the caution flag. Hardy would
pull out to a three car lead over Altobelli after the restart. Altobelli would begin searching high
and low on the speedway trying to find the momentum needed to reel the leader back in. Just as
Altobelli started finding speed on the top side again a four car wreck would develop in turn four
bringing out the final caution of the night. This would set up a green white checkered finish. Kyle
Hardy would go on to win his first modified event. Followed by Michael Altobelli and Cody
Williams in third. In victory lane Hardy would mention how tough these cars are to drive
compared to his late model. Michael Altobelli would come into the event having already clinched
the 2022 Modified Points Championship.
The limited late models would be the next feature event. Austin Stover would take the early lead
from his pole starting position. Outside pole sitter Gunnar Walls would begin to defend a
challenge from Trever Feathers. The two drivers would race side by side behind the leader for
eight laps, until the caution flag would fly for a four car wreck in turn one. The yellow flag would
fly again on the next restart as Shaun Wetzel spun in turn two. Feathers would begin to
challenge Stover for the lead on the restart. Walls would try to stay towards the front of the field
in an attempt to close the points gap on leader Wesley Bonebrake who was slowly falling back
in the field due to brake issues. Feathers would make a move out of turn two on lap elven to
take the lead away from Stover. Feathers would begin to pull away from the field, as he would
develop a three quarter of a straightaway lead over Stover by lap fourteen. The lead would be
erased on lap fifteen as Dalton Dillman slows to a stop in turn four, bringing out a caution. On
the restart contact would cause Wesley Bonebrake to spin in turn two as Shaun Wetzel would
also spin to miss Bonebrake. Bonebrake would go to the pits and end his night early. On the
restart Feathers would once again pull away from the field. Feathers would take the win by a full
straightaway over Austin Stover and James Lichliter. Gunnar Walls would earn enough points to
become the 2022 Limited Late Model Points Champion.
The last feature event of the night was for the SCDRA/UCAR division. Shawn Payne would
jump out to the early lead over pole sitter Robbie Carroll. Carrol would begin to stay right behind
Payne as the two raced their way around the track and lap cars. Carroll would take the lead on
lap twelve as lap traffic would pinch and get hooked to Payne. Robbie Carrol would go on to win
the fifteen lap event, followed by Shawn Payne and Jason Jarvis. Larry Lamb would win the
UCAR feature. Robbie Carroll would become the 2022 SCDRA Points Champion as Randy
Wilkins would also become the 2022 UCAR Points Champion.
It was another fun night at the races! We want to thank everyone who attended last night's
events. Remember we are closed this week to allow our competitors the opportunity to compete
at the Hagerstown Speedway for their Small Car Nationals Event. We look forward to seeing
everyone back in two weeks as we hold the $5,000 to win Ernie D’s 40 Modified Event. We will
also be crowning our final 2022 points champion on this night as it is the final points event for
the hobby stock division.
Pure Stock Results
Walter Crouch, Chuckie Johnson, Michael Carter, Buddy Wilson, Brandon Lowery, Tony Catlett,
Andy Adkins, Vanessa Perry (DNF Delmar Grady, Bryan Kerns)
Crate Late Model Results
Kyle Hardy, Cody Dawson, Jacob Burdette, Scott Sweeney Jr, Jared Powell, Tyler Hoy, Travis
Campbell, Mike Walls, Keith Walls, Branson Woodward, Daniel Brown Jr, Brian Coe Jr, Braeson
Fulton, Charles Smith, (DNF Tommy Armel, Steven Payne, David Keith, Bud Durborow)
Modified Results
Kyle Hardy, Michael Altobelli, Cody Williams, TJ DeHaven, Rick Hulson, JImmy Jesmer Jr, Mike
Corbin, Michael Pappas, Andy Anderson, Roy Clower, Matt Wallace, Vance Williams Jr, Lane
Hessong, Travis Clower, Gary Moreland Sr, (DNF Nick Dibella, Haley Kaiser, Anthony Lupini,
Stuart Weaver, Gary Warehime, Brian Corbin Jr, Tommy Hughes, Ryan Dolan, Tony
Wuest)(DNS Josh Hughes)
Limited Late Model Results
Trever Feathers, Austin Stover, James Lichliter, Gunnar Walls, Jonathan DeHaven, Scott
Palmer, Craig Parrill, Brad Omps, Bubby Tharp Jr, Mike Franklin, Jonathan Raley, Gerald Davis,
Rodney Walls, Justin Dillman, Calvin Michael, Brandon Bard, Eric Cronise, (DNF Wesley
Bonebrake, Andy Anderson, Shaun Wetzel, Dalton Dillman)
Robbie Carroll, Shawn Payne, Jason Jarvis, Larry Lamb, Lonnie Hobday, Tyler Kline, Brody
Tolstyka, Randy Wilkins, Jeremy Miller, Tiff Wilson, Wayne Selby, (DNF Matt Maloy, Dale Kirby,
James Furley)




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25
7-23 8-6 8-13
8-20 8-27