Race Results
September 17, 2022


“Keith Jackson Wins Ernie D’s 40 Modifed Feature”
“Briggs Danner Wins Rapid Tire USAC East Coast Sprint Car Feature”
By Brent Hottle
Winchester(VA)-After a one week pause in racing action it was time to get back to “The Action
Track”. It was a beautiful night for racing in the Shenandoah Valley. Not only was it a big night
for the Modifieds, the USAC sprint cars were here, and finally it was time to crown our 2022
Hobby Stock Track Champion. The night was going to be packed full of high speed action and
Timed hotlaps would be run for the modified division. We would see Keith Jackson set overall
fast time and receive an award for his efforts on the front straight away. The sprint car and
hobby stock divisions would run regular hot laps with a pill draw determining their heat race
starting positions. Dirtologist Bobby Dove and his team once again provided the drivers with a
great track surface. We would see several side by side passes for the lead during all of the heat
races and b main events.
We would quickly pause for our invocation and the playing of the National Anthem. We also
paused for a few short minutes to give the sprint car teams time to get their cars pushed to the
starting line.
The first feature of the night was for the Rapid Tire USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series. Colin
White would take the early lead from his outside pole starting position. He would lead lap one
over Austin Graby and Preston Lattomus. White would begin to pull away from the field as
Lattomus and now Carmen Perigo would both pass Graby for second and third positions. Brett
Rose would spin in turn one on lap six to bring out the first caution of the event. Heartbreak
would ensue for White as he would retire from the event leading on lap eleven. This would give
Perigo the lead as he had moved into the second position prior to White’s night ending. Perigo
would begin to pull away from the field also. Just as it would look to be his race to lose, Lee
Kauffman would get into the turn one wall and block the cushion just as leader Perigo was
committed to the top. Perigo would make contact with Kauffman and stop his car in turn one
also. On the next restart we would see Lattomus and Briggs Danner wage a battle for the lead.
They would throw slide job after slide job throughout the final four laps of the event. Briggs
Danner would take the win, followed by Preston Lattomus and Kenny Miller III.
It was now time for the Ernie D’s 40 modified feature event. Before the start of the race we
would bring all twenty-four starters to the front straightaway and park at an angle. The drivers
would stand beside their cars for all of the fans to see as the starting field was announced. Once
they were strapped into their cars, young Noah Hottle would give the command to fire the
engines. After a quick four wide salute to the fans it was time to see who would win the race and
stand in victory lane. Keith Jackson would take the early lead from his pole starting position.
Outside pole starter Cody Williams would slide into second as seventh place starter Ty Rhoades
would make a quick move to jump into third. After a lap three restart due to a slowing car on the
speedway. Jackson would continue to lead while Rhoades made a quick pass to take the
second position from Williams. Williams would begin to go on the defense as sixth place starter
Michael Altobelli would begin to challenge him for third. By lap eleven Jackson would pull out to
a three quarters of a straightaway lead over Rhoades and Altobelli. We would see a scary
moment on lap twelve as slight contact between Mike Franklin and Rick Singleton would send
Singletons car on two wheels going into turn one. Singleton would ride on two wheels for
several feet before landing back down on all fours and continuing on with the event. Just after
Altobelli would move into the second position, debris would fall on the speedway and bring the
caution out on lap twenty. The caution flag would come out again on lap twenty three as Vance
Williams Jr would slow on the back stretch with a mechanical failure. Chris Arnold, TJ DeHaven
and Dennis Perigo would all tangle as they tried to avoid the slowing car. Jackson would
continue to show he had the car to beat, as he would jump out to a full straightaway lead by lap
thirty six over second place running Altobelli. Just as Cody Williams pulled back into third and
looked to be finding new speed he would spin in turn three and bring out the caution on lap thirty
seven. Keith Jackson would go on to take the win, followed by Micahel Altobelli and Ty
Rhoades. Ryan Ayers would receive the hard charger award for his twenty first to fifth place run.
Cody Williams would receive the hard luck award of the night.
Next up would be the hobby stock division. Cody Sumption would lead the field into turn one
and lead lap one as Jason Wilkins and Kristopher Hutton would battle side by side for the
second place position. The cauton would come out as Bubba Sealock would stop in turn four.
On the restart we would see Hutton charge hard into the first turn and slide into Sumption. This
would send both for a spin in turn one bringing back out the caution. The field one once again
has to restart after Hutton spins by himself in turn one on the next restart. We would see the
field restart again for two more cautions through laps three to six. This would allow Sumption to
begin a quick charge to the front. On the final restart of the night Tom Caravello would take the
lead and pull out to about a half of a straightaway lead, while Sumption was making a pass
around Jason Wilkins for the second. Wilkins who was in championship mode and trying to keep
his “nose clean” would give up third place to Hutton. Hutton would challenge Sumption for
second on lap eight. Sumption would defend the challenge and continue to hold onto second
place. Tom Caravello would go on to win the event, followed by Cody Sumption and Kristopher
Hutton. Jason Wilkins would finish fourth, earning him enough points to win the 2022 Hobby
Stock Points Championship.
The final event of the night would be a Ernie D’s Non Qualifier event for the modifieds. We
would see Jason Fausnaught, Nick Dibella and Haley Kaiser wage a three car battle for the lead
for several laps. Kaiser would go to the top side of the speedway in the closing laps to move
around Dibella and take her first modified feature win.
We want to thank everyone who attended the night's events. A big thank you to Ernie Davis and
his family for all they do to make this such a huge event each year. We look forward to seeing
you back next Saturday Night where the limited late models will battle for a $2,500 top prize!
USAC East Coast Sprint Car Results
Briggs Danner, Preston Lattomus, Kenny Miller III, Steven Drevicki, Mike Thompson, JT Ferry,
Bruce Buckwalter Jr, Jason Cherry, Austin Graby, Alex Bright, Christian Bruno, Carmen Perigo,
Ed Aiken, Brett Rose, Billy Ney, Lee Kauffmen, Joey Amantea, Colin White, John Fraker
Ernie D’s 40 Results
Keith Jackson, Michael Altobelli, Ty Rhoades, Mike Franklin, Ryan Ayers, Ray Kable, Cody
Olvier, Andy Anderson, Justin Cullum, Phil Jeffries, Rick Singleton, Bret Hamilton, Travis
Clower, Matt Wallace, Dennis Perigo, Lane Hessong, Gary Moreland Sr,(DNF Cody Williams,
Mike Corbin, Jacob Whitt, Vance Williams Jr, TJ DeHaven, Chris Arnold, Anthony Lupini)
Hobby Stock Results
Tom Caravello, Cody Sumption, Kristopher Hutton, Jason Wilkins, Rob Wilson, Sam Hoffman,
Matt Moore, Bradley Geno, Bubba Sealock, Layla Shingleton,(DNF Davin Kaiser, Dalton
Sothen, Philip Robinson, Mike Watson)
Ernie D’s 40 Non Qualifier Results
Haley Kaiser, Nick Dibella, Jason Fausnaught, Brad Miller, Samuel Lamborgini, Cole Nagle,
(DNF Ryan Dolan)(DNS Michael Pappas, Roy Clower, Michael Wilhelm, Brian Pyles, Scott
Donahue, DJ Myers)




4-2 4-16 4-30
5-21 5-28 6-4
6-11 6-18 6-25
7-23 8-6 8-13
8-20 8-27 9-3